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Fif teen cases of small-pox are reported at Westwooa, Kalkaska, Co. No mails are recelved and trains ar not petinitted to stop there. Col. A. T. McReynolds has recovered the list of Mexican veterans which he supposed had been destroyed, and there will therefore be no necessity tor survivors of tbat war to end him their names, sa has been requestei generally by the press of the State. The Soldiers' and Sailors' Association of Southwestern Michigaa will hold lts encampment for 1882 at Three Rlvers, commencing August 233 and lasting Ihree days. All honorably discharged soldiers and sailors of the late war are invited to attend this encampment, where they will be provided wlth rations and quarters free. J. M. Eaton, oL Ohio.has been taken to Ionia for three montbs, for abusive treatment and threats to kill his wife. He has jast served 80 days in tho county jail tor the same oflense, and was no sooner out than he got drunk and drove hls wife out ol the house, threatening her Ufe. Kev. A. T. Pierson, of Detroit, has ' accepted the cali extended to him by the Second Presbyterian oburch of Indianapolis. J. H. Munson, a young man in the employ of Gapt. S. B. Grummond, Detroit, feil through a hatchway producing fatal Iniury. It is estimated that 1,000 persons are picking huckleberries on the Gregory marsh three miles north of Homer. The farmers are very much worried about thelr wheat, owing to the rain that has now contiuued most of the time aince Sundoy night. Much of the erop is stlll unsecured. Two sisters living in (heshire, Mis. Cheeseinan and MrH. Houghtalln?, becamo in, sane last Wednesrtay on the subject of religión. On the afternoon in questio:), Mrs. Houghtaling called upon her 6ister, wheu they sung ani prayefi, throwing themselves on the bed anti shouting "ülory to God." The same eveuing they became perfectly Insaue, and have remained so ever since. Steps are being taken to have them removed lo the Kulamszooinsane asylum. A Sagiuaw City man gol on top of a barrel to fix a haniuiock on his porch. The barrel head caved in under him; then the barrel upset and rolled down Itio steps and clcar across the yard with the man tn it. When this trouble began it was only a common salt barrel, but when the man got out its inside was so thoroughly Jiued with hair, pieces of skin, clothing and profane language that it is thought petroleum oil vouldn't leak through it, Foi embezzlenient Charlea Stickney has ben sentenced tobe coufined athardwork in the Ionia prison for the fuil term of two years. Clara Lee, the missing girl at ISenton Harbor has been f ound. It is thought the young woman did not care to be found. The case of the people against George Knill of the jBryant house, Flint, and bis bartenders, for keeping open Juiy 4, resulted in disagreement, the jury being equally divided. Henry Davidson, who attempted to earry off the young son of Rev. E. H. Teal of Charlotte, wa3 arraigned, charged with assault and battery. Davidson pleaded not guilty and was held to hail in the circuit court. He was drunk at the time, and inakas no f urther explanation of his having the child in his buggy. . The rainfall Friday afternoon and erening was enormous. The Ionia water-works rosorvoir burst, the streets are flooded and the cellava and basements throughout the city filled. A heavy washout a mile west of that city, on the Detroit, Langing & Northern Ratlroad, will prevent the passage of any trains over that road until Monday. The washout is about twenty feet doep and sixty feet in length. Several culverts witliui slx miles north, on that roail, are reported washed ont. The Detroit, Grand Haven & Milwaukee Railway track, lust eouth of the abovo mentioned break, was oovcred with saml, tics and other debris. Locomotivo No. 17, which WBBreturning f rom the west, ran lnto the tles and is off the track. The Detroit, Grand Haven & Milwaukee Railway bridga at Saranao was carrled away this eveniüR. The man who walked off tha doek at Bast Saginaw and was drowned, was Dennis Judge. He was 34 years old, and his relalivos reside ut Bsdford, Ont. He has been at work at a Bridgeport. It is supposod that he was iotoxicated when he walked off. There is complaint among East Saginaw farmers of the wheat sprouting. The July report of the State Salt Inspector shows that there was inspected during tbe month 318,697 barrels. The strange disease which bas appeared in Portland seeras to be spreading rapidly in other sections. Thirty Bve or forty oases are reparted in the Townahips of Orange, Berlin and Sebewa, and the disease is pronounoed small-pox by physicians and olhere, whlle many cali it only a skin disease. The wheat and hay erop of the vicinity of St. Clair, is turning out splendidly both as to qtiallty and quaatity. The presentoutlook for the farmers of Northwestern Clinton Co., is surely dis couraglng. The abnndant harvest of wheat, lf the rain eontinues longer, will be almost entirely wortbless. The lOth annual reunión of company H. of the Michigan heavy artillery at Charlotte, had the largest attendance of veterans ever seen since the war. John Hickey, one of the men who cracked the Clarkston eafe about a year ago (wlth the notoriou Bob WiHiams) and who was taken trom jail to testify against Dr. Hall, was arreste.1 in Chicago, August 3d, and brought to Detroit. He was confined in jail up to July 6, 1882, when he broko jail and escaped, and bas been at large up to bis rearrest Wednesday. The days of waiting are ended and this afternoon Col. Oscar F. Lochhead, who for thirty months or more has been at the Detroit house of correctton, under circumstanaes that have made a strong impresslon tbat he was a Bcapegoat for the sins of others, walked out again a free man, thaoks to the untiiing work of his friende. Col. Luckhead left at 5 p. m. Saturday for his home at Flint. Micb. A Dowagiac sharper visited a Kalamazoo bsgnlo and when he departed took a gold watch, chaln and bracelet worth f200. A daily mail has been substituted for the tri-weekly between Kalamo,Crlisle and Charlotte. The trotting horse St. Louis, which won the 3:15 race at Charlotte, was aold to W. H. Rltchart, of Fremont, O., for $2,000 bef ore leavlog Charlotte. J. V. Johnson, formerly editor of tho Charlotte Leader, will start a new pnper at St. Louis, Mlch., to be called the Gratiol County Democrat. An unfortunate accident occurred to Mru. Ed. Driggs, of Pñlmyra, wbo feil Moeday whlle gettlng out of a buggy in Adrián, and out a bad gash over one temple as eho struck her face on thestone sidewalk. Trade in Portland has received a setbck from the small-pox scare. Tha streets, usually thronged all day, were almost entirely deserte1!. Adolph Fremont, was scuflliug in the Mason Lumber Company'B ear mili, at Alpena, when his foot caaght in the liue rollers gearing, and was torn from the leg. Amputation had to be performed af terwards close to tho ankle. Lumber merchants going to Alpena to purebase lumber fiad it difficult to get their orders fiUed, as the milis havo their lombar mostly contracted for. One bnjer last week was unable to ftet his order fiUed, and lelt for Cueboygan to see what prospecta were in in tbat place. The remark applied principaily to blll stuft orders. The Teachers' Instituto for Clare counly will be held at Clare, commencing August 14, with A. 3. Doherty es locil commit. tee.


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