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GDBiyear'sNíw Dn Store The Oíd Crenvüle Stand, No. 5 South Main St. EVERYTHING NEW AND FRESH! Presen ptions Compounded Da)' and Night. ENRYMATTHÉWSr ïasTthe pleasure to informthe public that he li ready to receive thein iu hisnewbnek MEAT MARKET! ONE DOOR EAST OF LEONARD HOUSE. Everythlng ia nis une wiil be flrst-class, and At Reasonabie Rates. He roturns nis sincere thanks to all hls old customers tor their generous patronage, and cordi ally invites them, and all new cuatomers 10 nu aow quarters, where lie hopes by iair dealing t.i dnlarge M already growine business Toledo and Pnt-in-Bay Steamer Line. THE ELEGANT STEAMER CHIEF JUST1CE WAITE! E. MoNEiLY, Masteb, Will run daily Zuring the season of 1882, as follows- Leaves' Tole io for Put-in-Bay (except Saturdays, Sundays and Thursdays), 8:15 i, m. ; returns 7 p. m. Leaves every Sunday for Put-inBay 9 a. M.; returns 8 p. m. Leaves Saturdays at 10-30 a. u ; returns 7:30 p. u. Leaves for Detroit every Thursday 8 a. m. ; returns p. m. Fare for round trip, same day, $1; one way, 75 cents. Connects at I'ut-in-Bay with stearaers for bandusky, Kelly's Mand. Cleveland and Detroit. Baegaee checked through. Every Wednesday and Bidav after July 18 the trip to Put-in-Bay will be eztended to Lakeside, and durine the Camp Meeting from August 3dtill 14th, the Waite will run through daily. All return trips to Toledo will be m time to eonnect with evening railroad trains leaving the city. 8pecial rates given to large excursión parties. Address, CHAS. WEST, Sec'y A, E. St. Co. C. H. Coy, Agent. (f P O a week in your own town. Terms and $5 JÖD outflts f ree. Address H. Hallett & Co., Portland, Muin ff TI A WEEK. $18 a day at home easily J L made. Costly outts free. Address True & Co., Augusta, llaine. EBERBACH&SON, Dealers in Drugs, Medicines And a fine lot of French Hair Brushes AND Engjish Tooth Brushes. We cali spucial attention to our stock of Chemical Glass-ware, Apparatus, AND Pure Cliomicals of our own Importation. A full line of TIEMAN'S SURG'L INSTRUMENTS AtJIist pricos. STTJIDElsTT S Are cordially inrited to examine our stock aa quality and priees. EBERBACH & SON. GENUINE MIIWAUKEE ,f BMHBBBbmíB _■ q 5S1 - - qj LAGER BEER DEPOT. 75,000 Bottles Sold per Year. PR1NOÍPÁUUINE "-■l.u; SIIOHTEST, yi:;cREST and And onOí-jsBEST to St. Joseph, points Ín IowS?JhftAtcliloii.Topek.DenlNtbra8ka,Mlssourl.KanJ237ün, Da"a'' '■"'■ sa. New Mexicu, Arlzona, vLij'i:atou' tana aiul T-xa3. 3jl1CHICAGO "e 7s"-"'ls lioute lia nosupiTluríor Alhert "-JTa, MUmi'apolll auJ St. I'aul. UnlvcrsalCg,,, Natlonnlly ivputed as ly conceded to "Sijvafii.-iü'-j ihe Grat bi; tbe best equipped ;5Jyf3ï-riiruii5liCar üailruad In the World for Í ' . ._ Lin ail clflsst's of travel. TTTfr-. " KANSAS CITY 'S. yCV All cüiiiUTttoiis made vV ,S 'h v7áVAy Try1t rickcw vi thiSor YV""1 y0" wtu Mobrau-d Line '"VWSc flni1 lruviil"l{ " ■ata ai uil offlcei "X ÖÏV iu""!'"1 Canuda. QaÍNJV ' ' V Fan', SicM-pInt; Curs, ,ƒ(? X. 'TTpotter. perceval lowell, .9 V(c Prts't t ffn' Manager. Om. Plu: 0j. Chic:"". HlCliicae. HL RINSEY k SEABOLT, No. 6 & 8 Washington St., Have on hand a complete stock of everything in the Grocery LineTeamf Coffees anU SuurH, In large amounts, and at Casli Prices And can sell at Low Figures. The large invoice of teas they Buy and Sell. 8 ifood proof that in Quality and Price they Give Bargains. They Roast their omi Oltees every week, and none but prime articles are used. Their Bakery tnrrs out exc.