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Debauchery And Ruin

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[From the Detroit Eveninj Naw .] Kor a moiith past a tale of debauohery and ruin, in which Michigan in ioterested, bas been going the round of the Canadian presa, and should have come to the knowledge of some of the regenta of Michigan university, the good name of which inatitution being seriously compromised in the story aa told. It ia the subject of much talk at Ann Arbor, as a News reporter found on visiting there a few days ago to make inquiry a to the "physician" or "professor" referred to in the Canadinu press in this uonueution. The story as told by the Tilsonburg, Ont., papers is substantially as follows: Sonie time ago a respectable farmer and stock dealer of Dereham township, Oxford oounty, Ont., named Joseph P. Wardle, SENT HIS WIFE TO AN'N AKBUK to be treated for cáncer, of which, it eems, she was flnally cured nnd returned home, thongh not before msking familiar acquaintance with her physioian. Mrs. Emily Wardle had a cousin, a Mrs. Hotchkiss, who resided at Ann Arbor, but whom for some reason Mr. Wardle did not wish his wife to visit; and when she returned to Ann Arbor subsequently it was ostensibly to consult the physioian rcgarding her health. In the fore part of July last, while at her home at Dcreham, Mrs. Wardle received from Ann Arbor a letter from Mrs. Hotohkiss, notifying her that she (Mrs. H.) would shortly pay her a visit, and saying, "If you don't tellany stories about me, I won't teil any stories about you and the doctor." It appears that prior to this time Wardle had some suBpicions of his wife's fidelity, and having seen thi letter the expression above quoted confinned theni in a measure and he determinad to WATCH HIS WIFE CliOSEIT. On Wednesday, July 26, he culled at the postoffice in Tilsonburg for his mail, which was handed him. On looking it over he fonnd a letter addressed to " C. D. Brenton," which he returned to the clerk, saying it was not for him. But the olerk assured him that Mrs. Wardle always asked for and received the letters so addressed, when the huaband's suspicions were further aroused and he kept the letter, opening and reading it at the first opportunity. The letter contained no date, but the envelope waa postmarked Kingston, July 24, and had evidently been muiled at Kingston, Ont., on 8unday and forwarded by the early train of Monday, July 21. lts contenta revealed to Mr. Wardle PIÍOOF OF HIS WIFB'S INFIDKIilTT to her marriage vow, and on returning to his home in no enviable frame of mind he oharged her with lewdness, and she did not deny her entanglement with the doctor. The iujured husband then ordered his unfaithful spouse to leave the house, giving her all the personal property she claimed as belonging to her and furnishing her with $308 in cash. She was driven to Woodstock where he took a Great Western train for Michigan, and is supposed to have gone to Mrs. Hotchkiss, at Ann Arbor. The editor of the Tilsonburg Observar obtained a copy of the Kingston letter above referred to, and which was signed "Devotedly yóu'rs,' John E. Wellcome, Kingston, Ont.;" and says that the language it contained waa mout disgurtting (unfit for publication) - AN AWFUL LETTER to be seen by a huaband addressed to his wife, and with the assurance that he was receiving such fegularly. The editor further asserts that on comparing the original letter igned aa above with others received from the Ann Arbor physician by Mra. Wardle, no one can for an instant doubt that all were written by the same person; besides, Mra. Wardle had told her husband previously that this physician was in Kingston, and that she expected him to visit them on his way to Michigan. Five daya after this terrible discovery on Monday evening, July 31, Mr. Wardle left for Buft'alo by the Canada Southern road with a load of lambs, but before he reached that city his troubles had DUIVEN HIM CRAZY, and at 2 o'clock in the morning of August lst the conductor telegraphed ahead for help to secure the unfortunate man when the train ehould reach its, destination. On arriving at Buffalo Wardle had become so violent that he broke loóse from those in charge of him, hnrled himself in front of a moving train and would have been kille 1 but for being seized by a powerful man and jerked from the track. He waa gent back to Tilflonburg the same day, and on Wednesday, August 5d, on information laid by his daughter, was sent to Woodstock jaü, to be kept under proper restraint until arrangementa could be made for his admission to and proper care IN THK IiUNATIC ASÏIiUM at London. Dr. Joy, of Tilaonburg, expressed the hope that his insanity would disappear after a time and his mental balance be restored, as the actual cause of the attack was loss of sleep, the poor man not having slept or rested an instant from the time he read the fatal letter. The Tïlsonburg Liberal makes some quotations from letters previously received by Mrs. Wardle from the physician, and adds: " Whether this is the correct way for phyaicians te correspond with patients, we leave it with the reader to