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aetroit Freo Fress. Owing; to its length- and thickness - both Republicans and Demócrata íind jreat difficulty in understanding the platform which Austin Blair couldn'L "ead at Kalamazoo, we present an abstract which we trust wiil make the Uitform intelligible, iL not satisfacry: ■ ve, the Republican party of the state of Michigan, assernbled in Couvention" under the shadows of the Asyum for the Insane, expresa "our itrengthened and abiding faith in the stability of Republican institutions." We have seen Republicans count out )t the Presidency a Democrat elected "y the people. We have seen Repubican Slar Route Dorsey, witli what President Arthur calla "soap," buy a Repubjican majority in Indiana and defeat Hancock tor the Presidency. We lave seen Republican Guiteau shoot io wn, as if he were a Russian Czar, our President, because he could not distri3ute to him and hia brother stahvarta ,he spoils of oflice. We havp seen toiay in this convention a Republican eader atand up and cry: "The Presilent it deadl Longliv.c the President" -the motto and the cry of sycophants md place-hubters as they, in ages we :all dark, greeted the despotic kings of France ere the dead king's corpse was :old. Butwhat of it? 2. "Chester A. Arthur was called to he place of power under the most tryng and delicate circumstances (toodelcate to be publicly mentioned), has Droved worthy of the high trust reposïd in him by removing trom his cabiï.et with a single exception, every man .vhom the lamented Gaifbld called to lis side to aid him in giviig the people i good and pure government, and puting in their placea "stalwartí of the talwarts." "The Republicana oí Michigan ex;end to him their confldence," so long is he does not f orgot to extend to them - the offices. 3. "The voioe of the people is the voice of God," but wlien "Our Hubbell's" money talks, that is "the vote" we rely on for Republican mvjorities. 4. "We (Iemand that polygamy be ilestroyed." It keeps us awake nights, and besides, we are not used to it. We mentioned this matter in 1856, but no one seems to have paidany attention to it. 5. "Whatever mgy be our individual views" on the subjeet of the tariff, we believe we should "relieve from taxation the neeessities of the poor," provided it does not touch the pockets of the rich. 6. We refer to the last article for our original views on taxation. 7. "We believe in a civil service reform" which will not take from Republican politicians like Guiteau "the inspiration of participating in the administration of the governmenc." As to whether offices are spcils or trusts we refer the people to , postoffice address, Washington, D. C. 8. We believe in no monopolies which have not the Republican stamp on them. 9. "As the people are (or rather ought to be) the arbiters" of the question of prohibition, "we declare that we believe it woukl be wise and patriotic for the next Legislature to" dodge ihe question, jusc as we do to-day. 10. YVith free railroad passes in their joekets we demand tbat the next Legislatura investígate the "transpor;aion question" bet ween their homes ind Lansing. 11. The Republican party bas increas;d the population of this State "from 300,000 to 1,700,000," and are prepared ;o "angment" it still further. Meanwhile, what have the Democrats and jreeiabrckers been doing to entitle ,hem to the political cousideration of ;heir fellow-citizens? 12. "The administiationof Governor David H. Jerome has been characterizid by the Republican standard of exjellence." As to the Governor himself, we are strictly impartial, and as we 3an say nothing for him we shall s-y nothing against him. 13. We arraign the Democratie parLy because, fust, during the years they were in power they wereunable topass reform bilis over the vetoes of President Ilayea; next, because they refueed the "necessary appropriations'' for a grand river and harbor steal; and because, flnally, during the last session of Congress they aid not suppress polygamy and reduce taxation while the Republican majority were occupied ïnunseating Democrats. 14. "We denounce the recent amalgamation of Dmoerits and Greenbackers," because we don't like it. 'We cordially invite all citizens," who are ablo to make head or tail of our platform, "to co-operate with us in putting a brand" on "sheep" guilty of "political prostitution." Where He Stands. Our esteenied Republican contemporánea have informeel their readers with much satisfaction that Mr. Luther Benson, a wellknown temperance advocate, has declined a Democratie nomination for Cungress in Indiana. Owing, however, to the pressure of important sea-serpent matter upon their columns, they liave been unable to find room for Mr. Bensou'a remarks when declining it. They were as follows: "I am for the Democratie Sf ate ticket 'because the men who compose it are "températe men, and morally theequals "and some of them the superiors of the "men who compose the liepublican "State ticket. I am slow to repose "conüdence in the platform or declara"tions of the llepublicau party." - IV. Y. World. Mild Truth About the Fraudulent President. "The name and statesmanship of Kutherford B. Hayes," the Sprinaft ld Republican thmks, ought to have come in for .1 share of Mr. Blaine's eulogies in lus last speech. Unfortunately while the Star route trials are running any eulogies of the "name and States manship of Ilutherford B. Hayes" run across the fact that he shelteredaEinj which was stealing millions, protecte( ita head in power, when the facts wer brought out, and let another Administration to deal with the disgraceful scandal. If Mr. Hayes had reformed lesa in letters about civil service reform and more by discharging Brady, his "name and statesmanship" would need less coddling and deserve more eulogy.


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