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Don't dik in the HousB. Ask druggist for " Kough on Kats." It cleare out rats, mice, bed-bugs, roaches, vermin, flies, anta, insects. 15c. per box. K yon do what yon Bbould not, you must hear what you would not. A WoRt.D of Good. One of the most popular medicines now before the American public is Hop Bitters. You see it everywhere. People take it with good effect. It builds thern up. It is not as pleasant to the taste as some other Bitters, as it is not a whiskey drink. It is more like the old-fashioned boue-sat tea, that has done a world oí good. If you don't feel just right try Hop Bitterg. - Nunda News. Half-wittcd people have a talent of talking much and saying httle. Oatahrh of the Bladder. - Stinging, amarting, irritation of the urinary passagen, diseased discharges, cured by Bueuupabia. SI, at druggists. Mich. Depot, James E. Davis & Oo., Detroit, Mich. No persons are more empty than those who are full of themselvea. Gmoo's Glycebisk Salve. The best on which can truly be said of Grigg's Glyceriue Salvo, which is a sure cure for cuts, bruines, scalds, burns, wounds, and all other sores. Will iositively cure piles, tetter, and all skin eruptions. Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded. Only 25 cents. For sale by Lberbach fe Son. Virtne dwells at the head of a river, to which we cannot get but by rowing against the stream. A BUrpr Man. I have been a mifferer from blind piles for twenty yearn. During that time I tried every known rernedy, receiving none but temporary relief. Ten years ago Prof. Goss of Philadelphia, used the knife upon me, which for two years seemed to have cured me, but eight years since it returned, suffering at times excruciating pain. ' Six week ago I commenced using Dr. Deming's New Discovery, with marvelous resulta. For the past four weeks I have not suffered at all. My adyice to all sufferers from piles is, use Deming's Discovery and be happy, as I W. H. Thomas261 East Washington etreet, Indianapolis. For sale by Eberbach & Son. A handful of commcn sense is worth a bushel of learuing. Make your old things look like new by using the Diamond Dyes, and you will be happy. Auy of the fashionable colora for 10 cents. The failure of one man is the opportnnity of another. A Gentle Voick. - Our enterprising druggists Eberbach fe Son have secured the agency for the sale of Dr. Bigelow's Positive Cnre which has no superior for coughs, colds, consumption, whooping congh, and all throat and lung diseases. To prove to you it has no equal, cali at Eberbach & Son's drug store and get a bottle free. A poor philosopher put blacking on that portion of his stooking which showed through a hole in his boot, and then said: "It is the care of a very great portion of mankind to conceal their indigence.'' Young man, do not give up the ship. There is still hope. Dr. E. C. West's Nerve and Brain Treatment will cure you. A cure guaranteed. Sold at Brown fc Co.'s Drug Store. An obstinate man doe not hold opinión; they hold him. "Magnificent promises sonietimes end in paltry performances." A magnificent exoeption to this is found in KidneyWort which invariably performs more 'cures than it promises. Here is a single instanoe: "Mother has recovered," wrote an Illinois girl to her Eastern relatives. "She took bitters for a long time, but without any good. So when she heard of the virtues of Kidney-Woct she got a box and it has completely cured her liver complaint." Do not yield to misfortunes, but mest them with fortitude. "Do not grasp at the shadow and lose the substance." Kiduey-Wort is able to convert yoxi from a shadow of your former self into the substance of established health. Said a sufferer from kidney trouble when asked to try Kidney-Wort for a remedy, "I'll try it, but it will be my last dose." It cured him and now he recommends it to all. If you have disordered kidneys doa't fail to try it. HILL'SOPKRAIIOUSE ONK NIGHT ONIiV, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14. THE METËO RS A grand eousoHdation of the brightest star in the amusement firmament of the biïghtesl carda of the novelty tge. MESSRS. NILES, EVANS, BRl'ANT and HOEY and their brilliant oompany conpisting of fhe following artiats : Th French Twin Sisters, John Dyllyn, Kelly nd O'Brien. Harry