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Gen. Sherman in his report to the Becretary of war srys the regular army oí the Dnited States consiste ot 2,182 (.fflsers and 23,021 men. He recommends tbat the strengtb of the army be increased to 80,000, as both offl cers and men are now overworked; that better buildings be oonstruoted at poste in the far west; that certain changas be made in the condaot of conrts martial, and that the pay of usted men be ralsed from $18 to $16 per month. Last year there were 3,271 deeortions and 7,311 enlistmente and re-enlistments, HOW THE JBANNBTTB WBHT DOWN. DuriDgthe conclusión oí Melville's story at Washington the other day, he deecribed the wrecKing of the Jeannette, and sairi : It must have been aboat 11 o'olock at night when thy left the ship and tooi up OLinpa on thnioe. AU hands had been paired off into mesaos. There were about five tents, the meeses consisting of abont seven persone each. l'hey had to change their qnarters before mldnight. Abont 4 o'clock in the morning witness beard some of the men cry out: "There anegóos; take a look at her. Thla is the last chance 70a wül ever have of seeing the old Jeannette." ïheahip then went down In about thirty-eigbt fathoins of water. As long as the ice kept together the Bhip was all light, but when it parted she went down at onca Witneas went out with DeLong and saw the reinains of the wreek. FALL'S CONFBSSION. In the pólice court Frank H. Fall, charjred with conspiraey to corrupt the j.uymen in the Star Boute trial, waa placed under f 4,000 bonds to await tha aetion ef the grand jury. A statement has become public, said to have been voluntary made by Fall Oar. lOth It begina by assertlng that he obtained the impression from an interview with Brewster and Cameron Juuo 14 that tbe government aesired to ohtainevldence of misconduot of the Star Boute jury, pist or future. He waa engaged at $10 per diem to ascertam if any members of the jnry rere corruptible. He reported to Cameron every night. The statement then narrates various attempts ti inflaence the jury, and diicloses some vary Questioaable acts op the part of the jurors. BONUS EXCHAKGED. Since the treasury department reBumed the exehangeof bonda bearing interest at the rate of S}i per cent. per annum into 8 pr cents there have been $16,600,000 receiv#d for tnat pnrpose, leuving only abont 897,000,(iO'I of %)4 rer cent still ontstanding. If calis continue at the rato of f16,000,000 per month, whlch s undertood to be Secretary Folger's intention, and 8i per cents outstanding are not preeented for exchange, they will all be called for redeinp'tion in less thau eeven moaths. HBNBÏ GKORGB IN WASHIN8T0H. Mr. Henry George, the land and labor reformer, arrired in Washington recently. An evening paper in that city says he called upon Secretary FrelingbuyseD, and in reply to an inqairy of the secretary if he I eired the government to take any fcrther steps in tbe matter of obtaining reparation from the Kngliüh government for treatment he had recelved while in Ireland, Mr. öeorge said he did not; that as far as he was concerned he was porfectly satisfied with the apoloj?y England had made, and that he wonld make no claim far damages. NATIONAL CORN CBOP RKPOBT. The November returns of tüe yield per acre on an acreage of between 65,000,000 and 65,000,000 make the aggregate cearly 1, 650,000,000 busbels. lts distribution in reund nuiubers was: Bashels New England % . . 