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When the warp cuta in rag carpets take some twine and a large needie and darn the raga together, taking one by onc, na in the weaving. Have you never tried lemon honey? Nothing can be nicer. Three lemons three eggs, three cups of sugar, two cups of water, small piece of butterboíl gently twenty minutes. For raapberry vinegar, to sevenpints ot berries add one quart of vinegar; let thein stand forty-eight houra. Then atrain, and to every pint of juice allow a pound of sugar; boil üfteen minutes and bottle for use. This ia a pleasant drink for the sick. A recipe for Indian batter-cakes. To about a pint of Jndian meal, pour a little boiling water ou to acald it, then add a handful of wheat flour and a teaspoonful of aalt; thiu it with cold niilk; add two or three well-beaten eggs. They are very nice and tender. To make jellied chicken, or veal, boil the meat till it falls f rom the bones; use j ust as little water as possible ; when cold, chop it very fine; season with pepper and salt. Then put in a mouïd with a layer of hardboiled eggs, either chopped or sliced. Boil the water in which the meat was cooked until it is half boiled away ; add a tablespoonf ul of gelatine; when it is dissolved, and whilestill warm, pour over the meat. This will be ready for use the day after it is prepared. To those living where fresh flsh is not easily obtained, f ried sale flsh is a good substituto; and even where fresh can be had it makes a pleasant change. Takethin pieces of the fish having the skin attaclied, soak for several hours, skin side up; soak over night, if it is to be used for breakfast, and fry the same as fresh fish, after having dipped it in meal. Some piek the fish in small pieces, dip iu rolled cracker and fry like oysters. One quart of ice cream is a good allowance to make for five persons as a dessert at an entertainment. If you can or stew red raspberries, mix a few currants with them. This makes the most delicious sauce possible to have. Any tough, cheap piece of nieat can be boiled thoroughly tender, picked from the bone, seasoned, and pressed, and tliU3 be made into a charming tea or lunch dish. Put it to boil early in the morning in cold water, and boil early. Foi removing fruit stains, put the stained portion over a bowl and pour boiling water ver and through it! It is recommended to let the brimstone fumes from a common lucifer match remove an obstinate staiD, holding the struck match quite near the spot. To successfully bake ham, it ougbt flrst to be boiled until almost tender; take it from the kettle, remove the skin, and put the ham in a dripping pan in the oven for half an hour; then drain off all the lard that has collected; put it in the oven again and let it bake an hour or more, according to size.


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