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Goal $7 per ton. Regenta meet Oct., 11. The county fair is in full blast. Demo3ratic county convention Oct., 13. The Ypsilanti fair commeuced Tues(iay. Jas. Gregory of Kansas City is in town. Notices. of democratie ward caucuses next week. Eight hundred and twonty-four entries at the fair. Walter S. Wright spent Sunday vith Ida friends here. Regular meeting of the Macabees next Thursday evening. Henry Binder is selling Niágara lager on the fair grounds. The brick work of the new post office is almost eompletedThe republican county convention will be held Tuesday, Oct., 17." C. A. Chapín has our thanks for copies of Washington D. C, papers. Mrs. Van orden, of Chelsea, was viaitïng with Mrs. P. Long last week. Dutch Henry'a hack was damaged some $75 by being run into Saturday. Co. A received their pay Monday evening for the encampment expenses. The Demoobat will be more than lively during the campaign. Read it. The funeral of Mrs. A. Gregory was largely attended Sunday afternoon. Only a dollar a year for Thb Demockat The reduction took place Saturday. H. Kitredge has a very fine new hack. Johnson, the veteran driver will run it. Geo. Donovan has a number of handsome paintings on exhibition at the fair. The students are arriving. The law and medical schools open Monday Oct., 2 John Sweet received some $40 in premiums on chickens at the state fair. Bobs & Tessmer have the contract for building the new engine house. Price $9,995, Inthesuit against Dr. Donald Maclean, the jury stood four to eight for an acquital. We often pretend to fear that we really despise , and more often despise what we really fear. Thad Thompson lost a horse last week. It dropped dead in front of the Episcopal church. Prof. Morris is about to depart for Baltimore, Md., where he has accepted a proffership. The new Unitarian church -will be dedicated about November 1. It is now deing frescoed. It is expected that the new farmers' and mechanic's, bank will be in f all blast about Dea, 1. Miss Kate Eyan who has lived in the Duffy block for years, has taken up her bed and walked. Those who blow the coals of others' strife may chance to have the sparks üy into their own faces. Corrinne, the chüd actress. did not have as large an audience Monday evening as she deserved. Joe. T. Jacobs left Monday to attend the funeral of his mother-in-law, Mrs. Jas. Ashton in Oolumbus, O. Cleveland for governor in New York will eommaud the free support of the democracy. He mil be elected. The oíd Dufly blook has received a general repainting inside and out, and now presenta a neat appearance. Another car load of beer has been received by the Bettich brothers. They do business on Washington street. Wm McCreery a director in the first national bank has in his posession the ürst bank note issued by the bank. Special policemen were appointed for the fair grounds Monday night. The liquor bonds of Henry Binder, and Eumeno Oesterlin, were approved Monday night. If a message sent by telegraph is ealled a telegram, why should not a communication Bent by telephone be called a tella-phib? Miss Jessie Wood and Miss Annie M. Knight lett for Poughkeesie, N. Y., last week where they are attending Vassar college. Miss Bertha Welby at the opera house Saturday evening. She is au actress of acknowledged ability and shcmld have a full house. lioswell (}. Horr is to speak at the Opera House this evening. This will be the first meeting of the oampeign by the republieans. Jas. 8. Gorman, J. 8. Henderson and C. S. Gregery are mentioned as pessible candidates forthe democratie nomination for the legislature. J. Á. Buss, formerly post office olerk, is in town froni St. Lawrence, Dukota. His health has been greatly improved by bis western trip. Chas. G. Miller, who had been keeping the Diehl house for some months, died suddenly Sunday night of heart disease. He was formerly from Toledo, O. If Halford, of the Daily, would pay less attention to potaoe plants, and devote more time to the Kose, he might succeed in making people believe he was witty. The monthly meeting of the pomological society will be held Oct. 7. Subjects for discision. Fall planting- marketing of fruit- packages and the plum tree. Mrs. Edward Duffy, a vory estimable died this morning. She had been sick only a short time. Mr. Dufl'y will have the sympathies of the whole commnnity m his sad bereavement. Maybury. Pullman & Hamilton's circus whieh exibted through this state last spring, has gone where the wood bine twinetli. It was sold last week by the sheriff of Columbia. 8' C. It is not mauy years ago that a professor in the department of medicine and surgery charged $8 for identifying a soldier who wished to obtain a pension. Jesse James "was a gentleman." Mrs. French, over 70 years of age, of Concord,mother of Mrs. D. W. Haviland, of this city has feaoed 89 lied quilts4 She has also three under way. One quilt alone contained over 4,000 pieces. Anoteer old land mark is gone. The old firemen,s hall that stood so many years on the corner of Huron and Forth streets is being torn down to make room for the new one whieh is to be oommenced at once. The Lutherans are building a veryfine brick church in Manchester. With favorable weatlier, it will be completed this year. It has a steeple that a spire to a place nearer heavcn than any other in the village. The Farmers' and Mechanic's bank with a capital of $50,000, has been organizad in this city. The directora are R. Kempf, Joe T. Jacobs, H. Cornwell, Edward Duffy, W. A. Tolchard, John Burg, W. O. Steavens, Fred Schairer, and A. Kearney. The Medical News had. soniething to say yesterday about Pred Schmid, and those who read the article are under the impression that he also íb responsible besause beer is sold on the fair grounds. The president and other officers of the society gave Mr. Binder the privilege. Mr. C. Donovan, 0. E., who is in local charge of examinations and surveys made in connection with the jetty works at South Pass of the Mississippi river, will spend a few weeks in this city. Mr. Donovan is stationed at Port Eads, La., and has been connected with the important works there for the past six years. Dexter Sun: A conipany of about 50 persons assembled at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Lee, in Webster, on Tuesday afternoon, the occasion being the crystal wedding of the lady and gentleman named. A grand good time is the unanimons verdict of those present. A large number of beautiful presents were received.


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