7,000,000 New York 21,0ir 000 New Jersey 10,000,000 Pennsylvania 41,000,000 Delaware 4 000,000 Maryland 17,000,0U0 Virginia S6.00,COO North Carol'joa 85,000 U00 South Carolina 16,CSa,fl00 öeorgia 82,'iC0,O0O r lui ui1 4,IUU UU Alabama 29,000,000 Miseissippi 25,oOO,OSO Louleiana 12,000 000 Texas 74,000,000 ArkaHBas 85,00(1,000 Tennessee 69,000,000 West Virginia 18,000,0(0 Kenti-cky 78,000,000 Uhio S2,000,C 0 Michigan SO.OOO.C .0 Indiana ■ 99,' 03,000 Illinois ?lï9,'0i',0 0 WiscoDsin 82,i 00 00 ) Minnesota 210n,OC0 Iowa 188,000,0 0 Missouri 184, 0.91 KRiisas 151,0 0 000 Nsbraska 81.0J ,001 The quality of the erop is superior through out the South. It falla below tho standard of one, hnndreá in only eighteen states and tenitorlfs; only one poiat below la Michigan; two in Obio; threein Nevada; fivein Indiana, Vermontand Uub;six in New Jersey; ei ght in Colorado; nine in New York; ten ia Ehode Island acd New Mexico; fifteen in New Hampshire and Iowa; sixteen in Dakota; aigliteea ia Minnesota and two ia Wisconeia. IBLLOW FEVER REPOBTS. A dispatch from Washington Nov. 13 aaid: Official yellow f ever reporta have been received at the office of the Surgeon(Jeceral to date. The marine hoapitals show oDly six cases, ooe death oecurred at Brownsville eiiice the last weekly report. This makes a total of 2 000 cased and fifteen deatbs eince the f ever appeared in tbat place, THE BOTOMC FLATS. There is considerable dispussion over awardiDg the contract for dredgine the mac flats. It is eaid the Washington bidder has been bought opf in order that the contract inay go to the next lowest bidder, who Ib a New ïorfc man. There is talk ot bringlng the subject to tbe attention of the Committee on the District, wtieu CongresB assembles, and considerable dlecontent is ahown that anythiwt occarred involving delay in a work whieh it is generally recognized ehoald bu done at the earlieet possible moment. MARRIAUK IMSDBANCB. Assistant Attorney-General Freeman fof the Postoffice department has etsnt bia first official notice to the St. jílmo MafñRge Insijranee Company, Chattanooga, TenD., to Bhow cause wby it should not be debarrcd from receiTing money orders ?nd registered letters be cause of its alleged fraudnient cbaracter. An answer is expected witbin a week. ïhia wil be a test case. It 13 sfated that the southera mails are bo loaded dwn wlth marrkge association circulara that the distribution of mail is several dayt behind, and that in Texas alon these associations bave received in fes ove two million dollars. ffLW8 SOTES. THB INDICATIGN8. Latear returns f rom the varloua states on the8th Instant, indicated the following resulte: f.'J AKKAN3AS. The demócrata carry all four congressiocal districta and rIbo elect tho congif.ssman at large. ABIZONA. The territory has goue democratio by an Increased uiajority on a full vote. Ouray reelected to congress. Th legislatura is democratie. AIABAMA. The demócrata uiake a olean sweep ot gressnian as foliowe: First district, Thos. H. Hurndon; second, Hüary A. Herbert; third, Wid. C. Oates; fourth, Clias. M. Shelley; fiftb, Thomas WilliRins;6lxth.Gold8mithW.HBwitt; seventb, Wm. H. Forney; eigbth, Luke Pryor. Tbe delegation stands the same aa at present CALIFORNIA. Democratie stilte ticket elected, headed by Geo Stoneiuan f or governor, by 4,000 ma jority. Tbs demócrata ele 't the following congreso mee ; At large, Jas H Glascoclt and Chas A Sainner; first district, Wm S Rosecranz; third, Barclay Henley; fourtb, P B Tally. Page (rep) deisated in the second. COLOBADO. Tbe state has probably prone democratie by a small majority. electmg Jamas B Grant govenor and 8 S Wallace to congress, a gain of one. The balance ui the state ticket is probably republican, aud tbat party will have a email majority In the legislatura. CONHECT1CUT. The democrats have ulected tlieir state ticket, headed by Thomas Waller ior governor by about 4,000. The leijislature