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For President n 1884, GEN. WINFIELD_SCOTTJANCO(X_ JbLTIONAL-DIMOCRATIC STATE TICKET. JOSIAH W. BEGOLE. Lteutiuant üoveinorEUÜENE PRINQLE. Secretary f State- WILi.IAM SHAKESPEARE. State Treasurer- LUCÍAN S. COMAN. Auditor General - JAMES BLAIR. Cominissioner of the State Land OfficeJOHN F. VANDEKVaNTEH. Attorney General- T1MOTHY E. TAESNEY. Suparinteudent of Public Instruction- DAVID PARSONS. Meniber of the State Board of Edueation- CLARK B. HALLFor Representa tive in Congress. 2d District, NATH ANIEL B. ELDREDÜE. Democratie County Convention. A Democratie eounty convention will be held at the court house, in the city of Adu Arboi, mi Friday, llie I3th day oL October, 1882 to nominate a oounty ticket and a candidato for the beuale f .r the 4th Senatorial district. "chward and township wüi be entitled to debates m the couveution as followa: AnnArborCity■K"sfleld ! ist ward 3 Salem ♦ 2ü - 3. Saline ad " S0'0 o 4th " .. 3;Sharon J SS " superior Bth " iSylvan Anu Arbor Tora ■ Webster An,rHstii 4 York J e.idewaer::: 4 Ypsilanti Town 4 Bexter 3 Ypsilanti CityFreedom lf ward j Lima J ■{ ., 3 ï-Hli 4 8d Eyndon.V 3 4th - Manchetser b otü Northneld 4 AU citizens ot the county who will unite in an earnest effort to secure a wise, honest econom - cal and constitutionalgjvernmeut. and a praa iualretoruiinadministi-ation. are invited to join in sendiog elegatós to tuis convention. By order of the Executive coiumittee, W. O. HARRIMAN, Oaainuan. F.íed. II. Bklser, Secretary. Democratie Representation Convention. A Demacratic Convention for the First Representative District oí Washtenaw Couuty ithe fiortn half of the County) wlll be held a ; the County House in Ann Arbor on Friday, October 13. 18,2, at ten o'clock A. M.. to nomínate a candidate for Representative in the Legislatura Lee township aud warct wfll be entitled to the saine number of delégales as in the County Conve"tion' E B. Pomd, M. J. IHMAN. (Jeo. B. Schwab, Wl C. MUÜBAY. Nathan E. Sutton. CoMmTTEB. Ann Akbor, Sept. 26, 1882.


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