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RAILROAÜS. TlíiClIlOAN CENTRAL KAILROAl). TIME TABLE, MAY Htll 1802, QOINH WBHT. i dMüñ t f ?w i ra r+á I ?_m_ A. M. A. M. T. M. r. M.l p. M.i P. . Detroit Lv. 7.00 9.35 5)5 4.051 8.00 9.50 G.T. June 7.15 H.65 (i.lo 4.2ü 8.15 10.10 Wayne June... 7.53 10.29i 6 42, 4.4H, 8.45:10 40 Ypsilnnti 8.23 10 48 i 7 05 5.05; 9.081 11.12 Aun Arbor 8.45 11 00 i 7.24 5.22 9.25 11.17 DexUr 8.118 7 4Sl 5.S9 9.44 ChelBO 9.25 8.0Í 5.52 111.00 Graas Lakc 9.50 8.32 6 lg 10.30 P. M. I . H Jickson Ar. 10.10 9.00 11 08 1 Jacksou Lv. 1020 12.15 .55 A.M. , 12.45 Albioil 11.04 12.50 7.40, 11.55 1.22 .,i,riball 11.50 1.30 _ s.OBi 12.20 1 4J PM Bittle Cruok.... 12.19 1.5') ? 8.40 12.47 2.07 a. a. Uilesburg 12.53 a. m. B.15 K.ilamazoo 1.13 2.36 4.50 !).35 1.85 ü.47 Liwtou 1.62 5.25j ' lis DcCHtui 2.07 5.42 2.32 Uowagiac -. (.07 3 57) Miles 2.')5 4.04 tt.50 3 37 4.15 Buchanan 3 08 7.02 8.42 Thrue Oake.... 3.38 7.37] 4.12 New Bllfï.ilo... 3.53 4 52 7.40 4 35 Midi. l.'ity 4.23 5.18 S.O8I 5.03 5.28 Uke 5.13 O.Ui 8.54; 5.51 6.18 KeiisiiiKlon ti.OO ti.SH 9.45 6.40 7.1C Chicago rA .50 7.40 10J 7.30 8 i . Í E li U .l r ÏJ ra ftá_ A M.ln.M. P.M I'.1". P.M. Jbicaeo Lv. 6.45 00 3.40 5 15 SUC üensiiiRton 7.35 8.50 4.30 6.05 10.0C Uke 8.17 10.27 5.1? B.50 10.40 Mlch. City 9.03 11.13 6.0(1 7.38 11. 3 New Bnflalo... 9.27 11.33 K.25 11.55 rhree OaUs 9 42 6.40 A.M. Bnchanan 10.10 p.m. 7.06 ; Nilet 10.83 12.18 ?■#! 9.00 12.45 nowa-'iiif 11.53 8.08 1.1-' Decatur 11.18 8.881 1.87 Lawtou 11.35 8.53IA.M Kalamazoi 12.12 1.38 9.30 ü.aU 10.25 2.: ealceburir 12.35 S 7.08 Battle Cr-ek... 1.03 2.15 j' 7.8S 11.08 3 20 r. m. ja Marshall 1.30 3.0' & 8 Ofi 11.33 3.4e Mbion 2.13 3.21 --=- 8.32 11.56 4.U A.M. A. M. lackson Ar. 3.05 lackson Lv. 8.09 4.05 7.05 9.3ü! 12.40 5.00 MrassLaWe 82 7.28 9.50 5.25 ;:imlMKa 3 58 7.5W 10.07 5.50 Dcxter 4.1.' 8.113. 10.191 6.V5 An Arbor 4 37 5.07 8.25 10 3l ï.04 B.--1S rpMlanti 4.55 5.Ï8 8 43 10.48! 2.2i. 6.41 ■Aayii .Iniic... 5.20 5.45 .08 11.O8 2.44 7.1(5 a.t.Jlltic 6.0(1 6.15: 9.48 11451 3.20 7.45 Detroit Ar. 6 15 B.30 10 00 11.50 1 3.:i5 J8.00 The New York Express, a fast train leaves Clii3apo at 3.30 in the afternoon and makes the folüwins; stops, Michigan City. 5,30; Miles, 6.27; Kalimazoo 7.40; Battle Creek, 8. 16; Jackson, 9.28; Ann Arbor, 10 26; Ypsilanti, 10.41 ; G. T. Junction, 11.25: arriving in Detroit at 10.40 V. M. Snuday excepted. isaturday & Siiuday ezeepted fDaily. Hknrt C'. Wektwoüth, H. B. Lkdyabd, O. P. t 7. A., CMcago. Geiïl Hanayer, Detroit rpOLEDO, ANN ARBOR & GRAND TRUNK X RA1L.KOAU, Taking effect Sunday, March 12, 1882. j i ains run iy vjuiuiuuus ume. JoingNorth. Going South. Sxp'asl MaQ. I STATIONS. I MiiL f Xbtp'a P. M . M I P.. I i.H. t.". MI +8.15 Toledo t 5.40 +9.45 5.!3 8.18 North Toledo... . +5.37 9.42 5.2" 8.27 Detroit Junctkm. '.5. 8.33 5.85 '8 35 Hawthorn I 5.16 3.26 5.45 S.45 Samaría I 5.1B 9.15 ♦li.OO 'J.UO Lulu 5.0D 9.(X) ti.05 9.05 Monroe Junction 4.'8 8.41 5.15 0.15 Dundcie 4 45 8.80 H.ati 9.37 Azaha 4.30 8.18 6.3 9.40 Milan 4.15 8.05 6.45 9.47 Nora 4.08 7.55 B.SB 8.68 Urania +4.02 t7.48 7.IW 10.05 Pittsfleld 3.52 7.38 7 15 10.20 Ann Arbor . . . . +3,40 +7.25 7.35 0.45 Lelands 8.82 1 7-45 10.57 Wordens :i.15 8.00 +11.15 South Lyon +2.55 .... The loi al freiht norrh leaves tljis uity at 5 p. m. ; Lelands, 5.40; Wordens. o'elock and arrivés in Soutk Lyon at 6.30. The sanie train leaves South Lyon at 7.05 a. m.; Wordens, 7.25, Lelands, 7.35; and arrivés in this city at t.30. H. W. ASHLEY