is cloBe, both parties claiming it. Tbe demncrats elect theii congreesmeD, in the Crst district, Wm Eaton; socoud, ChRS L Mitchell; fourtb, Edward W Seymour. The republicana elect, Jobn T Wait in the third ; a democratie gain of two. DELAWABE. The democrats carry the state, elecüng Chas. C. Stockley governor, and the legislature by deureased inijoritiesand elect Chas. B, Love to congress. No chango. GEORGIA, The congressioaal delegation remains solidly democratie as follows: At large, Thos. Hardiman; first diBtrict, John C. Nichols; second, Henrj' (i. furaer; tbird, Chas. E. Crisp; fourlb, Hugh Buehanan; Cftb, Nathaniel J. Hammond: sixtta, Jamen H. Blount; eeventb, Judson O. Clements; eii'.htb, Seaborn Reese; nintb, Allen D. Candler. INDIANA. The democrats carry the Btate by 5,060 to 10,000 majority for Wm. 11. alyera, sacretary of state, the head of the ticket. The state house bas a olear demociatic majority, the senate close but giving Ihe legïslatnre to the democrats on joint ballot. Of the conareBsional delegation the dumncrata have cortainly eleeted: Firsi districf, John J Kleinor; second, Thos. HCobb;thir(i, strother M Stockalager; fourth, Wm S Holman; fifth, Courtney C Mataon; eigtith, John E Lainb; twnlith, Robert Lowry. They also claim to have elected Wm E Eagliib in the seveoth; ninth, .ThosB Ward; tenth, Tbos J Wood. The republicans sleet, in tlie eixth, Thos M Browne; sevuntb, Stanton J. Peele; tenth, Mark L DeMotto; eleventb, Geo W Steels; thirteenth, Wm H CalkiDs. The republicana stiil claim tho eighth and ninth. Th,e demócrata gain ooco certain, probably three, holding a raajority of the delogation. INDIANA DEMOCBATIC BT 8,009. Ft. Watnk, Iud., Nov. 8.- Robert Lowry, dem., is elsiïte 1 to coai;re33 from the twelftU district by 2,000 mainrity. The state is democratie by at least 8,000. . ILLINOIS. The state Is republican, eiícting John C. Sinith etate treaaurer, the head of the ticket by from 10,600 to 15.00J majority. rhe legis latnre is also republican and will replace David Uavis vtitti a republican U. S senator. Cook county elects entire democratio county ticket. The congwssional returns are meagre bat Uidicate the election of thpe ïvpublicans; in Chicaero, firBt district, Bansom W.Danham; fourth district, Geo. E. Adaras; Finerty, indpenáent democratie, ia elected in tbasocond, and Black, domocrat, probably in the third. Wm. Springer, democra', is re-elected by an increaaed majority. Gen. Singleton, iud. dem., ia elected in the twelfth. Wm. H. Kuetfner, rep., deffata Wm. R. Morrison, dem , in the eighteeath. Both parties claim a gain of one congresman in the state. IOWA, J. A. F. Huil, republican, for seoretary of state, carries the state by 20,000. The demócrata break the present solid wpublioan delegation by electins: Jerry N. Murpby in the second cnngresional district, whiletbe greeuoackers claim Weavar's election over Cutts in the eixth. The republicana elect first district, noses &.. Mcnoia; tnira, uavia a. HenderBon; fourtb, Thomas Updegraff; fifth, Jas Wilson; seventb, John A Kaeaon; eightb, Wm P Hepburn; ninth, Albert B Anderson; tenth, Adoniram J Holmsa ; elévente, tsaao S Struble. KANSAS. öeo W Gliclf, áemocrat, defeafs John P St Johu, the present repubiican governor, by a handsome majority on the prohibition issue. The reinainder of the state ticket is repubiican. 