-llent Bread, Cakes and Crackers. Cali and see them. f W. H. H. BOYLAN & CO.. House, Sip ml Frescos Painters ! DECORATORS & PAPER HANGERS. Work gUHriuiteed and neatly exeouted by expcrie-Jied hands. No boys employed. No. 16 Soutb Main Street, Second Floor. Sam. B. Revenaugh, Is now taking the Best Glass of wsmjs&t In the City at Prices to Suit the Times. Ground Floor Qallery. GOODRICH BLOGK, East Side of the NEW COUBT HOUSE. nunnrcT DIDI CC Ever PanUslwd Aeents. CHE AP EST Commi ssioners' Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw ss The undersigned having been appninted by the Probate Court f or said County, Commissioners to receive.examine and adjust all claims and demands of aü persons against the estáte of Hiram Amold, late of said county, deceased, hereby give notice that six months from date are allowed by order of said probate court, for creditors to present their claims against the estáte of said deceaaed, and that thoy will meet at the office of Zina P. Kiug. on Main street, in the city of Ann rbnr In said eounty, on Thursday. the ltitn day of November, and un Friday. the 16th day of February next, at ten o'clock a. m., of each of said day, to receive, examine and adjust Baid claims. Dated August 16th. 1883. ZINA P KING, i AKETUS DUNN, -Comniissioners. E. B. POND, ) The Circuit Court for Washtenaw County, in Chancery. Sophia E. Squires, Ctomplainant, ) ts. y Homar Sautres. Defendaiit. IT appearing satisfactorily by affldavit to me . that the defendunt. Homer Squires. Is a uunresident of this state and resides in the state of Wiseuuain ou motion of E. D. Kinne, solicitor for the complainant: It is ordered that the said üeiendant. Homer Squire, cause his appearanee in thif cause to be entered wilhin tour inonths rroin the date of this order, and that in case of his iu.pearance hee&use his answer to the complaiuaut'8 bilí to be flled and a copy tliereof to be served on coniplainant's solicito!' withili Iweuty days after service of a copy of said bill and uotire of this order, and in default thereof that the said bill be taken as coufussed by the said Homer f1 1 1 1 1 (■ S And it is further ordered that within twenty days the said complainant cause a uotice of this order to ba pubhshed iu the And Arbo Demo ckat, a uewspaper printed in s.iid county, auc the s'aid publication be continued iu said paper at least once in eaeh week for six successive weeks or that she cause a copy of said order to he personally served on the said, Hu mer Squires, at least twenty 'lays before tlie time hereiu prescriiM'd for his arpearan: .e. ■ated. August 1,1882. f, j()auK Circuit Judge oL said Circuit ('ourt. Edwaiii) D. Kinnk, Solioitor ïor Complaiuant. Notice of Electlons. Notice is hereby eiven that at the general elec tion to be held ou the First Tuesday of Novem ber next, the following oftlcers are to be electc viz A Governor, Lieutenant Qovernor, Secr tar'y of State, State Treasurer, Auditor Genera Conimissioner of the State Land Office, Attorne General Superintendent of Public Instruction and a memoer of the átate Board of Educa tion _i„. -. UnniuiaantativA in I 'OMrftSS IOF tl] 5econd Congreisional District of this State; also i Senator f or the Fourth (4th) district comprtaed ( Washtenaw County. alao a Represemative [oreachof the two districts into whieh Washtenaw county ú divided: also a Sheriff. County r'lerlc Treasurer, Register of Deed, Prosecuung iUtorney, two Circuit Court ComniUsionei-s, a County Surveyor and two G'oroners. At said election the following proposed amendments to the coiiBtitution of this state will be submitted to the people of the state for their adoption or rejection. An araendment to section 1 of Article M, rela tive to the salaries of the Judges of the Circuit Court. provided fur Dy Joint Resolution No. 28, Also an amendment to section 10. of Article 10, relatie to the adjustment of claims against counties, provided for by Joint Resolution No. 31 laws of 1881. There will ateo be submitted to the people for their adoption or rejection the question of a general revisión of the Constitution of the State of Michigan, pursuant to Joint Resolution No. 10. lawsoM881. edwin w WALLACE Sheriff of Washteuaw Co. Dated, Ann Arbor, Sept. 11. 