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member of oongress, is in destitute circumstanees at his home in Virginia. The river and harbor bilis, Little Rock bonds, Credit Mobilier, De Golyer contracta and Eobeson naviea were not in the fashion in his day. W alter Hawkins, of Ypsilanti, is after the noinination for county clerk. Deinocrats wonder at his cheek, inasmuch as he worked against certain gentlemen, nominees for the same office. He could not be elected and his record as a democrat is bad, very bad. The colored voters of the south are taking a new departure this fall. At all. their conventions they recognize the services of the republican party in their behalf, but advise each other to use their own discretion in voting. Thmgs are brightening up for the democrats. - - - ■♦- ■ The official returns of the recent election in Alabama give the democrats 47,037 majority. The legislature stands as follows : Senate, 31 democrats and 2 opposition; house, 79 democrats and 21 opposition. The opposition in the house censista of eight epablicans, foi r gr3enbackers and nine independent democrats. The official returns in Kentucky give Henry, the democratie candidate for appelate clerk, 42,396 majority over Jacobs, independent. Ir Professor Frothinghain thinks he can buldoze the editor of Thb Demockat he is terribly mistaken. The next time he calis on us we would ndvise lum to come in company with tico lawyers. This M. D. had the brazen impudenoe to demand certain answers, and would only give us two minutes to reply. He knew as much after the interview as he did before. Frothingham is requested to cali again. Let him try the same thing over, and he will suffer the consequences. The Argus last week stated that Jacob Knapp was a candidate for re-election to the office of county treasurer. A majority of the democrats of Washtenaw are unable to understand why he should again seek the office. In the first place he is not competent for the position, as every one knows. Second. He was obliged to farm out the office. Third. He could not be elected if renominated. Fourth. The republicans are praying for his renomination, and know that he would be an easy victim. Fifth. If renominated it gives the republicans the treasurer. Sixth. The Argus can't save him. Seventh. If renominated Steve Fairchild, if he wants it, can be the next county treasurer. The democratie congressional convention meets in Adrián to-day. The Press favors the nomination of L. H. Saulsbury, of Hudson, and says: "We favor the nomination of a soldier, however, to respond to the demand of a large number of republican voters. We should be glad to see the convention select L. H. Saulsbury, of Hudson, for we know him to be a thoroughly competent and able man, with broad views, sound on the tariff, and a soldier with a clear, honorable record. He is popular, has good judgment, and is in every way a creditable candidate. We may be partial to him because of his soldier record, but we feel that we can be pardoned for that. Should the convention tender Mr. Saulsbury the honor, we believe he could not in fairness refuse it. The Hastings Banner, the republican organ of Barry county, pays the following compliment to David H. Jerome, the republican nominee for governor: "He is, on general principies, a bundle of cold and Rordid selfishnesa, an upper-crust aristocrat- who ia no more fit to preside over a great state than a polar bear would be to adjudícate affairs on judgment day. He has persistently opposed measures which the vast majority of the people of the state demanded. Inatead of taking his victory as a sensible man should, he oonstrued it as a personal triumph, and acted out his conceit, his superabundant egotism, and aristocratie pride, in a manner that has thoroughly disgusted all that part of the republican party which doesn't happen to reside in the Saginaw Vallay. It is asserted, and these assertions are fortified with proof, that while acting in his official capacity, and as the representative of a great state, he has been guilty of gross improprieties unbecoming his position and disgraceful to the state." The people throughout the entire Union are thoroughly disgusted with the "machine," its spoils system, ipolitical assessments and such deals as the river and harbor bilí. Michigan has been cursed for years by numeroua arrogant politicians who have controlled the republican party solely by the distribution of the spoils; this system of perpetuatmg the reign "of the grand old party" has been carried so far by Hubbel and his cohorts that self respecting men are forced out of the republican ranks. Never before had this disgraceful element more complete control of the republican party in Michigan than it has to-day, and never before was open denunciation and disgust so freely expressed as at this time. The combined oppoaition to the rejmblican misrule have put a clean ticket in the field, and we cali upon every democrat to throw aside any feeling or prejudice that may exist, and not only vote but work determinedlv for


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