'f lia republicana elect congreasraan aa follows: Samuel R Peters. B V Perkine, Lh wis Hau back, E N Merrill; first district, Jobn á AmlereoD; third, Thos Ryan. The liemocrats claim Nalsoa F Acres' election over Dudley C HaskU in the second; if Aireáis elected it is a democratic gain ot one. KENTUCKÏ. Onlv conpressmen voted tor. T)flmn,ratn elect, first district, 0-3Car Turner; Becon.1, Jas. F. Clay; t.hird, John S. Haiisll; fourtb, Thos. H. Robertson; fiftb, A'bflrt S. Willis; Bixth, JobnG. Carlisle; aeventb, J. 0. S. Blackburn; etebth, Puilip B. Thompson; eleventl1, Frank Wol ford. The Ropubüeans e!ect, ninth, Wm. VV. Culbflrtson; toutb, Jolm D. White. The Rupublicarts gain ono meuiber. LOUISIANA, The enüre Domocratio delejjation is elected o oongressasfollowe: First district, Caileon Hunt; secoud, E. John Ellis; tbird, Joseph [. AekleD', fourth. Newton C. Blanchard; fitth, . Flnyd Kiu?; sixth, Andruw S. Hprron. A )einoeritic gain oT ose. The Rspublicans laim Win. Pitt Kaltoga's election in tce hird. WM. PITT KBLLOOCl PBOBABLÏ ELECTED. New Orleans, Nov. 8.- The indications are bat Kellngtf is elected to congroBs trom the hird district. MASSACHUSKTTS. Ben Bntler, Damocrat and Ureeabacker, ia lected sovernor by froni 15,000 to 20ÜO plnatity. The rest of tho ückut is Republican by 15.600 mnjurity. The legislatura has a goud workinu majority. .The Rpoblicans eloct congressmen m theflrst district, Robt TDívíb; second, John D Long; third, Ambrose A R:nny; tighth, Wm A Russell; toath, Wm W Rice; eieventh, Wm Whiting; twelftb, Geo D Eobinson. The Demócrata lect: Fourth district, Fatrick A Colime; fiftb, Laopold Morse; sixtb, Htínry B Loveriaa; serentb, Chas P Tuompsqii; niiitb, Theodore Iman; a Democratu: gain of four. , BEN BDTLEB'S BHOOM. WASHINGTON, Nov. 8.- The Lupola of Ben Butlei's house opposite tbe capitol ie adornad by a uew broom this mormng iu honor of his clean uweep of BlassaohuBetts yesteniay. MAKYLAND. The independent judicial ticket earried Baitimore city by a hes'vy majority. The H'irst district, Geo W Covington; tbird, Felter 3 Hoblitzel; fourth, John h Flndley. The Republicana elect, seeond district, 'f had E Blair;fiflb, Hart B Holton; sixtb, Lewis E McComap, wbo beats Montgoinery Blair. A Republican gaia of two. MISSOUBI. TÍie demócrata cany the etate. electing Thos A Sberwood Bupreme judge by 60,000 niajority. The entir damocratic congres sional delesation is eleoted, save perhaps in the ninth distrtct. This is a demooratic gain of five. MISSIS8IPPI. Election ouly for congresameu. Democrats elect Muldrow in 1h first, rourthMoney, fitth SinifletoD, seveuth Barkadale. The republicana claim tien Gbalmeis iu the second, Jet fords iu third and Lycoti in the sixth. A republican gain of two. Reporta from the eecond district ar favorable to Chalmers over Marming. Van Eatoa issupposed to b elected over Lynch (coloredj. MINNKSOTA elected a repubiicau chief jasttce without opposition. IiOKislature is republican. ConKi-essional deiegation ks now probable so lid republican, altbougn denioorats claim the election of Ames over Wabburne in the fourtb. NKW HAMPSHIBE. The ciBoial rtunï3 will be ueeded to dooide whètber Hal, ïepubllcan, or Edgerly liiiiinrtt'ol ia ülufif liii 'fin lamriaiai nra ia strongly rtjpuMican. Botb oongrtwsoien ara mpablican. Later: Hall (rep)is eleoted. NEW ÏOBK. Grover Cleveland, deinncraí, oanies the sfat8 by at least 140,000. New York city ave him 77,rt07 majority, Brooklyn 28,lu8, BnaHlo 4,000 ïhe ijt'iooeratio city and cyunty tickets in New York are elected by 20,000. The republicana have elecled only 16 out of 8 congreesmen, a loss of toar. The whol democratie state ticket la elected by large niBJi'rities, includiuK Gen. Siocuin for congressman at large by lOOjOOO over Carroll. The legislatura hsB over 40 democratie majority. NEW YOBK CITY AND COÜHTT. New Yobk, Nov. 8.- Cleveland'a majority in this city is about 78,000, five eiection districte being estimated. Every democratie con(Tresoman Domiuatod in the county is elected. The demócrata elect 18 and the republicans 6 councilmen, and the board of aldermen stands 18 democrats to 6 republicans: CLKVELAND'S MAJOBITY INCBEASING. New York, Nov. 8.