McAvoy. and Etriina Rogers, Mr. Gus Hill and Prof. John Gernet, and then fur Bkass Band im Obchebtra. The entertainment appropriately closes with the new comedy, n one scène aad a flash, entitled THE BOOK AGENT ADMSSION-:3.5nnd ", cents. Tickets mw on iale at Bliss & Son'a store. HENRY MATTHEWS, H;the pleasure to informthe pubbe thot he i ready to receiTe them iu hls new brick MEAT MARKET! ONE DOOR EAST OF LEONARD ITOUSK. Everythlne in his line wiil be flrat-olass, and At Reasonable Ratos. He returns ni sincere thanks to all hls old CUf ■ tornera fcir their gnprouspatronagi, and cordi ally inviten ttiem, and all new cttotomers to liii new quarters, whern he hopea by fair dealing to nlarKehisalieadr erowinu business T)A WKEK. fr.' a dar at home -asily ■Olí made. C'ostly outtts frte. AddressTru? Jt Co.. Augusta, Maine, 18 A SURE CURE for all diseaaas of tha Kidneya and i LIVER It hu peoiao itction on thi moat important oran, nablinK it to throw off torpidity aad j inaotlon, Btünulatinf the healthy secretion of ; i the BilO, and by keepiog the bowels in free J ; condltlon, eBeating it regular discharge. I i Hjlsalsïrïsi If you areBufïbring from IW1C1II ld malaria. have the ohills, are bllions, dyspepüo, or oonstlpated, KldneyWort will urely relieve and qutckly oure. 1 Ia the Spring; to oleanse the flyitem, eTr ona hould tak a thorough oourae of it. I SOLO BY DRUOCI8T8. Pricstl. Bottled Beer. Ann Arbor BOTTLINC BEER WORKS J. FRED SCHLANDERER, Propr'tor Orders left in lock box 134, addressed Ann Arbor, will be promptly attended to. This beer is the best made, and can be ia quantities to suit purchasers. The Bottling Works are near the Toledo depot, between Washington and Liberty streeta. Lone Star Bakery G-EOCEET" ! Warm Meats and Lunches Also constantly on hand a choice stock of Fancy Crackers, Cakes, for Parties and Wedding furnished on short notice. Confectionerieü and all kinds of Fruit in their season. Bread, Ciikes, and Pies constantly ou band. Choice Tobacco and Cigars, Canned Fruit and Light Grocerics. Highest Cash Prk.-e Paid for FARMER'S PRODUCE. ('all and sec me. No. 12 Opera House ffiuck. GEO. E. LaMOTTE, Proprielor. Reinenihcr This. If you are sick Hop Bitters will surely aid Nature in making you well when all else fails. If you are oostive or dyspeptic, or are suffering from any other of the numerous diseases of the stomnch or the bowels, it ia your own fault if you remiin ill, for Hop Bitters are a sovercign remedy in all such complaints. If you are wasting away with any form of Kidney disease, stop tempting Death this moment, and turn for a cure to Hop Bittere. If you are sick with that terrible sickness, Nervousness, you will tind a "Balm of Gilead" in the use of Hop Bitters. If you are a frequenter, or a residen r; of a miasmatio district, barricade your ystem against the scourge of all oountrieg - nïalarial, epidemie, bilious and intermittent feverg - by the use of Hop Bitters. If you have rough, pimply or sallow skin, bad breath, pains and aches, and feel miserable generally, Hop Bitters will give you fair skin, rich blood, and sweetest breath, health and comfort. In short they cure all diseases of the atomach, Bowels, Blood, Liver, Nervee, Kidnflys, Bright's Disease. $500 will be paid for a case they will not cure or help. That poor, bed-ridden, in valid wife, sister, mother or daughter, can be made the picture of health by a few bottles of Hop Bitters, costing but a trirle. Will you let them suffer? $500 REVWRÜ. Wé il! pay the above reward foranv 'ase of Liver Complaint. Dispepsia. Sick Headache, Indigestión, 'Jonstipation or Costiveness we can nut oure with West's Vegetable Liver Pilis, when rh direetions arestrietly complied with. They are purély vegetable, and never fail to give safisfac lion. Sugar coated. Largeboxes containing.'j) Pilis.: cents. For sale by all Dniggets. Be ware of counterfeits and imitations. Tlie genuine manufacturen1 only by John C, "West & Co., "The Pili Makers." 