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Increase Of Wealth

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Chicnco ínter Ocean. Tbe increase of wealth in the country during the last eighty years has been materially greater than the increased advantage per capita. In 1800 the wealth of the United State3 was but $1,110,000,000, a per capita of $210; since then it has grown to $49, 800,000,000, a per capita of $990. This is the most remarkable advance of actual wealth in financial history, as there was but a population of 5,300,000 in our republie in 1880. While we are richer than France or the United Kingdoms of Great Britian, they exceed usinthe average wealth per capita. The United Kingdom has $44,100,000,000, a per capita of $1,260, and Francs has $37,200,000,000, a per capita of $1,045. There are sorne interesting evidences of growth in the following statistics, showing propert.v values in the United States : Houses, $13,360,000,000 ; farms $9,615,000,000; railways, $5,220,000,000 ; public works, $5,225,000,000: f orests, mines, etc, $2,793,000,000; cattle, $1,820,000,000; bullion, $720,000,000; shipping, $315,000,000. And then there is tüe little item of furniture quoted . at $5,420,000,000, to make up the aggreg.)te. In 1840 Great Britian was flve times richer than theUnites States, and the pull ahead is very satisfactory.


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