- Cleveland'a majority as estimatod by the republican state committee is placed at 183,581. Cleveland's majority in New York oounty is 80,000, and in Kina's 45,000. The other counties in the stat give him 58,581 majority. The repuMIcans carry 18 congresaional diitricts in the state. THE NBW ÏORK LKGISLATÜBK. New Yobk, Nov. 8.- The repubiican state committee concedes the e'ection of 80 democrats out of 128 members of the assembly. The eenate which holds over is democratie NEBBASKA. Returns as íar as received indícate the eiection of the republican state ticket, with exception of state treasurer, by a plnrality of 8,U00 to 10,000. Weaver in the first and Laird in the second congressional distrtctsare electod by small inajorities. The eiection of Valentino in thethird district is still in doubt. The woman suffrage amendment is defeated by a large majority. There was only one cougressional district in the state heretofore. NEVADA. Damoarats have elected their governor and congressinen by abont 2,000 majority. NORTH OABOLINA, State gone democratie by an increased majority. Legialature strongly democratie. Democrats' elect eight out of nine congressmen. No change. NEW JKBSBÏ. The iegislature is democratie by five majority on joint ballot, liobeson is defeated for congress by Thos M Ferrell, democrat, by from 500 to 1,500 uiijority. Browo, republican, ia re-elected ia the second. The democrats gain two members in the state. PENNSYLVANIA. Hattison, democratie, has a plurality of aboat 20,030 in the state. The democrats gain tbree congressmen, perhapa more. The independent republican vote is nearJy equal tothe stal wart vote. PENKSYLVANIA LEQISLATÜEB AND OONGBBSSMEN. Philadelbhia, Nov. 8.- The returns give Pattison, democrat, a plurality in the state of 85.000. The congreisional delegation stands 15 demoarats, 13 republicans. The legislature has a republican majority of two on joint ballot; which is a loss of 20. BHODK ISLAM). Both Republican congressmen are elected. Legislatura heavily Republican. SOUTH CABOLIHA. Gone Democratie oo state ticket by a largely increased majority. The Democrats elect fonr congressmeD, the Republicans one, Ieaving two districts in doubt, with the chances in favor of the Republicans in one and the Democrats in tbe other - a Republican gain of two. TEXAS. The Democrats have carried the state by 50,000 majority and every congressional district, though there is sligbt doubt about the seventh and tenth. There were but sis diatricta berore from which one independent was elected. Now there are eleven, making a virtual Democratie gain of six. TENNESSBS. Demoérats elect Bate governor by a small majority. Democratie congreeBmen are certainly elected from six districts; Houck, Republican, U re-elected, while the other thre distrio.ts bave not yet reported. Legislature Democratie. UTAH. John T Caiae, mormoD, is elected over Philip T VanZile, gentile, by the usual majority. VIHGINIA. The coalitioniata carry the state for John S Wise as conressman at large by 16,000 maJonty, and claim six of the eleven dlatricta, a ftain of three for Mahone's party. Washington, Not. 8.