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J. Uould aasdecided to retire f rom Wall Btreet as an active operator. Ha is worth about $100,000,000. and nis tïuie will b9 taken In caring .for this vast acjnmolatiOD. IN CONNEOnCÜT. The Itepublican convention of Conneciiout nset a New Haven aud nominated the f ollowing ticket: Governor, Wm, H. Bulkley ; Lieatenant-Governor, John D. Candee; Secretary of State, S. T. Stanton; Treasurer, Julios Converes; Comptroller, Frank D. Short. in mssoni. The convention of Missouri Bepublican called in opposition to the decisión of the state central committoe, met at Jefferson Oiiy, and aominated a ticket, witl David Wagner, ot St. Louis, for supremo judsre. A new State Central (Jominlttes was aiso elected, of whloh Col, R. T. Van Horo, present Congressmaa froin the Kansas City district and memher of the National Congressioaal Gommittee, was mndeChairmac. MASSACHÜSETTS BEPDBLICANS. Tbe state convention met at Worcester, when tiie followiog resolution was adoDted : "That the fiepu'olicans of Mafisachusetts welcome back iuto their ranks the thlrd party the Prohibitlonists, aeBuriog them asd all others wbo sjmpathize in the cause of teraperanco and prohibition, that in the future the Repubücan party will do all in its power to aniend tbfi CoEstitation of the State so that th inrnufaoturo and eaie of intoxi.ating liquors as a beverñge shall be prohibitad." A state ticket was nominated with Bobert B. Bishop fcr Rovsrnor and OUver Ames liutnant. FOLORR FOB GOVEENOR. ïhe New York E8publican Convention at Saratoga cominated Judge Folger, preeent Secralary of the Treainirï.for Governor. The proeeedinp were very animated. The Times tbinks Fülger's nonünation viil ba a disappointment to many Republicana. FOB ÖOTEKNOE OF NEBBASKA. J. AV. Dawes has been nominated for Governor oí NebrasUa by the Bepubllean State Convemlon. 'Ihe platform adepted reffflrms faiihin freo labor; Ír6e speech; frae schools; carrency on a specie basis; protective tarifl; lugielative control of co oparalives, and inaintains that leglslation thould prevent uujust discrimination on the part of railwajB. COI-OEADO NOMINATIONS. The Demócrata of Colorado have nominated Jas. B. Grantof LakeforGovernor; John B. Proeniero of Bant Lieutenant Gov ernor;aBd Viacentl. Markbam of Arapahoe Judgo of the Supremo Court. FMGHTFÜL ACCIDENT. A terrible accident occurred at New York in the Fourth avenue tunnel at the Eighty-sixth street station. The New Haven train from Mt. Vernon while standing on the south bonnd side track In the tunnel was run into by a Harlem local. 'Ihe two rear cars were domolished with the englne of the Harlem train. Five persona were killed and 19 injured. The city of New ïork was Ia the greatest excitement for hours after the disaster, mauy business houses being closed. The engineer of the Hariem train hab been placed under arrest on a charge of criminal carelessness, bat an investigatlon will be necessary to pi ove whether he had received the aignal that tha track, which he supposad was clear, was occupisd or not. NBWTOBK DEMOCBAT3. After the second ballot was taken for govornor in the Democratie convention at Syracuse on the Í2d inst, a most animated scène took place. The candidates voted for on the second ballot were: Slocum, Cleveland, Homer, Nelson, Balmont, Campbell and Hutehings, wilh no cholee. A stampede then commenctd for Cleveland. The entlre Tammacy delegation votsd for him. and various delegatioüB asked to cbange their votes. The floor of the convention was f uil of delegates standing in the eeats and in the aisle, desirous of being recorded for Cleveland. The eoene bafflïd dascrlption. A voice called for tbe unanimous nomiaation of Cleveland. The Kmgs county delegation attempted to stem the tide by having their namea called agaln and votinft Bolid for Slocum. Tne Slocum men Becured soms chnnges in favor of their candidato and oalied strenuously for another cali of the ro!J. Senator Jacobs tooi the floer and said any result attained in this way would not give satisfaction. He therefore moved a new roll cali. Angry delegatís inBtantly moved up in front and the convention was taken out of thecantrol of tha cbairman. Some cried "roll cali," others "announco the vote" and not a fw in violent language demandad they be given their rights without indicating wherein they were wronged. Such a scene has not oflen been witnes3ed and fer a time it was doubtful what would be the end. Chairman Faulkner declared he was unable to proceed. He attempted to speak several times butoould I not make him3elf heard. Daring a lull in tbe storm hs waa ab!e to put Senator Jacobs motion for a new ro'.l cali and declarad tho motion loBt on a viva voos vote. On tbis tbe cali of the roll waa demanded and the secretary proceeded to cali the namea of dolegateü, announciog at the same Urn it was for the purpose oí deciding whetlier or not a new ballot thould be taken befora the annoimcement of the result of Iha third ballot. After soma Une it becaina ovi'iont that the vote would boalmoBt enllrely in the afirmativo and the mot'on to declara Senator Jacobs1 moiion adopleil w?.b earried. Tho socretary then proceeded to cali the roll again and there vas no annouccement oL ths thlrd baüot. Mayor Cleveland, ol Bnflalo, was finally nnminntl on the fourth ballot. TOBBBNTS FBOM THE SKY, Dainaging storma of wind and rain are reported from eastern and central Naw Yorlc and other locaütiee. In Naw York city six inches of rain liad fallón, aml toaiiy cellars waro flooded. Eiaven tacbea of water are reported as haviog fallen at Philadelphia, and tra'ns were delayed hy w.ishouti. The Lincoln iron bridge near Faiöisou, N. J., was washed awaj; lt cost 910,000. Some live stock la reported drowned In the rapidly swelling; streams in the vlclnity of Baaiiing. PenFylvatiia, Masaachusetts also bad a visit and considorable damage to milling iutorests is reportad f rom Nortn Adams. Bï PIBB. The Franklin sugar reflnery of Püiladelphia burned the other daj ; loss $1,000,000; ingurance, f675,030. Oae thoussad men ont of cmployment. CHABGES. The sult of Mrs. Francés RL Scoville fora divorcefrom her husband haa brought on a lot of damagjng and dlsgustiflg charges from Scovllle. He charges her with unchaste and unwifelike conduct, particulnrly ia that 6he feil desperately in lova with one Qeorge E. Farlie and that ehe vifited him so constantly that he was obiiged to change h;s tioardins; place and flnally he had forbid her coming to his cffloe; that the two kept up constant correspondence; that she tola her hus band she was as much Earlie's wifeas ifshe had beeo married to him ICO years; tbat ehe had been largely led into qaeer notions by Georgs Francis Train; she was alao very Intímate with Dr. Mary Walker, N. C. Bolín, and Lewis Hanohett.


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