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Ages Of Animals

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-Camels live f rom forty to iifty ycars ; horsea average f rom twenty-flve to thirty ; oxen ibout twenty : sheep eight to nine ; and dogs twelve to fourteen. Concerning ;he ages attained by non-domesticatcd animáis, only a few isolated facts are cnown. The East Indians believe that ,he lite period of elephants is about 300 years, instauces being recorded of theso animáis having lived 130 years i:; confinement after capture at au unknown ïge. Whales are estimated to reach the age of 400 years. Some repeles are very long lived, an instance jeiiig furnished by a tortoise which was conflned in 1638 and existed until .753, wlien it perished by an accident. ïirdfl souaetimes reach a great age, .he eagle and the swan having been cnown to reach 100. The longevity of ishes is of ten remarkable. Carps have een Known to reach 200,common river rout iitty yeais, and tho pike ninety cara; while Gesner, a Swiss st, reíales that a pike caught m 1497 ore a rinjr recording tho capture o+' he same íish 2C7 years before. "Vod you cwk by der veek for dosn ooms ?" he sud to the Seabright hotel keeper. "We get HO a day for one jerson and $25 for two," said the boni'ace. "So!" exclaimed the applicant; veil 1 doan dinks der seaside" agrees mit my families, iind I go by der ïnounains.anyhow."


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