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What Shall We Read?

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Duep rooted religious conviclions and principie are essential to a suecessful issue froin this life into that in heaven. One of the best aids to such conviotion and principie is a genuine love for moral and religious literature. It is as important to know what not to read as what to read. Whoever carries hito his family n vilo newspaper orbook, eommitsa sia against himself, bis family and society. lts teachings wili reacf upon himself, demoralize his cbildren, and their infinence on society willbo the reverse of good. The contest for pure society and the general abolition of sin must be fought uround the heartbatoue of home. Pure hearts cannot come out of a home where evil Communications are kept l)efore the minds of the young during the jears of their growth. Pure characters are made by pure literature, pure urroundings and a christian atmosphere. Ko one would think of trying to raiseB (uil erop of wheat, aftersowing only thistle seed. No more can we sow theseeds of evil and yet reap only good. No sourco of impuro thought, character and ruined lifeis more fruitf ui than the reading of debasing, impure litera ture. Who has not in youth read a good or evil book, that cannot truly say, years afterwards "I feel its power still." Itissaidthatthe Yellow ri ver in Asia carries with it, in suspension, so much yellow clay that it colora the waters of the ocean for scores of miles beyond its mouth. So if our cnildren or ourselves read vile literature, we will carry the evil influence into society, an dita power will be noted and feit fartherthan we know. We know a man by his personal associatious. We may know him just as well by his readings. Show uie a man's library and papers; point out the books he loves best, and I will teil you the story of his inner lite and where his inilueuce tends. It makes no diffeance what ho professes, what church he aitends or holds raembership in, whether high orlow iu men's estimation, whelher rich or pror, noted or obscure, bis readinga will indícate his true character. What parent of good mora!s would think of taking some vile wretch to become the companion and associate of his wife and children. The very thought is repulsivo. Yet what ter is it to provide literature lor the family, which photoiraphs these vile persons and tiieir doing?. "Be not deccived, evil eoniiHunicationa corrupt good marmers." So they corrupt thought, life, character and soul. They lead to destruction, never toward Iieayen. And as we value our souls and those of our families we should let Ihem forever alone, except toburn them. lf we read them they will burn us.sure. - - S=r"MMH il af Ilighly intelligent darling: "The robbers can't steal my mamma's earrings, 'cause papa's bidden them." terested lady visitor: "Is that so.dear'? Why, where has he put them, I wonder?" "I heard him say.he's put them up the spout, and espects they will stay there."


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