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Not That Kind Of A Blow

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Theother day as a youngmancarrying au immense pair of blacksmith's bello ws on his shoulder passed along the street he was accosted by a dilapidated looking stranger who said : "Excuse me, sir, but will you kindly do me a great favor? Will you let me take one pull at your bello ws? They - they - remind me of the long ago, when I lived at hoine in the dear old place, and every morning when I eame down to breakfast found my good old mother on her bnees before a green wood flre, blowing, blowing with her precious bellowsl Just one blow, my dear fellow- just one blow!" "You shall have it," said the other, "with the greatest pleasure in the world. Stand back so I can get a good whack at you I Next to kicking a thieving dog I should admire to get in one blow or a dozen, on a fellow that would let his inother get up and" - But the stranger was gone.


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