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The Tolu, Rock And Rye Co.

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r% iiiM„V,f,e L"ce & Martinas " ForCOUGHS, COLDS, SORE THBOAT, BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, PNEUMONÍA, CONSUMPT1ON, DisGiisesof THROAT, CHEST AND LUNCS. B II B ft fl in ft f ■ rffc 3 19 Has always been one of the most Important Al H IMi IL i P P 1 1 1 weapoiw wielded by the MEDICAL FACÜJ.TY Ml uHllI ïi f B i.cainsttliPeneroafllmiwitsoICOUGHS.COLDS, riiiïpTiM$"ï ■ "■■ . i f ■ %3 Ji ilONCUITIS, ASTHMA, SORE THROAT, iíAnmSíkíiW1 incipient and aSTanced stages, and al! disrases oL the THROAT. CHKHT Vvr ii ' " ?,il "ever 1)ep" K0 adrantageously oompounded as in the TOLU, ROCK and ';...';■ Lïï sol?thii!K Batoamlc proporties aiford a dlflnslve stimulant and tunic to build up the ystem after tüe cough has bei n relieTed. Quart size bottles, Price $l.ou. O k 1 1 T I C% UI P not 1)e rteceived üy dealers who try to palm off Roek and Rve SittrsL,' zS'r ' '" )L'"'0 ol toi.u, kook and rye, which is the oni;y p.r. ■ v , EVaïl lc'e-eKcimmc]:as a Private Die Proprietary Stamp on each bottle, which leimitbittobeSold by JDriiggisu, (iroccra and üealers Eïorywhere, WITHOUT SPECIAL TAX ÖE LICEKSE. Propristors, 4! River St., Chicago, III.


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