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A convention has been called ate Syrcuse, New York, Octobr 4tb, to take steps to ecure the submission to a popular vote of a rohibitory amendment to the constltution. THE VEBMONT ELECTION. It is thougfct the Republican state icket has been elected by from tuteen to twenty housand inajority. Por the hoiisa of representa ivos 16Í5 towns givo 185 Republlcao?, 31 Dem crats and four no ohoice. Tbis gives the )emoorats nearly doublé the representatives iey bad in 1880, with more towns to hear rom. For congresp, Poland, (Rap.) in the ficond district bad a majority oyer all on the th of only 500, and grave doubts of his elecon were expressed by f rlends, who feared additioaal returns would lose the r fflce for Ira. NEVAllA UEMOCBATS. The state convention was held at Eureka. The last national platform was reffirmed. Jewett W. Adama was put in nom" nation for governor amid applause. The ïominations were closed and AdauiB declared nominated by acclamation. Hon. Gaorge W. ïassidy was nominated for connreeeman. Co!, VI. N. Stone, of Virginia, was nominated for ustice ot the supreme ciurt by acclamatiou. LlINOIS DEMOCRATIC STATE CONVENTION. The .Democratie State Convention met at SpringfMd recently. About 600 were present. Hod. W. A. J. Spsrk was made tein)orary Chairman and Jro. Hise Secretary. with a long list of assistants. The usual coinmittees were appointed and a recsss taken till 2:S9 p. m. Upon reassembling ex-Gttv. John VI. Palmer wasclectod yermaneut Chairman. His speech was au arrigüinent of tbe Repuhlican pnrty, President Arttiuraud Jay flubbell. The membera at large are W. J. Miz, Jno. H. Oberiy W. T. GreeD, J. W. gr. S. Cnroin;; Judd and Herman Lieb. Hod, Aifred Orendorg, of Sangamon County, was uomiuated for State Trearurer; Henry Baab, of St. Olair, lor Superintendent üt Public Ia structlon. ÜALIFOBNIA GBEENBACKEBS. California Greenbaekers havo nomnated a f uil etate ticket, inclndiDg Mrs. Maiiau Todd for attorney general, and Mbsjtb Stephen Uaybell and Warrsn Chase for congreesinen at large. VICTORIODS SPBAGUE. Sprague holds the iort at Cauoncliet Tho supreme court of Bhode Island has ref use to oust him from posBessioD. ÏELLOW FEVEB EPIDEMIC IN FLORIDA. The Pensacola Board of Health ha declared yellow f ever epidemie. Tbey had i 24 huurt) Ui new cases and three deatha. 'errific storm prevalled, haring continued fo a night and a day, which threatened fatal resnlts. One of thogreitst burdena inflicted y the ( piiieoiie is the inalñlity of merchants to collct mcmey dui all the country places having (iuantined, cecoesitaticg n general susper.sjon of bminesf. WORKOFTHB DTAH COMMISSION. Utah cotomissioners have rendered to th ( seoretary of the interior a detailed repor of thftr doings up to date. Iq conclusión thy orediot an hoatat leaietratiou aad a eatinfaclory iBction.


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