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Advice To A Young Man

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James G. Fair is worth 842,000,000. And the whole $42,000,000 of it, my dear boy, can't make him as happy as yon are with the dew of youth in your heart, when you hold the hand of the girl you love, and walk with her in a path that is only wide enough for one, with the rustling branches whispering above your head, so happy you cannot speak with anything but your eyea. If you envy him, Telemaohus, if you, with your brown hands and your bright yoimg face, with the down just shading your lip, with not a gray hair in your head or a gnawing care in your heart, with the morning sun shining upon your upturned face, with the velvet turf under jour feet and the blue heavens above your head, with the blood coursing through your veins like wine, with fifty or sixty years of life before you, with mirage af ter mirage of bright dreams, beautiful illuBiona and pleasant vanities making the landscape beautiful around you, if you envy this man his forty-two millions of dollars, and bis spectacles, and his gray hair, and his wrinkles, and his old heart, you are a tooi, my boy; and you are scattering ashes on the roses that grow in the morning. There is light in your step, my son, and color in your blood, and dreams in your heart, and all the love and beauty and freshness of the sunrise, the $42,000,000 can not buy, and don't you forget it. You don't want $42,000,000, anyhow, Telemachus; $2,000,000 are plenty, that will keep both of us. And if you want a couple of millions, why, go ahead and get it. "Seest thou aman diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; He shall not stand before mean men." - [Burlington Hawkeye. Peter Polnacker who was sentenced to lonia for 90 days for assulting K. L. Godfrey returned to the city and went direct - ly to Godfrey's house in the town of Pittfielb. For the second time he threatened to make it hot for him. Polnacker was taken before Justice Winegar who thought first of sending him back to Ionia, but the fellow begged sohard, and as he promised to leave the oouuty foithwith, sentence was suspended.


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