Gen'l Superintendent IAKE SIIORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN J RAILWAY. YPSILANTI BftAKCH - LANSING DIVIHIOS. GOING WEST. I.KAVB. MAIL. Ypsilanti 7 00 a. m. S 15 a. m Pittsfleld Junetion 7 411 a. m. 9 34 a. m. Saline 8 27 a. m. 9 45 a. m Bridgewater 9 15 a. ra, 10 Of a. m. Manchester 10 33 a. ra. 1023a.m. Watkine 10 55 a. m. 10 38 a. ra. Brooklyn 1140 a. m. 10 55 a. m. ffllsdale 3 25p. m. 12 Oï p. m. ankei-s 3 50 p. m. 12 JO p. m GOING EAST. LKAVE. MAIL. ankers 8 00 p. m. 3 10 p. m Hillsdale 8 30 p. in. 3 25 p. m 3rooklyn. 1 OOp.m. 4 27 p. m. Watkins 1 50 p. in. 4 42 p. ra. Manchester 2 50 p. m. 4 55 p. m. ridgewater 3 25 p. ra. 5 13 p, m. aline 4 10 p. ra. 5 29 p m. ittsflfild Junction 4 40 p. in. 5 39 p. ra. Ypsilanti 5 15 p. m. 5 55 p. m. Way Freight goes west Monday, Wednesday nd Friday east, Tuesday. Thursday and Satrday. W. H. CANNIFF, Suoerintendent. Goo. W. Hall, Ticket Agent. DO YOUTAKE A COUNTY PAPER ? ï not, and you are about to subscribe for ono we invite your attention to the , M ARBOR DEMOGRAT ! And respectfully inforin you that It is the People's Paper. IT PUBLISHES FULL REPORTS OF ALL important jsrsars n Washtenaw county. It Rives a concise and interesting suminary of THE IVORLD'S NEWS, toreign, American, Congressional, Western and Northern. It prints 2 HE NEWS OF MICHIGAN, Uofled down for brief reading, and gives a fu.. synopsis of the doings of the Legislatura. Ib chronicles ALL THE HAPPENINGS OF ANN ARBCR, Jhe county seat, givlng f uil and accurate reports of the Circuit Court, Political Meetings, Farmers' Clubs, Universily and School llatteis, Eto., Etc. IT IS FEARLESS n its denunciation of monopolies, and all other lurdensthat weigh upon the People; and shows jubüshes A GOOD S10RY Every week, aad has interesting articles for the roung. tWIti Price is $1. .Pe I'car, írt .ádtiarwe, Ynd is regarded by its subscribers as too yaluable 0 loan; sodon'ttryto borrow. We invite your ittention to some of the many complimentary hingsthatarebeingsaidof The Dkmocrat" "It evinces shrewdness, push and ability." - Lansing Journal. "It is making friends eve yday. It is a wellüonducted and readable „neet."- Pontiao Din Poster. "A Tery enterprising, Tide-awake local jour lal, full of new and good sayings."- Genese Mint) Demncrat. 4lIt_ia alive, spicy newspaper, and a valuable nddition to the journalistie list of Washtenaur BOunty."- Tecumech HcraM. "Editorially, locally and typograpliically it i ono of the nnest looking papers that ever canie into this office."- Detroit Evenivg Neies. "Tbb Democsat abounds in able and vigorous oditonials, a great variety of local Information and interesting Eeneral news and miscellaneous matter."- -Jackson Patriot. 'THE DEMOCRAT" Is Publlshed Every Thurfday Mornuig. Humor is the oil and vine of merry greeting. Btjcklin's Ahnioa Salve. The best salve in the world lor outs, lintises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, feyer sores, tetter, chapped hands, ohilblains, corus and all kinds of skin eruptions. This salve is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every case or the raoney refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by Ebberbach & Son, Ann Arbor, Mich. Gbigq's Gltcebine Salve.