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Tolu Rock And Rye

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I v ■ ■ ■ ForCOUCHS, COLDS, SORE THROAT, BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, PNEUMONÍA, CONSUMPTION, DiseasO of THROAT, CHEST AND LUNCS. Ba 1 #b ■ ■ n #%■■ "1P í%, Ï Ha Has always been one of the most Important AS AM fiF Fíl láéSS ifeáEhsátM, rtLOltlfl Ul I ULU BítONOlIITIS, ASTHMA, SORK THROAT, CONSUMPTION in its incipient and advanced Btages, and all dlseases oí the THKOAT,CHEHr nd LUNGS, butit has neverbeen so advautageously compounded as In the 1OLÜ, ROCK ana UYE. Itssoothing Balsamic properties altord a tiitfiisive slimiilant and tonie to build up tlie ystem alter tlie cough has been relieved. Quart size bottles, Price $1-00. ƒ" A I I T I Ul Do not be deceived by dealers who try to palm off Bock and R ye G A U ION! in place of our ÏOLU, ROCK AND üYü, which is the ONLY MiíDICATEUartlcle- the Eenuine lias a Private Die l'roprietary Stamp on each bottle, whlcu peimita lt to be Sold by DrugRlsts. Orocers and lealcrs Evcry irhere, - WITHOUT SPBCIAL TAX OR LICENSE. The TOLU, ROCK AWD RYE CQ., Proprietors, 41 River St., Chicago, III.


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