181 and 183 W. Jladison Kt., Chicago. Free trial package sent by mail prepaid on r-iceipt of a 'i cent stamp. HEALTH IS WEALTH ! Dr. E. O. West's Nerve and Brain Treatment, a specific for Ilyster'a, lM.ziness, ('onvulsions, Nervous Headache, Mental Depression. Loss of Memory Speruiatorrhoea, Tnipotency, Involuntary Emissions, Premature Ola Age, caused by over-exertion, self-abuse, or over-indulgence, whlch lead1 to misery, decay and death. One box will cure recent cases. Each box contains onmonth's treatment. One dollar a box or alx boxes for flve dollars: sent by mail postpaid on receipt of price. We guarantee six uoxes to cure any case. With each order received bv us for híx boxes, accompanied with flve dollars, we will send the purchaser our written guarantee to return the money if the treatment does not effect a cure. Guáranteos issued by Brown & Co., sole authorized Agts. for Ann Arbor. Mich. John C. Wet& Co., sole proprietors. 181 aud 183 W. Madison St., Chicago, 111. ff[ 4. COfl Per day at home. Samples 4D IU J)ZU woith$5 free. Address Stinson ft Co., Portland. Maine. Loose's Extract Red Clover Blossom THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. Cures Hcrofula in all its forms, Canter, Salt Rheum, Erysipelas, Rheumatigm, all Blood and 8kln diseases, and regúlales the Bowels. $1 per pint bottle. LOOSE'S Red Clover Pile Kemedy. Certain, Speedy, Cheap. LOOSE'S Red Clover Pilis cure Dyspepsia, Indigestión and Constipation. They act on the liver and kidneys. In boxes of 35 pills. '5c, 5 boxes $1. For sale by C. E. Holmes and Eberbach & Son. Send for circular. "Tile, the Createst Labor-Saving Machine of the Age." To the Editor of Tlie Chicago Tribune. Dwioht, 111., March 16.- One of the strengst and moet conviucing f acts that I have jet seen with regard to tile drainage is brought out in the December report of the Agricultural Department of Illinois. It is this: ACREAOE. Acreage In corn in Livingston County, 1881 268,5r Acreage in corn in Logan Countv, 1881. . 140,859 Livingston over Logan 127,788 YIELD. Yield of corn in Livingston County, 1881. .6.983.522 Yield of corn in Logan County, 18&J 5,070,924 Livingston over Logan 1,902.598 In other words. Logan County has raised near ly as much corn on 140,859 acres as Livingston county has on 268,597 acres. Put it in another form, the farmers in Livingston County hare been obliged to plow nearly doublé the aureage of land (268,597), and have raised but a very small percentage of increase of corn over their brethern in Logan County. who only had to plow I40.8W acres. Let us give it another twist: A A farmer who bas his land wetl tllled Qeed only work.eighty acres of land and grow just aboilt a much corn as #ie man who plowa ltil) and takes all the risks of drouth and much besides. It is not fair, tuen, t" couclude that the Kreateat labor-saving machine today (f thfl acre is the tiledrain? Krom the sainn source ef IliformalJon I gather the following as regards the progresa of tile-drainage in these twocounties: Feet. Total number of feet laitl in Livingston Countv unto lïcl 1,140,71 Total number of feet laid in Logan County upto 18St 8,989,48 This table proves beyontl all theory that owing to the free use of tile that one county lias been able to produce nearly as much cor on 140.1100 acres or land as another county has produced upon 268,000 acres, which is nearly doublé, and tbe beauty of the whole is that it was done with half the work! Mr. Editor, suppose a kind Providence should lengthe-n out the spin of our days until we smv Illinois thorouglily tile-drained, where would be put the corn that this State would produce, and what would we do with our "silver dollars!" Samuel T. K. Phimf. JACKSON FIRE CLAY CO. ManufacturerG of Stone Sewer Pipe - AND - IDIRLIIN" TILE. All our Drain Tile are made of Fire Clay, arof umunuü strength and iitfif weioM, which ma terially reduces the breakage and expense ol transportaron. The dl trhing f or this class of tiling is less expen slve, as they do not require to be laid below f rost. but only deep enough to escape the plow. White this u more economical it aliio aids obtainlngtabetter "fall" or grade to the drain. A full assortment of all sizes, for sale in sm quantities, or car load lot?, at Ih FERDON LÜMBER YARD. JAS. TOLBERT, Agaat. Gooölyear's New Drng Slore The Old Cronville Stand, No. 5 South Main St. EVERYTHING NEW AND FRESH! Prescriptions Compounded Day and Night, Sam. B. Rovenaugh, Is now taking the Best Class of Plioiraplis In the City at Prices to Suit the Times. Oround Fluor Oallery. GOODRICH BLOCK. Kast Slde of the TVKW COUUT HOUSE.


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