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Artesian Well And Mine Prospecting

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The Diamond Bock "Drill rendéis it so easy to determine what underlies the surface that we wonder an inch and a halt core f rom surf ace to the bowels of the earth is not taken outfor inspection and analysia all over the country. The industrial surveys of the country need be much more extensiva and with them should be the never failing aecompaniment of the diamond rock drill. The railroads are fast opening the new territory on the surf ace, and by cuts and tunnels of ten furnish the ürst intimations of valuable mineral deposita. Nor is the cost of these boreings an entire loss even if no mineral is found. A running stream from the bowels of theearth is about the only source of pure water now to be had and these are more and more to furnish the water supply. Even New York City has a dozen of these and is still sinking half a dozen more to various depths of one thousand to two thousand feet.


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