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more than one dollar a year. Everybody who reads it or takes the paper is aware of that fact, but inasmuch as the Medical News and Courier have announced that the price hereafter will be one dollar, we feel compelled to come down. All subsoribers whe walk up to the captains office and pay for back nunibers, will receive The Democrat tor a dollar a year. Politioal parties have something else to do than to advocate and urge certain principies of government. The republican party of to-day stands convictcd of greater crimes than any other party was ever accused before or since we had a government, and to what better use can a political organization be put to than to combine with %U other forces to oust this republican party from power. Thb republicana achieved two notable victories on Monday last, their triumph in the wilds of Maine, and their victory in the criminal court at Washington where the secretary of their national eommittee, Steve Dorsey, escaped the penitentiary by the votes of two bribed jurors. It was a close cali though for the secretary, for the other ten jurors voted to put Dorsey in prison. However a miss is as good as a mile, and republieans are happy.- [Lansing Journal. "The oocrupt bargain," say republicana when speaking ol the nnion of the nationals and demócrata. Is it evidence of corruption when voters band together to defeat this political aaseasment buainesa, known as Jay Hubbilliam? Is the motive a corrupt one that seeks to drive from power the party that foaters the "Star Route" and other "Ring" thievea? The party that furnishes a home for all the monopolista of -whatever name or nature? The party that breeds Guiteau'a? If ao then welcome "corruption" and let confusión rule the hour. It is well known that The Ann Abbob Demockat is the only live paper in the city; that it contains more reading matter; morf local uews; and henee it is the best advertising medium. At one dollar per year which is now the price of the paper, we anticípate a large increase of subscribers. And we propose to secure them. We believe, and have always believed in the principie of living and let live, and if the Medical News can afibrd to come down we have an idea that other paupers can be published just as cheap. And we would announce to the democracy of Washtenaw county that hereafter The Democrat -will be sent to all new subscribers for just one dollar for twelve months. Jacob Knapp who has the impudence to ask for a re-nomination to the office of county treasurer, was not a democrat until a short time previous to his election two years ago. It is alleged that he received money when the late Henry Waldron, a republioan, ran for congress; that he also received funds frotn Wm. Judson when he was a catididate against the crippled soldier Chaa. H. Manly. Knapp's record as a democrat, as we have bef ore stated, isbad. The Germans of Washtenaw county, almost to a man are opposed to him. They know he is not competent, and yet the man who farmed out the office would do so again if he had the opportunity. Jacob Knapp, for treasueer! It would be a burlesque on the democratie party to run him again. And we do not believe he could be elected. This is not only our opinión but many demócrata believe as we do The republicana would not like a softer snap. They have in view a man that could hang it on Mr. Knapp. It is also alleged that Knapp voted for Hayes. I it be true, he should be buríed so deep that the sound of Gabriel's trunipe would not awaken him. In üie democratie congressional convention held at Adrián, the convention named Nathaniel B. Eldredge by acclamation. Col. Eldredge is well known throughout this district, as an able, honest unassumiïig citizen. A man of considerable ability as. a debater, a lawyer by profession, and one of the two democrats that has been elected sheriff of Lenawee county sinoethe organization of the republican party. The Colonel was Major of the 17th infantry in 18C1, and was made Lieutenant Colonel of the llth infantry in 1862. He puts himself eqnarely upon the Jackson platform, and promises that if eleoted his vote shall be in favor of the mechanic, farmer and laborer&as against the protected manufacturer -his motto is tariff for revenue only. His career as a soldier is one of undaunted bravory anp fortitude. Many who have thought it their bounden duty to vote for a soldier whenever opportunity offered, will give the Col. their support instead of Mr. Boice. In this county he will hold a very large vote, and if the other counties do proportionately well for him, Mr. i Boice will be taught the lesson he so richly deserves for forcing himself on the republican ticket. Boiee can be beaten, and the old war horse of Lenawee is the