- Latest reporto from Virginia indícate tbat the congresaional delegation will b about equally divided between tho two parties, giving Mahone a gain of two. WIOMING. Horton E PoBt, democrat, re-elected to congrees. WISCONSIN. The state electa a Bi ublican legiilatnre with heavy loases. The Rpablicans eleot ñve and the Demócrata fonr congresBinen, a Democratie gam of two. HOW CONGBE93 WILL STAND. Unofficial returns indícate that the lower house of consrress will stand 196 democratu, to 129 republicana, each st&to beiuef represAntedasfoliowa: AJabama - Deinocrate 8; Arkansas- Demócrata 6; California - Domocvata 6; Colorado- Bepnblican 1; Oonnecticut - Demócrata 8; Bnoublican 1 ; Dnlaware - Democrat 1 ; Florida - Demócrata 2; Georgia - Demócrata 10; Illinois - Demócrata 10; Rpablicans 10; Indiana - Demócrata 9; Republicana 4; lowa - RpublioiDnS; Demócrata 2; Kansas - R-ípublican 7; Kentucky- Dsmocrats 10; RsDuolican 1; Louiaiana - Demócrata 5; Bepublicaa 1; Maiae- Rspublicans 4; Maryland -Demócrata 4; Bepublicans 2; RLaasncbusetts - DemOL'rata 4; Bpubiicana 8; Micbizan - Dsinocrats 6 ;Bepublicana5;Mianeaeota- Demócrata l;Kepuhlicana4;VIÍ8aissippi - Demócrata 5; RepublicaDs2; Missouri - Demócrata 14; Ne braska - Rpublieana 3; Nevada - Democrats 1; New Hampahire - Republicana 2; Nw Jorney - Demócrata 3, Republicana 4; New York - Dem ocrata 17, Republicana 17; North CarolinaDemócrata 8, Republicana 1; Ohio- Demócrata 13, Republicana 8 : Oregon- Republicana 1; Pennsylvania- Demócrata 12, RepublicaDB 18; Rhode Island- Republicana 2;Suttth Carolina - Demócrata 6, Republicana 1; TeDnessee - Democrats 6, Republicana 2 ; Texaa- DemocratB 11; VermoDt- Republicana 2; Virginia- Demo cratic 6, Republicana 5; West VirgiDia- Democrat 2, Republicana 2; Wisoonain - Demoorats 5, Republicana 4, CONNECTICDT'S NBXT COMPTROLLEB. Gen. Frank D. Sloat, republican, is elected átate comptroller by a majority of 65Ö aad a pluraltty of 2,252. Eleven emall towna to hear trom wiu change the figures bul slightly. ELEOTIQN IN MONTANA. In Montana there are large republicau (ííiiiiB, Italkin, ropubllcan, ie probaly elected by a email inajority. COLORADO HETÜRNS. Returns from remote precincts are coming in slowly. (irant, Dem , ia earely elfcted goyernor by not less than 2,500, and Belford is returned to Congresa by about 800. Both branches of the legislatura are undoubtPíily Uepublicans aid largely so on joint ballot, the Bemocrats gaiuing three or f our in the upper house. The entire Bepubliean state ticket is elected bsyond qaestion, except governor. It is geseraüy believed beyond quesüou that Gov. Pitkhi has a sufBcient following to inBure his election to the United States eenate. WHITE ELEOÏKD. Eeports from the 10th Jientucky district complete except one connty give White, Rep., 505 majority. The minaing county will increaae Uis majoriry to 1,000. MAÏO'S VICTOBI. Returns from the last countiea to be heard from ia the first congressional district of Virg'uia showgains for Mayo, Coalitíonist, whicb. insnre his election by about 200 majority over Garrison, Dem. NEW HAMPSHIBB BKTUBIW. Two hundred and thirty-three towns glve Hale 8H,06S. Eigerly 86,814, scattering 92ë. Hale's pluraliiy is 1,249, Hale's majority isS-4. The three, remaiuing towns in 1880 gave 53 Bumncratic majority. A CANGE IN VÜTE INDICATBD. A special telegram to the the New York Commercial f om Tarboro. Noith lina, saya: The best informed of Democratie managers Concede tbe eleotion of Dockery, Republioan Congressinan-at large, and the ntire Republlcan State ticket tiy 1,000 inuj rity; also, Poole, Republican candidate in the First District; O'Hara, Republican, in the Second ; York, Liberal, in the Bixth, Cox, moorat, ín the Fou'rth.and Qreeu, Demoarat, in the Third.are very doubtful. iNOTHEB BBPORT FKOil NOBTH CABOLINA. Unofflcial returns from eighty-six countiea give Bennett, Democrat, fqr Oongressman-at iarge, 530 inajority. Six tíes not reported gave in 1880 a Democratie majority of 874. ILLINOIS DBMOC BATIÓ ON ONE CANDIDATE. Complete returns from the State on Superintendent of Public