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What Is Glucose?

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Glucose is the sugar of the future. Oppose it as you wil], it is daily increasing in importance and in the number of its uses. Ia climates where the sugarcane will not grow, and in countries where the sugar-beet can not be cultivated with proflt there is a wide field for glucose. Wherever corn, grain, or potatoes thrive, there glucose factories will flourish. Glucose differs as much from cane sugar as tallow from lard, or butter oleomargarine. Both kinds of sugar are sweet, althoagh in different degree, and for many purposes one can be substituted for the other witkout being aware of the fact. The manufacturera limit the term "glucose" to the thick syrup which neither solidifies nor crystalizes on long standing. The same substance in a solid state is called "grape sugar," but there is no Chemical difference between the two. The name "grape sugar," owes its origin to the fact that a kind of sugar found in the grapes and other sweet i'ruits has the same chemical composition as that made from starch by methods that we shall presently describe. This real grape sugar is often seen as an incrustation on raisins and figs. honey also contains grapo sugar, and it was there it was iirst discovered by Lowitz in 1702. Glucose can be made from any of the carbe-hydrates, starch, dextrine, cellulose, etc, but it is generally prepared from starch. In this country corn starch is used, vvhilo abroad potato starcb is preferred because it is cheaper. The uses of glucose are very nutnerous although it is seldom sold to the public under its real name; but under the ideas of "golden honey," and even as Vermont maple syrup its aale is very extensivo. It is largely employed by confectioners for making candies, by wine dealers for strengthening wine, by brewers to add body to their beer. Most of the sugars and table syrups contain glucose. Of seventeeu samples tested by the Michigan Board of Health flfteen contained glucose. Of twenty samples aualyzed in Chicago, was unadulterated. Of the sample3 obtained from all the leading sugar dealers in Buffalo, only one was found pure. Wd do not believe that pure glucose is an injurious substance whon properly made, but to sell it under the name of cane sugar when it is one-third as sweet, is a fraud; and to charge the price of cane sugar when it costs but three cents a pound to niake it, is a swindle. That it pays to make it is evident from the fact that there are more than twenty glucose factories in this country turning out one milhon pounds per day of crape sugar and clucose.- Prof. E. F. Hallock. On Saturday the senate passed the house bilis to regĂșlate the carriage of passengers by sea, to regĂșlate immigration, and to pay the widow of the late Minister Garnet a year's salary. An amendnient to the naval appropriation bill was passed- 33 to 19 - reducing the appropriation for coropleting and launching various monitors from $1,000,000 to $400,000, and prohibiting the work until f urther orders from congress. The clause abolishing the grade of commodore was stricken out.


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