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The toilette of the fly is as carefully at.ended to as that of the most frivolous of raman insects. With a contempt lor the iooking-glass he brushes himself up and wabbles his little round head, chuck full 3f vanity, whcrever he happens to be. Sometimos after a long day of dissipation nd flirting, with his six small legs and little round body all soiled with sirup and nutter and cream, he passes out of the dining-room, and wings his way to the clean, white cord along which the morning-glories climb, and in this retired spot, heedless of the crafty spider that is practicing tyninastics a few feet above hira he proceeds to purify nd sweeten himself for the refreshing repose and soft dreams of the balniy summer night, so necessary to ono who is expected to be early at breakfast. It is a wonderful toilet. Kesting himself on his front and middlo legs, he throws his hind legs rapidly over his body, binding down his frail wings for on instant with the pressure, then raking thera over with a backward motion which he repeats until they are bright and cloan. Then he pushes the two legs along under the winjjs giving that queer structure a thorough enrrying, every now and then throwing the lega out and rubbing them together to remove what he has collected from his corporal 3urface. Next he goes to work on his vau. Resting his hind and middle legs, he begins a vigorons scraping of his head and shoulders, using his proboscis ever little while to push tho accumulation from his limbs. At times ho is so energetic that it seems as if he were trying to pull his head off, but no fly ever committed suicide. Some of his motions very mach resemble pussy at her toilet. It is plain even to the uaked eye that he does his work thoroughly, for when it 3 Cnished he looks like a new fly, so clean and'neat has he made himself in a few minutes. The white cord is detiled, but floppy is himself again, and he bids the moruing-glories a very good eveniag.


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