man that can do it, if the democracy will put its skoulder to the political wheel and give it a lift. Let every democrat consider that he has a duty to perfonn, and perform it like a man. If they will do it there ia no doubt that this district will be properly repreted in the next congress. -Monroe Democrat. m+-m The Democratie Congressional convention at Adrián recently made a most excellent and worthy nomination. Not only the individual, the city, and country, but the whole district is honore'd by the candidacy of Ooi. N. B. Eldredge. A man of unquestioned ability and sterling integrity in both business and politics, the whole opposition to machine rule and the principies of monopoly and extravagance may well unite upon this soldier citizen, -svith his years of experience in civil service also, and known honesty and devotion to the interest of the inany. The soldiers of the second district have an opportunity to give their support and sufrages to a gallant comrade who risked all in the war, as against one who made all that was possible out of it. Col. Eldredge is pre-eminently an anti-monopolist, and from natural bent and political education in favor of the greatest possible freedom in commercial, as well as other affaire, consistent with the safety and best interests of the whole people- in other words opposed to the needless taxation of the farmer, producer, laborer of any class, for the special benefit or aggrandizement of any other class, caste, or party. The voters of the second district, without regard to party, should begin the work of reform in the abuse of power and extravagence of expenditure by trumphantly electing Col, Eldredge. - -Hudson Gazette. The democraoy have to 'make no apology in the secoud district.for their aotion in nominating a candida te for congress. For our national law makers, we need, men of lionesty, high character, legal knowledge, high judgement, and general intelligence. Even his worst enemies can't deny Ooi. Eldridge each and all of these qualifloations. He is more than the peer, in these respecta, of John K. Boies, in every particular. He representa in politica, political principáis that are to-day endorsed by the majority of voters inthis district. He is in favor of eeonomy retrenohment. He is opposed to monopolies, and too tariff robben. He favors such a tariff as will enable our great industries to compete with other countries, and give American workmen good living wages, but he is oppcsed to oppressing the masses of our working men to enrich a few people. He will battle for a polioy that will prevent pauper labor from abroad, coming into tion with home mechanica, and home laborers by emigration. Col. Eldiedge can't be bought, nor would he favor corporations or monopolies or rich men, to curry favor. He is independent and fearless. He can be trusted. He ought to be elected because; 1 He is pledged to the interest of the people. 2 He would not legislate in th banking interest. 3 He would demand that american labor be elevated and removed from competition by importing cheap pauper lafoor 4 He is an old soldier, one who fought for his country: and gave it the best days of his life, and he would not only look after the country for which he fought.but he would protect the interests of soldiers: at all times and under all circumstances. 5. He did not seek the office, but was urged to accept the nomination, and no charge of fraud or unfairness hangs over his candidacy. 6. He is pre-enimently ntted lor tne place, by reason of experience and study. We urge upon the democraoy of the district, that they make a special effort to Becure Col. Eldredge a rousing vote. It is due him, because he consented to make the canvass to satisfy the demanda of the party. The task is not by any means a hopeless one. Hundreds of republicana are indignant that a man like Wiilits, who stood up against thieqes, should be hustled into private life for that vote, and are disgusted that a gallant soldier like Dickerman, of Hillsdale, thrust aside for a man who did nothing except to stay at home and pile up money during the war. A little work and the ring will be rebuked. Adrián Press. -n- Bucklin's Árnica Salve.- The best salve in the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, cprns and all kinds of skin eruptions. This salve is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every case or the money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by Eberbach & Son, Ann Arbor, Mich. Over 20,000 people visited Ben Hill.s grave the first Sunday he was buried. Bbad What the Tbeastjker of the State says.