say." Other letters were discovered, but the daughter of Mr. and Mra. Wardle, a young lady, destroyed most of them. A letter to Mr. Wardle was found, containing a sort'of apology from the doctor for the interest taken in Mra. Wardle's illnesa. BNSNABED BT TUE BASCAI. The Liberal is informed on good authority that Mrs. Wardle was not afflicted in aoy way whatever, but had been ensnared in this raically physioian's affeotion, and could not resist the temptation of paying him an annual visit; and adds: " If professors of tnis description are to be kept at the head of important institntions, the usefullnoss of hospitals, etc, will soon be gone. And what oertainty and security is thare for the safety of any man's wife or daughter'a character being left untarnished after once visiting them for the treatment of any diaeuse ever? It is tobe hoped that thia matter will be looked into, and if the professor ia guüty we shall have great pleasure in making hia name public." WARDI.K STILL IN8ANE. In reply to an inquiry by telegram f rom the News, the following special dinpatch waa reoeived this afternoon from the Tilsonburg Obaerver: Tilsonbdro, Ont., Sept. 11. -Mr. Wardle has not yet recovered sanity. No new developments here in the scandal The reinoval of Mr. Joseph F. Wardle, ■ respectable farmer and atock dealer of Tilaonburg, to a place of conünement as a dangerous lunatic is the sequel of a sad tale of domesbic trouble. Some time ago Mr. Wardle took hia wife to Ann Arbor to be treated in the hospital there for cáncer, and, it appears, she was finally cured. A few weeks ago aha returued home. A letter reoeived frorn Mra. Wardle's counsin, containing some refereace to her conduct with the doctor, feil into her husband's hands, and ñrat awakened his auspicióos. Hoon afterward, when at the postoffice, he waa handed a letter addresaed " C. D. Brenton," and upon atating that it was not his waa assured by the clerk that his wife was in the habit of taking ALL LETTItüa SO ADDBESSED. Whereupon Mr. Wardle opened the letter and found that it contained in the vilest language the proofs of bis wife's ïnfideljty. The letter came from Kingston, and signed "John E. Wellcome," but was evidently in the handwriting of the doctor who had attended Mrs. Wardle at Ann Arbor. When spoken to ahe acknowledged her guilt, and, following her husband's ordera, left the house and went west. It i aaid that Mrs. Wardle was not tronble with cáncer, but made thia an excuse for an annual or more frequent viait to sharer of her guilt. - [Toronto Globe. An article was published in the Evening Newa Monday charging "an Ann Arbor professor " with immorolities in company with a woman named Mrs. Wardle, Oxford coiuity, Ontario. The article pointed to Prof. Donald MacLean as the professor in question, and demanded an investigation. It is a fact that some time ago Joseph P. Wardle, of Dereham township, Oxford oounty, Ont., took his wife, Emila Wardle, to Ann Arbor for treatment at the university hospital by Professor Maclean. After treatment for some time she waa diachargad cured, and after returning home to Canada she wrote some four or flve letters to the professor in relation to her condition, and received answers thereto from him. Now comes the charges. It waa atated that Mra. Wardle had been in the habit of receiving letters frara the postoffice addressed to "C. D. Brenton;" that the postmaster handed one of these letters to Mr. Wardle, with the explanation that hia wife had been in the had been in the habit of receiving letters so addressed; that Mr. Wardle opened and the letter; that it waa postmarked at Kingston, July 24, and was signed "John E. Wellcome, Kingston, Ont ;" and that it was an " awful letter," the language being unfit for publication. It is further said that the information thvs conveyed of his wife's j infidelit. drove Mr. Wardle crazy, and i that he is at present confined in a lunatic aaylum. The article states that the allaged letter was in the handwriting of the professor who had treated the woman. Prof. Maclean was in the city yesterday. He denounced the whole story as a base slander, and said he is ready for an investigation at any time ; that the womau's disease was internat hemorrhoids, and his relations with her of the most honorable and ordinary oharacter, as physician and patiënt. The husband has been insane for a long time, and ia very jealous of his wife. Prof. Maclean knows nothing of the letters mentioned, and presenta a denial which is circumstantial, full and complete, and wnich leaves the unmistakable impression that he has been very unjustly treated.- [Post and Tribune. The above extracta from Canadian papers have been in our possession for a month, but out of regard to the interesta of the university, which is indirectly assailed, through the alleged conduct of one of its professors, w auppressed it but it has now become public property through the medium of the Evening News of Detroit. . We also give Prof. Maclean's reply as published in the Post and Tribune. Of cóurse no one here believes Prof. Maclean guilty of the charges.


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