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The Dunkaras

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ThÍ3 church originated iu Gcrmany in he year 1708, and to escape persecution migrated to the United States some years afteritfl commenc;ment. With this church erritory is. divided into distriets. Each listrict is entitled to several representaivcs. Should a matter oi' church disciiline arise in aiiy district during the ycar hut the resident minister can not settle, he matter is dressed in the form of a quey and presented to tho annual meeting br advice. Here it is brought before the represeutatives from all parts of the naion and discussed by them. The body is hen required to vote on the several ways of deciding the question, aud the result of he vote is made a standing rule of churct liscipline. Foi years past there has beer wo methods of performing the foot-washng in the church ; and the difference on bis point has caused many churches to be expelled. Onè brother pours water into a asin and wasbea a brother' s feet, and another brother ibllows at'ter, girded with a owel aud wipes the i'ect that have been vashed. Tbis is known as the doublé method of foot-washing. In the singlo node the brother who washes the feet i girded with a towel and wipes them. The louble mode is the recognized rulo of perbnning this ordinauue, aud there are a numer of leaders who want to make itthe only rule in the church. The opposition o this is strong and determiued, claiming 0 have the example of Christ and tho most incient practico of the church ; and if the ouble mode leaders attempt to forco their ule a general división in the body will ake place. Tne sisters in this society are not allowed to weur hats, aud in time of jervice each one is expected to have her icad covered with a neat white cap. As 1 rule the men wear broad brimnml hats ad a, coat that has a low stand-up collar There are a multitude of peculiar rules IB tho minutes oi' the annüal meeting, bui hc many communieantsdo notobcy thcra. Usually at this meeting the Lord's supper s observed. They believe that it requirce i full evening mral to make a Lords's supper, aud accordingly they have a genuino repast, composed of boiled boei', aud soup node of broth nnd bread ; and in conncction with this the sulutation or kiss Ia aiade a distinct feature of tho In tbe Engineer the following note occurs: "The death-rate of Nantes ia singularly low, and, as a cotemporary remarks, appears to upset all saniiary theories. Mantés is probabiy the dirtiest large city within the limits of Christendom. No pen, nó language, can describe rhe state of fllth in which the town is allowed to reroaih- not an angle, not a corner, not a dead wall without deiiiement of the vilest description. The stench which alises tinder certaÈD atmospheric conditions can be imagined, but not put in words. Yet the death-rate ia only a fraction over 23 per 1,000. Tho poulation seem happy with their filthy lot, and no pressure seems to be put upon the municipali ties to establish a better order of things.


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