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Be Careful What You Say

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In Sppal'ing or lauits, Pray ilon't tonjet yourown ; ftemembor, thfe with liomt-s of glass SlMinld sehiom throw astone. If we have nGtblog olso fi do Tlion talk of thoae wlio sln, 'Tia bpttpr ïo oommence at home. And frtmi Umt polnt begin. We haveno rlght to Judgea man Untll hc's fairly trtwL Sboulrt kb not like hls company, Wc know the world Is wtde. Sonie may liave fault-i-but who has notï The ild as we!I as yoi'ng: Periif.p we my for angUt we know, Eavti flfty to tbelr oue. I'l! teil yon or a Oetter p And flud 11 tvcrka iis well, To try nl7 own efeotH to cure, Ere others' faults I teil ; And tliough Isometlnieï hoio to be No worp tlian nut T kui)v, Sfy own sl)ortcnmlnga bid me let The fimlts of otliers go. Theu let 'is ri. when wobogln, f To stander ariend or fon, Tliitikof the harm cme word may do To thosc we little know lleiupmber- curses somctlmes, like Oar cbickp.ns- roost at hrae ! Don't speak of other's foulcs until TV'e have none ot Qur own.


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