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The Ckristiancy divorce suit is end1 ed, the result being that tho oíd man gets a divorce from hia young ■vcife on the grounds of (iesertion. FOLQKE'S SDCCESSOB. It is the talk now at the capital that Jno. C.New wil! sacceed Secretary Folger.who will resign oc Rcconnt of bis nomlnation for govcrnor of New Yort. BONDS TO BB BEDEKMED. The SecreUry of the Treasury has iaaued a cali for tho rcdemption of bonds of the five percent, fundeí loan of 1881, continued at three and one-half per cent. Irom Aug. 12,1881. ThecaU ia for $25,000,000, and the principal and interest will be pald at the ireasury on December 23, nest, and tho interest wül ceaBeon that day. SCHOFIELD ASSIGNED. Orders from the war department piace Gen. Sohofisld at the bead of ttie department of trm Paciñc from üctober 15 próximo. APPOINTED POSTMASfER. Theo. E. Clapp has been appointed poatmaster at White Pigeon, Micü. ÏELLOW FEVEB IN THE SOÜTH. A dispatch from Washington gives thafoilowiiigfigares: Total cases of yeüew fever at BrowaaviUe thus far, 1,870; deaths, 103. All commanioation with infected ricts of Mexico is cut off. The number of cases at Pensacola is SU; deaths, 41. Q jarantine will be O9tabUshed around Pensacola if the governw óf Florida requests. Tbere nre severa! cases at Isabel and one death. ABCTIO ABCHITES. Engineer Mellville called upon Actiag Seeretary Walker at the navy dopartment the other afternoon. When Seeretary ChaLdler returns tbs recordB and articlos found with D Lang's party, now In the custody of Engineer Mellvlllp, will be examined in :the presance of Mrs. DeLong, who had been notified to nttead.


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