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At Alexandria, the fears in regard t the failure of the water eupply bas subsided The state of the towu b causing eerious disluietude. Tbe natives who remÍQ are ineenliaries, aDd a majority of those who roturned are lootera looking after concealed plunder. It 8 impossiblo to mintrtke the bilterly hostile attitude of this eiass and of tbe nnttve pólice. Tho nuinber of christians murdered st Damanhour, Tantah and Mihalla is now esiniateii at 059. The Czar of Russia and Sultan have exdhanged autograph letters dealing with the Egyptlan questlon. The London Daily News says there is a possibility of the dissolutiou of Parllament elther by Gladstone, or, after Lis acceptance of office, by the Marquis of Salisbury. It delares the House of Lords to ba an unrepresentative chamber, and wishes to know if the country will not do well to aek itself how f ar the exiBtence of the House of Lords in its pressnt snapt is consistent with the interests of the realm. Arabi Fasha ordered the houses of obnoxions nativos in C.üro to be burned. Ninetoen natives who refused to recognizo the authority of Arabi Pasha have bu shot. Mussulman trades people at Constantinople attach labels bearing Arabi Pasha's name tn their goods. Artioles tlius tlcketed sell readily. British men-of-war strongly oecupy the Suez canal at Port Said, at Ismalia and Buez. Al! Europeana have left Suez, ünly four nien-of war vossela reinain In Kgyptian waters. It is reported that Arabi Pasha internis to attack Alexandria with n large f orce under Toulba Pasba. There is talk of excluding tho correspondent of the London Daily Tele graph frora the British Iine3 at Alexandria, because he told of the stampede during tho late night attack. It is rumored at Vienna that Arabi is arranglng for concerted aotion wilh Turkish troops that may be sent to Egypt. Port Said has been occupied by the British. Seventeen pashaa are imprisoned ifi th3 Cairo citadel. The solicitors of Thomaa Walsh, arrestod in conneclion wilh thedlocovery of arma at Cienkenwell recantly, intand toapply for a postponement of hls trial until the October session. On the London House of Cummons goinginto committeoof eupply, IWoore, Home Bule member for Clonmel, moved Ihat the passenger acts required reïision and reform. The motlon rofers to emigrants, especially thosegoing to America. The President of the Board of Trade said the charges made agaiiist forelgn shlps had been received wltli cautlon. The governniont could only do anything in cases of fraud, and the law was already strong enough for that purpoae. Moore'a inoti.u was negatived . The O'Connel statue was placed on ita pedestal last evoning, auiid the cheora of a crowd of spectators. At 5 o'clock p. ra. Aug. 5, British troopp, with a number of field guns.seryed by trailers, attacked the advance guaid of Arabi near Ramlea, and finally succeoded In nilsncing all the batteries, and learnlng the exact force of Arabi. A considerable numberof the tneisy were made prisoners. The British lately made 8uccessf ui experiments with the forty-pounder mentioned while mounted on the iron elad railway ttuck. Tlie Kliedive lias written to Ragheb Pasha that he considera it incutnbent upon his government to givenotlee without delay of lts intention to idemnify the suiferers from the disorders at Alexaudrin, without dietlnction of nationallty, in some.manner compatible wilh the resources of the couotry.


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