Instmction, give Baab, Democrat, 2,868 majority over Stratten, Repnblican. MOKTANA DEMOCEATIC. Magginnis', Democratie, majority will be over 1,500. The Legislature is Democratie. BLAINE'S DECLABATION. Ex-Secretary Blaine said to a personal friend in Boston : "I wieti it distinctly understood that I am not a candidato for the presidency or any other offlee, and nothijag can induce me to ba aucb." A POOL ON WHISH. Western distillers, af ter earnest and lonff coatinned efforts, formed a peol at Cincinnati, to last from the 18th of November until the Ist of May. Under the agreement, produotion will be 85 per ceat of the fnll eapacity. THB GABFIELD MONUMENT ASSOCIATION. The Garfield monument fund commissioners hava formed a permanent organizaron, with Qot. Cornell as their president. gT" Hancock and Wm. H. Vanderbilt are ailung the men appointed to aid in the preparations for the fair at Washington. MKSMEBISM IN SÜROEBY. Wm. Teil, a colored patiënt, was mesmerized by Dr. Smith of the homeopathie dispensaiyat Louisville, and while in the hypnotio state a huge tumor was taken from his faee and neck, the operation requiring one hour and a half and proving a perfect succes3. The doctors down there are delighted with the new substitute for anaeethetics. BBIEFS, A canal is to be constructed from Mannheim to StraBburg. Tho London Times prediots that cloture will break down in practice. Judge Wylio deolines to enter ? nolle prosequi in Soteido's case. Germany Beeka a revisión of her natnralization treaty witb the United States. ö. W. Bennett, the Elizabeth bank robber, will ser-e the state of New Jersey five years. Jas. B. ïonng of Phiiadelphia succeeds Mr. Milliken as chiet clerk of tha department of jusüce. Gossips at the capital say Mra. Woodruff of Chiosgo will soon be the bride of ex-Vioe President "Wheeier. Temperance soeieties in Missouri have started an agitation for a prohibitory constitutional amendment. Shaw, another suspected corrupter of star route jurors, has eurrendered bimeelf. and been admitted to bail. Franco admito the spiritual control of the Qalipb, but deniea tha temporal sovereignty of the sultan over Tunie. a bkpüblican delégate fbom isaho. A Boise City dispach says: Singizer, republican, for delégate to congreBs, has a majority of 8,100, as f ar as heard from, which the fuil returns will increase to 8,500. A COBONKB'S VEBDICT. An Ashland, Ky., special says: The coroner's jury inquiring into the cause of the death of Col. Heppert and others killed dnring the transfer of Neal and Craf t from Catlettsburg to Lexinaton, Ky., rendered a verdict finding that the deceased were killed by bullets fired from the guns of state militia on the steamer Granite State euardins the Drisoners Neal and Craf t, and that said firine was not done in the line of their duty ; and fnrther, the jury hold Maj. Allen, commander ol the troops, culpable for ordering and permitting the fire. FOREIGH AJFFAIXS. 8TBICTUBBS ON WOLSBLBÏ. The Dublin Freeman's Journal in an article protesting againet confernng the freedom of Dublin on Gen. Wolseley on his return to thatcity, asserts that WolsSley when about to go to Egypt declared the only alloy to his pleasure the prospect of bis expedition was the fear that the Irish people might take advntage of Me absence to rise and he would notbethereto suppresa them. Duriug the pendency of the discussion on coerción, too says the Journal, he expressed the hope tbat if the IriBh should revolt he might be sent to ireland to sappress them snd teacli them what was meaut. TO APPEAB BEFOBB HEB MAJESTT. The Queen will review the Indian troops at Windsor Castle and decórate so me chosen of tbe forc for conspioóous bravery in