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SEOOND DAY- TÜESDAT, 19tII. Entries closed at 2 o'clock to day in all the departments, and at noon the lista footed up as follows with a coraparison raacle with last year: 1881. JÍSS2. Jforsee 628 457 LattJe 335 601 Win no 232 Poultry 268 m Vegetables fi ,) ;, Dait y Products 183 138 B6b, Honey, etc 55 P-u-m implemento 349 S49 Vebieles 142 17a Kachinerj 83 fii) Manufactures 78 210 Musical instrumente, to,... 10 50 Paintlng and BCulpture 207 195 Neüdlsaml Fancy woris. ... 348 :15 MiBCri'aut'ous 26 70 Oolldrec's department IS 38 3,871 4,324 PBEMIUMS AWAKDED. Ayrshire cattle- Bul], 4 years old, lat, F. E. Wright, Millburg.'O. Buil, 3 year3, lst, Wra. Fairweather.McLane, Pa,; 2d, Michigan military academy, Orchard Lake. Bul), 1 year, W. Fairweather lst, ï. E. Wright, 2d, A. Edmonds, Hastings, 3d. Buil calf, 6 months and under, military academy lst; under 6 months, T. E. Wright lst, W. Fairweather 2d. Cows, 4 years old, W. Fairweather lst, military academy 2d, W. Fairweather 3d. Ileifer, 3 years old, T. E. Wright lst, W. Fairweather 2d, mi'.itary academy 3d. Heifer, 2 years, T. E. Wright lst, military academy 2d, W. Fairweather 3d. Heifer, 1 year old, T. E. Wright ]st, military academy 2d, A. Edmonda 3d. Heifer calf under 6 months, T. E. Wright lst, W. Fairweather 2d, military academy 3d. Heifer calf over 6 months, T. E. Wright lst, W. Fairweather 23, military academy 8d. Draft Horse3 - Stallion 5 years, lst. G. G. Hartung, Eomeo, "Contest;" 2d M. W. Baker & Son, Battlo Creek; 3d, Crumpacker, Winters & Co., Westville, Ind. Stallion, 4 years, lst, Mitchell & Bolton, Leslie; 2d, E. B. Green. Olivet; 8d, H. 11. Kingman, Battle Creek. Stallion, 3 years old, lst, Crumpacker, Winters & Co.; 2d, F. Burnet, Union City; 3d, D. McOmber, Hastings. Stallion, 1 year, lst, Henry Croucb, Jackson; 2d, Mitchell & Bolton, Leslie Stailion colts, lst and 2d, A. Phillips, Dansville. Mares, 4 years old and over, lst, Crumpacker, Winters & Co., 2d and 3d, A. Phillips. Mare or gelding, 2 years old, lst, C. A. Davis, Albiou. Mare, 1 year old, lst, Crumpacker, Winters & Co.; 2J and 3d, Milton Eeed, Jackson. Pair mares or geldings, 4 years or over, no award. Thoroughbred Horses - Mare, 4 years or over, without colt, lst, Edtnund Harwood, Leslie; 2d, L. W. Mellen, Colon. Filly, 1 year old, lst, ï. S. Millsou, Cülon. Swine, Essex - Boar, 1 year old or over; lst, Frank Wilson, Jackson; 2d, pi. T. Doney, Jackson. Boar, 1 year old; lst, Geo. D. Boyce, Paw Paw;' 2d, sime; 3d, A. Chandler, Jerome. Boar, under 1 year; lst and 2d, G. D. Boyce; 3d, F. Wilson. Brood sow, 2 years old or over; lst, F. Wilson; 2d. F. A. & M. L. Eay, Concord; 3d, Geo. D. Boyce. Sow, 1 year; lst, G. D. Boyce; 2d, F.A. & M. L. Ray; 3d, Doney. Sow, 1 year óld; lst, E. T. Doney; 2d, G. D. Boyce; 3d. F. Wilson. Pen of pigs; lst, G. D. Boyce; 2d, F. Wilson; 3d, F. A. & M. L. Ray, Concord. Boar of anv age; lst, F. Wilson. Thoroughbred Merino ram, 3 years old or over; lst, W. Ball, Hamburg; 2d, J. W. Newberry, Hanover; 3d, C. M. Fellows. Manchester; 4tb, L. W. & O. Barne3. Owosso. Ram, 2 years old; lst, Van Geison Bros., Clinton; 2d, J. 8. Bamber, Highland; 3d, L. W. & O. Barnes; 4tb, E. Kellogg, Osceola Center. THIED DA Y - SEPTEMBER 20. The weather was cool and favorable for the State Fair, and from early morning all wagon roads centering in the city were thronged with wagon loads from the coumry in and around Jackson, and every train coming in was crowded. The Fort Wayne & Jackson railroad brought nearly 1,000 passengers, the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern as many more, while the Michigan Central and branches brought over 5,000. The consequence has been that the grounds have received many visitors, where the articles for exhibition are in more perfect order than Tuesday. Horticultural Hall, the flrst with which the visitor comes in contact upon entering the grounds, is a thing of beauty, with the grand display of dried grasses and immortelles in design and cut flowers. In this hall there are several county collections of fruit, the largest of which is from Oceana County, in charge of A. E. Stouter and W. D. Markham, and consista of three general collectioiis and one individual collection, the latter shown by