1888. Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT having been made in the conditions of a certain mortgage executed by Chauncy i Millen and Sarah M. Millen, his wif e, to Samuel Hutchinson, now deceased, dated thesecondday of Maren, A. D. 1874, and recorded in the office of the register of Deeds for the county of Washtenaw. and state of Michigan, on the secondday of March A. D. 1874, in Liber 49 of mortgages on page 526, by which said default the power of sale containedin said mortgage has become operative and no proceedings having been mstituted in l'aw or equity to recover the debt necured by said mortgage, or any part thereof. and the sum of eighteen thousand and two hundred dollars being now claimed to be due on said mortgage Notice theref ore is herebr given that said f„rt„aiB will be foieclosed, by a sale of the mörtiaged premises (hereiu described, or some part thereof, viz: AU those certain pieces or pareéis of land sitúate and being in the c.ty of Ann Arbor, in the county of Washtenaw, and ftae of Michigan, and described as WfcwiKt Being lots numbered flTe [5], six m, nine 191 'ten [lof, eleven LH], twelve [K) and thirteen 131 according to a plat of "Picnic'' Grove, made by % Wicks, and recorded in the egister's office of the county of Washtenaw, July 5th, 1W9, in Liberte of Dee3s, on page 3B8. Also another piece or parcel of land. Winning at thesoutheast corner of the east half of the south-west quarterof section No. twenty-eight in township miBiber two [Í], south of range six Lbl east, and running thence north on the center line of sa d seotion sixchainsand flfty Unks; thence north to?t7fur degrees. thirty minutes west three chainsandflfty links; thence south to apomt on the south line of said section two chaina andflfty links west, to the place of beginning; theuceeast on the south line of said section, two chainsand Hfty links, to the place of beginning, situated in the city of Ann Arbor, and contaimng two acres, te the same more or less. at public vendue to he highest bidder, at the east front of the court house, in the city of Ann Arbor, in said county [ïhat boing the place of holding the circuit court for said county], on the twenty-mnlh day of September. A. D., ten o'clook in the forenoon of that day, Dated June 8g fBBTH huTCHINEON. EDWIN PAOKARD and CHARLKS L. FINKE, Ejecutora of the last wiil and testament of Samuel HutchinBon, deceased. J F Litrknce, Att'yfor Executors of Samuel Hutchiuson. Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT havingbeen made in theconditions of a eertain indenture of inortgage eiecuted bv Earl S. Taylor and Catherine Taylor, nuwife to Eliza North, bearingdate the twenty-sixth da of May, righteen hundred and seveutj-six, and recorded in the office of the register of deeds f o the county of Washtenaw, state of Michigan, 11 Liber SI. of mortgages, on page 871, on in :,„if.i, h nf Jim eiirhteen hundred and sev éntv six by which dcfault the power oí saiecuutaiued in id mortgage has tocóme opermtng and no suit or proceeding at law or ín chancery havintr been iistituted (o recover