tbe Egjptian war. MB. GRAï'S JMPBISONMEKT. The English parliamentary committee appointed to investígate the imprieonment of E. Dww Qray will 6ebn7iÈ their reporte. That of the cnairman of the committee taj the matter referred to the committee does not demand further attsntionof thehonaeand that Judge Lawson fulfilled bis duty iu informiDg the house of Graj'8 imprl?onment. Parnell's r por admite that Judge Lawson's action was legal, but oontends theie was no sufflcient reasoa for imprisoning a member of parliament Dillwyn's report íb nearly similar. WOLSELEÏ ÜNHOBNED. Some very lively scènes were enacted at the second meeting of the Corporation of Dublin on a isotion to confer the freedom of í.hñ í'.'ítv on (4ftn. Air linrnut WiWUn AfiAr a heated discussion F. D. SullivaD, who íb a member of pailiameut as well aa the corporaUoD.oflered an'arnendments against.presentiDg Gen. Wolsdey thefreeaomof the city, which was carried by 27 to 21. The meeting Ihea adiourned. COMMüNieiI IN TIENNA. It is rumored that the working peopie of Vienna, Austria, iatend etorming the muaenm of arms and town hall, and as a precautionary measure detachments of trdops occupy both buüdingB. Many arresta of working people are bsing maiie. BONRAD SMOT AT. Baron Gonrad, governor of the pólice Vienña, was shot at while on parade. His person was unhurt although a bullefc pierced hiB clothe. The assassla escaped. VOTHD DOWN. Sir Stafford Northcote's motion that the goverament's cloture rule be rejected.wa lost in the cominons by a vote of 260 to 301. NABBOW KSCAPK. The assassination of Justice Lawson in Clare street, Dublia, was prevented by a po licemaD, who arrested the would-be murdere jast in the nick of time. It was Lawson wh impiisoned Dwyer Oray for coatempt. KXCITKD BMP LOTES. Employés in the government tobacc factory at Lyons, Prance, angered Dy a fin imposed on one of their nuniber, tried to drow thwir maoager in the river, but the pólice cracked a few skulle and frustrated their de sigo. The anarchiste in Lyons are very active and plaoards have been nosted calling for demoniítration. Volioe are takiag every pre caution to prevent serioua outbreakB, while th militaty are in readinees to assiat THE ATTEMPT ON LAWSON'S LTFE. Great excitement prevailed in Dub lin after the attempt to aseassinate Justice Lawson became known. Belaney, the woulc be exterminator, was teken before the polica oonrts and remanded. A canons story got out that Delaney only.ieighed to oommit the crime in order that, being arrested, he might turn nformer in the case ot the Phosnlx Park murers. THE ANGÉLICA GOES DOWN. Says a London dispatch : The steambip Angélica, plying between Glfla and Hall, as foundered in the North bea. Forty persons were drowned. THB IKFANTA IIX. It is reported that Isabel, the new nfant born to the king and queen of Spain, s daogeroasly 111. There is rauch anxiety bout the royal palaee and the baptism wil irobably be postponed. His Holiness Popa jeo XIII. will be God-father of th newly )orn infanta. The Empresa of Austria will e one of the Bponsors. COLLISION AT SKA. A London dispatch of Nov. 13 gives ccount of the colliiion of two eteamers off Beachy Head at 2 o'clock in the morning. It ays: Tbe steamer WeBtphalia strnck an nnnown craft and reached land jast in time to ave tht boat and passengere. A boat lowered rom the Westphalia to search for the othr amer was missing and the belief prevailed ïat it had been lost- also the nnknown teamer. A heavy sea was on and it was too ark to eee a ship's lengtb. A steamer wai ent ouï to search for the nnknown steamer nd the small boat let down f rom the West"halla.


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