D. L. Garver, of Hart. The largest individual collection exhibited is owned by E. J. Shirts of Shelby, who bas 230 plates, being a f uil list of plums and a large number of peaches. The Kent County collection consists of lifty plates of apples, twelve of grapes, twenty of peaches, four of plums aud twelve of pears. Ionia County also has a county collection; and that from Berrien County; in charge of W. A. Brown, shows flfty-eight plates for general market purposes. Mason Co. has seventy-eight plates. The show of farm products in the north end of this hall is not as large as that of last year. The flower stand in Main Hall, which met with the accident of Tuesday, was fully repaired during the riight, and to-day shows nothing to indicaté that an accident had occurred. The children's department and that of fancy needle-work, in charge of Minnie Brow of Detroit, is large and occupies nearly the whole of the v,est wing of the hall, while the east wing is occupied by Qne arts, under the supervisión of C. A. Harrison, and is, indeed, creditable, the large exhibit of A. ,T. Brow of Detroit adding largely to the attraction of this part of the fair. The center platform of the south wing is entirely occupied with house plants from the green houses, and cut flowers. Aside from these exhibite, Main Hall is occupied with the different trades and classes of business. A large numbei of premiums were awarded. The receipta are not as yet cqual to last year. The chaiïot races- tour-inhand- driven by a gentleman and lady, which take place every aüernoon between 2 and 3 o'clock, appear to be the main features of attraction upon the course. FOUETH DAT SEPT. 21. The atf endance at the State Fair was much larger thaii Wednesday, as was expected, Thursday having become the big day of the Fair week, although during the night frequent drizzling showers came. Thus far to-day, while heavy clouds cover the sky, there has been no rain, yet the race track has been left heavy and much of the grounds where there is no grasa very unpleasant for the visitors by the rains of the night before. The halls havo been thronged all day, and it was impossible to paas through them;buteverybody seems to be in good humor. A visit to the inside of the race course, where the agricultural implements are shown, almost bewiklex 0219 with ita hundreds of machinas in operation, all the way f rom a hay rake to a thrashing machine, and nearly every foot of spare room is occupiedby visitors, mostly farmers. The cattle amphitheater is crowded at all times during the judging, and the stalls acd pens of all the live stock have their share of visitors. The judges are all working hard with their respective classes, a very few of whom have made their final report. In Horticultural Hall, on general county collections, Kent County Horticultural Society takes flrst premium, and the eollection from Oceana County second. Berrien County is awarded flrst for general market purposes; A. G. Gully, of' South Haven, flrst premium for best eollection of peache8, and J. K Stearns, of Kalamazoo, second; on best general eollection of fruit grown by exhibitor A. G. Gully, of South Haven, also takes flrst. A. A, Olds, of Decatur, for best exhibit of apples for family purposes, obtains first and also takes first on best fifteen platea of market apples. G. C. McClatchin of Mason County, flrst for best exhibit of fifteen variet.ips nf pluins, and E, J. Shirts, of Suelby, first for best exhibit for market purposes. Philo Parsons, of Detroit, shows seven plates of pears on which h receives six ürst premiums. A. Sigler.of Adrián, flrst on collection of hot house grapes. The following offlcers of the board were elected at a business meeting: President,Henry Fralick, Grand Rapids; treasurer, A. J. Dean, Adrián; secretary, J. C. Sterling, Monroe; executive committee for three years, J. M. Sterling, Monroe; Wm. Bal), Hamburg; J. L. Mitchell. Jackson; A. O. Hyde, Marshall; W. H. Cobb, Kalamazoo; E. W. Eising, Da vison station; Philo Parsons Detroit; J. H. Butterfield, Port Huron; Jno. Lessiter Jersey; Wm. Chamberlain, Three Oaks. Gate receipts this year for four days endiug Thursday were $16,422.75 against 17,683.25 for the corresponding period last year.


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