the amount Sue on said moitgage, or th note accomanying the sanie; and there bemg now elaimed to be due(on said mortgage and note the sum of seven thousand nine hundred and eightynine dollars and six cent (Í7.989.06.) Notice. therefore, is hereby given, that said raortgage wil be foreclosed on Saturday, the fourth day of November, A. D. 1882, at ten o'clock in the f ore noon of said day, at the south front door oí the court house in the city of Ann krhor. in said countv of Washtenaw, (said court house being ?hë place for holding the circuit court tor gaid county) by the sale at public aucUon to the Wgl est bidder, of the premises descnbed insai.l orteaee or so much thereof asmay be neces"ary tola'tisfy the amount due on said mortgage with reasonable coste and expenses, which mortaced premises are described in said mortgage as follows: AU those certain pieees or pareéis of land sitúate and being in the townsMp of Lo di. in the county of Washtenaw and state of Michigan, and being the east half of the northeast quarter of section number twenty-two (), the west half of the west half of the north-west nuarter, the north half of the east half of the westhaif of the west quarter, and the north half of the west half of the east half of the uorih-west quarter, of section number wentythree (:)), in township three (3), south of range flve east, containing one hundred and sixty acres of land more or less, in said county. ' ELIZA. NORTH, Mortgagee. E D Kinnï. Attoruey for Mortgagee. Dated, August 7, 1888. GeMoüPProperty nsured By C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT No 4 Soulh Main St., Aun Arbor. The oldest agency in the city. Established a quarter of a century ago. Eepreseuting the following flrst-class companies: Home Ins. Co., of N. Y., f 7,000,000 Continental Ins. Co., of N. Y 4,207 206 Ningara Ins. Co., of N. Y., 1,735,563 Gimrd Ins. Co., of Pnila.. 1. 133, 486 Oriënt Ins. Co., of Hartford, 1,419,522 Commercial Union of London, 12,000,000 Manhattan Ins. Co., of N. Y., 652,117 m Rates low. Losse liberally adjust" ed and promptly paid. C. H. Mlllen. BAILBOADS. ' V { 1CHIOAN CE.NTK.Ab RAILROAD. TIME TABLE. MAY 14ÜI 1882. 6U1MO WEKT. iti éi U 2 i _L_ 7K ?. ?. Ji Ia M. A.M. V.M. PM. P. M. P.M. Ue-roi' Lv. 7.00 9.35 5.f.5 4.05 8.00 9.S0 rí jic ï bi M 8-15 -js W.vÚbJobC ÍJU 1U.29 6 42 4.4B 8.45 10 40 Vifsi nti 8.--31 10 48 7 05 Í 5.05; 9.08 11.1 I u Arbör ■ S.45 11 00, 7.24 5.221 9.25 11.17 trv ...... 9.1.8 7 48 5.S 9.44 ThBlWM . 9.25 8.03, 5.52, 10.00 Gr ml 1 këZ. 9.50 8.32 6 ,2 10.30 P. M. ■ ,„liW, Ar jo 10 9.00 11 05 t' hiv::::::... n l i .o6 12.20 1 BatUe Cretk.... Tifa 155 ?L 8.40 18.47 2.07 ëLSL: f58 tü 4i ia 'm ia r :::: i:g ::::::: Ï8 ::::::! JL := ISSïEE SiS -ï:ó4 :S ::::::! IS -a buchana,, S.08 7.U2 3.42 rhreeUak.... 3.38 7.Ï7 j.U New BuflUlo... 341 4 58 7.40 l . Micb. (Jity 4.23; 5.18 8.08 5.0S o.28 Süte 5 13 tt.O-i 8.54: 5.51 6.18 ïn-tuü' 6 OU B.ISU 9.45 B.40 1.1' (ll)INO BiDlj S L = gL SÏ f ea fL ?d_ ia_ sa FÈ lililí tóïïE $SïL = == - S?aua!::::::::Kl!im ?L ::::::: 'sss íík SS ::::::::::::: 'S:aTiélJh.i5S-iS! SSSraSSZ T.Ï5 3 ïS ï.M Bi SBS=-1SBíM 8 8SSS 3{S:(ïke S3 :■::::: If! iSS :r.:: SS Ueiter 4 15 8-3 10-1!l 6'U8 Am, Arboï 4 371 5 Ö7l 8 25 10 34 2.04 UB rpiaiti :::::: i t & 10.48 2.20 6. ftC m 1 JÜnc .. 5.20 5.45 9.08 11.1 2.44 7.US 3 íJunc WW 6.16 .45 U 3.20 7- Detroit.. ...Ar. 6.15 6.8o 10.00 H-5U 3.35 8.00 The New York Express, a fast train leaves Chi3afro at 3.30 in the afternoon and malees the f o - uwing stops, Michigan City, 5,:; Niles, 6.37; Kalimaz5o7 40; Battle Creek, 8.16; Jackson 9.28; Ann Arbor. 