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AADL Talks To Local Author Karen Simpson

Thu, 07/14/2011 - 2:33pm by sherlonya

Back in 1996, Karen Simpson learned of a Klan rally that had taken place in her home town. During the course of the event, when violence threatened a white man wearing a confederate t-shirt, a young African-American woman protected him by placing herself between the man and the mob. This story haunted Karen and inspired her to write her debut novel Act of Grace. Here, Karen shares with us her process, her influences and what it’s like being a published author after spending ten years working on a novel.

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What an intriguing back story. I've added the book to my wishlist. This might be a good book club read as well.




I always find this kind of story heartening. It reminds me of the Muslims who formed human shields around Coptic churches earlier this year. What a wonderful and powerful reminder of our common humanity; I'll certainly take a look at the novel.

This talk sounds of the personal integrity of the author, a friend of mine. I will listen to this skillful interview often. Thank you AADL for this excellent form of outreach. Katherine Posselt, a former AADL employee and author




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