- Dr. J. H. Brown: After having used your "Expectorant Syrup" long enough to know and appreciate its good qualities, I can cheerfully bear testimony to its uniform success in curing the most obstinate cases of coughs, colds etc. I have frequently administered the "Expectorant" to my children, nd always found it the very best as well as the most pleasant remedy of its kind. Nathan Kimball, Ex-Treasurer of State of Ind. For sale by Eberbach & Son. Twenty-three counties in northern Texas will raise 200,000 bales of cotton this year. Scientific Advancement.- Scientific advanoement, it has been remarked, has öeen slower and less noticeable in the care of the siek and the treatment of disease than in any other department of human knowledge. The life or death of a patiënt is too frequently a mere matter of accident or chance. Some great diacoveries, however, have been made and certain remedies are known and used with almost infallible curative results. Such a remedy is "Taraxine" where a deranged liver is involved, or where diseases of the Bowels, Kidneys or Spleen prevail. For sale by Eberbach & Son. Since the advent of the toy pistol kerosene has been put to the blush. A pint of the finest ink for families or schools can be made from a ten cent package of Diamond Dye. Try them. During the fiscal year ending June, 30, L882, over 800,000 emigrants arrived iu this country. There is hardly an adult person living but is sometimes troubled with kidney iifficulty, which is the most prolific and dangerous cause of all disease. There is no sort of need to have aiiy form of kidney or urinary trouble if Hop Bitters is taken occasionally. The castor oü plant is said to be peculiarly obnoxious to fliea, but one can't have a castor oil plant growing on top of his bald head, you know. Woktht or Praise.- As a rule we do not recommend Patent Medicines, but when we know of one that really is a public benefactor, and does positively cure, then we oonsider it our dutyto ïmpart that information to all. Electric Bitters are truly a most valuable medicine, and will surely cure Billiousness, Fever and Ague, Stomach, Liver and Kidney Complaints, even when all other remedies fail. We know whereof we speak, and can freely reeommend them to all.[- Exchange. Sold at fifty cents a bottle by Brown & Co. Though charity may tend to make your purse lighter one day, yet it will make it heavier another. An enrioher of the blood and punfier of the system; cures lassitude and lack of energy; such is Brown'u Iron Bitters. Watch for opportunities of usefulness. Everday day brings them; and once gone, they are gone forever. Givbn Awat.- We cannot help noticing the liberal offer made to all invalida andsufferere by Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption. You are requested to caU at Brown & Oo's. Drug Store, and get a trial bottle f ree of .cost, if you are suffering with Oonsumption, Severe Ooughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis. Hay Fever, Loss of Voiee, ness, or any anection 01 me imuoi Lungs. It will positively cure you. It would be a pity if England, in attempting to bolster up the khedive, should knook over Pompey's pillar. A Wokld Wants Pboof.- "The proof of the pudding is theeating thereof, and not in chewing the string which tied the bag. Therefore, take Dr. Jones Ked Clover ïonic. It cures all blood disorders, torpid liver, sick headache, costiveness, and all diseases of the urinary organs. The best appetizer and tome known. Sold by Eberbach & Son. Fifty cents per bottle. Our good deeds rarely cause much gossip among our fellow citizens, but our evil ones leap immediately into notoriety. Insanity is in almost all cases the outgrowth of an over-wrought brain. Dr. E. n wt.' Nfirve and Brain Treatnient removes the canse and effeets a cuje. Sold at Brown'B Drug Store. The paragraphers teil of a countryman who, on seeing the yacht Psyche, exclaimed: "P-s-y-c-h-e! Gosh! What a way to spell fish. Slow and steady wins the race." Steadidly, but not slowly, Kidney-Wort is distancing all competition for universal popularity and usefulnese. This celebrated remedy can now be obtaiaed in the usual dry vegetaoie ionn, ur m liquidform. It ia put up in the latter way for the especial convenience of those who cannot readily prepare it. It will be found very concentrated and -will act with equal efficiency in either form. Read advertisement. A soft ant, sir, turna away a picnicker from the custard pie. Every color of the Diamond Dyes is perfect, See the samples of the colored cloth at the druggists. Unequalled for brilliancy. Small cheer and great welcome make a merry feast. There is hardly an adult person living but is sometimes troubled with kidney diffioulty, which is the most prolific and dangerous cause of all disease. There is no sort of need to have any form of kidney or urinary trouble if Hop Bitters is taken occasionally.


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