10 26; Ypsilanti, 10.41 ; Q T. Junction 1125; arriving in Detroit at 10.40 P. M. Suúday czcepicd. tSaturduy Sunday txcepted ÜDKKBY C. WTWOHTH, H. B. LKDYARD, O P. 1. A., Chicago. O'n-'l Manager. Petroü rpoLEDO, ANN ARBOR & GRAND TRUNK Taking effect Sunday, March 12, 1883. 3oTinfNoXby QQtoB0a.. EÍp'ss I Mail. I STATIONS. Mail. EÍp's PM 1 M I I P. M. A. M. +R 10 +8.15 Toledo +5.40 +9.45 5 !3 8.18 North Toledo... . 5.d, . 5.25 8.27 Detroit Junction. 5.25 9.83 5 35 8.35 Hawthom 5.18 '9-25 5.45 8.45 Samaría 512 9.15 6.00 9.0O Lulu 6. 0 (.05 9.05 Monroe Junction 4 6.15 9.15 Dundee 4 4; 'M B.26 9.27 Azaüa ■ 6.39 9.40 Milan 4.15 8.05 ü.45 9.47 Nora 4.08 7.H 6.52 9.53 Urania 4.02 L7. 7.02 10.05 Pittsfleld 8.58 T.M 7 15 10.20 AnnArbor.. .. t8,40 +J5 7'35 0.45 Lelanda 3 22 7-45 10.57 Wordens "3.15 8.00 til. 15 South Lyon t2.55 - The local f reight uorth leaves this city at 5 p. Lelands 5.40; Wordens. 6 o'clook nnd arïïvès in Soutk Lyon at 6.30. The same tram leaves South Lyon at 7.05 a. m.J Worde, ..25, Lelands 7.35; and arrivés in this city at cáO. H. W. ASHLEY Qen'l Superintendent. LAKE SHOEE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAIL WAY, "ypSILANTI BKANCH- LANS1N8 UivrsiOS. QOING WEST. T KAVE MAIIi. YDsilanti 700 a. m. 9 15 a. m Pittsfleld Junction 7 40 a. m. 9 34 a. m. raiike .. 8 27 a. m. 9 45 a. in Kridirewater 9 15 a. m. 10 01 a. m. Watkine 10 55 a. m. 10 38 a. m. eS.:.v.:.vtiö.NÖ.E3iof.n, ,p.m RnwíIE' 8 00 p. m. s"l0 p. m HUtadáte' ' ■■".■ 8 aop.m. 8 25 p. m Brooktvn .":... 1 00 p. m. 4 27 p. m. S;; ■"gf 552-m1: pinsfleld Junction :. .... 4 40 p. m. 5 39 p. m. YDsilanti 5 15pm. 5 55 p. m. " wrv Frpiirht eoes west Monday. Wednesday anl rrida" ■ eaf?, Tuesday. Thursday and 8aLfmlav W H. CANNIFF, SuDerintendent. Go.' W. Haij., Ticket Agent. Abstracts of Titles on Real EstáteI HAVE a complete eompilation of the Official Records of Washtenaw County to date. inclu dine all Tax Titles, Executioos, any iicumbranee on Real Estato, that is of Record in the Registers office is shown by my books. Office, in the office of the secretary of the Washtenaw mutual insurance company. in the basement of the oourt house. C. H. MANLY, Ana Arhov, Mich. C, E. HOLMES, Proprietor of the City Drug Store ! Has thechoicest lot of PKRFfMKR and the Laegest Stock of Pure Drugs ! In the city. Also everylhidg in the hm l.ET and KANCY GOODS LINK, at J)l'iCS lower than anywhcre elsc Prescriptions Carefully Compounded. No. 12 Cook Hotel Block, Ann A.rb"F, Michigan. JUST RECEIVED FROM THE Hiepn Falls Breiii Ce, Of Niágara FftlU, New York. Ik Best Lapr Ever manufactured in the United Btatm, Far superior to either Ulucinnau or muwaukeeBeer. You will fmd bhia beer ALWAYS ON DRAUCHT - AT- HENRY BINDER'S NO. 50 SOUTH MAIN STREKT. Thrs Celebrated Lacer also for Safe by the Bottle or Case CM and test it and l&lfefy yoiirsetC. Respectfully, H E NR YINDER ._ FRED SOR0, Dealer in PAINTS, OILS, VARNISHEH - URUSIIES, W1ND0W GLASS% Aud all Paiutera' Supplies of tle Best Quahkv st SHOP AND STORE 26 and 28 East Washington : ANN ARBOB. MICMIQAI Watches and Jewelry ! O J. Ballet k Son, 46 South Main Street, Dealers iu the Leadint AMERICAN WATCHES ! In Gold and Silver Cases, in Stem and Key Winding, Manufsetured by the Leading Wateli Coinpanies. GOLD WATCH CHAINS ! Of Standard Quality and Varivtis Pat tern3. A Lince and Complete Assortment of Lace Pins, Ear Rinss, BraceletsFingef Rings, And Studs. SQTir Platefl Ware, Prom the Most Rellable Manufacturera at Bottom Pricea. The Repairing of Fme Watches Í8 in Charge of Competent and Skiiled Workmen, at Fair Prices.


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