- The best on which can truly be said of Gri{?g's Glycerine Salve, which is a sure cure for ents, bruises, scalds, burns, wounds, ariTï all other sores. Will positively cure piles, tetter, and all skin eruptions. Satisfaction guaranteed or money refrmded Only 25 cruts. Por salt1 by Eherbacli & Son. Good breeding consista in haviug no particular mark of any profession but a 1 general eleganee of manners. i lP" Given up bt Doctors. - "Is ït poBsible I that Mr. Godfrsy is np and at work, Rnd cured by so simple a remedy?" "I assure you that it is true that lio is entirely cured, andwith nothin but Hop Bitter; nnl only ten days ago liis doctora ave liim up and said lie must d'e!" Wel-u-day! That'H remarkable! I will fo tlii day and get some for my poor Qeorge I know hops are good." It is a sad tact that it is a vast deal easier to have hot fight about religión s matters than it is to live religiously. 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Power, in its quality and degree, is the measure of manhood; scholarship, save iy accident, il never the measure of man' power. Itiisiiirss Locáis. It will do everybody good to cali and ook at the immense stock of goods that Edward Duffy has brought to the city, even if they don't purchase. The stock consists of groceries, glass-ware, ohinaware and cutlery of every kind. Mr. Duffy is putting in the neoessary machinery to manufacture extracta of every eind. He will also roast and grind hia own coftee. Everything in his stock was jought from importere, and will be sold for cash. He would like to have persons oall and examine his stock of goods, as t will afford him great pleasure to show goods and give prices. Ladies' I have all the Latest Styles in ïair Goods, and the Greatest Variety of Waves. The Thompson, Broadway, Pinafore, Lotta, Pin-Perfection, Doublé 3oquette, Neck Curls and Switches. 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Universal ■í5Z:Í Katlonlly rop'itod as ly conceded to ÖS-. i, ilic Grtat be thc besi equipped 5íiJrThroughCar líallroad In thc Wurld for Tf" Line fcH clawca of travel. w KANSAS CITY Through X%SVV Trjtt, Tickets vla tl.iSr yC WyT and f wl" Celfbratrd Lluii foSsX' nnd travellng a aleaiallo!lkesin)'rNjQj''v luxury, Instead th r. s. mii vlÖySsv t)f a '1"' Cañad. SWjT AllV%ÍV. comfort. jOvV about liates üfVywV srSr Fare, Sleeplng Cars, XA v f S rr . clu'i-rfn ly yivi-n ly J . T. J POTTER. PERCEVAL LOWELL, Se' Yice Pres't (t Gen'l Manager, Gen. IXisk. AffS.t ChitlMirOt 111. CliiiHK. 111. GENUINE MILWAUKEE "Ö ?■ LAGER BEER DEPOl775,OOO Bottles Sold per Year, Notice to Creditors. O TATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaiv, 0 ss. Notice is hereby given, that by n order of the Probate Court for the County of Washtenaw, made on the 4th day of November, A. T). 1KSJ, six months from that date were allowed fel creilitors to present their claims against the estatc of Catherine Wilniot, late o.' eaid county, de■ ■t-ased, anil that all creditors of suid deueafiei are remired to present their claims to suid Probate Court, at the Probate Office in the city of Aun Arhor, for examiuation and allowance, on or before tlie Fourth day of May next. and that such claims will be heard before said Court on Mouday the Fifth day of Kebruary and on Friday the Fourth day of May next. at ten o'olock in the forenocn of each of said days. Dated. Aun Arbur. November 4. A. D. 18K2. WILU.YM D. HARR1MAN. Judseof Probate. Chancorj Soticc. STATE OF MICHIGAN.- The Circuit Court foi the County of Washtenaw, in Chancerv. Mary J. Murray and Letitia E. Walker, com plainants, vs. James McMahoii, Fannie MuMahon and Jerush P. Noble, defendants. In pursuance and by virtue of a deerne of sa'c rourt made and ontered in the above entitlec ! cause on the tenth day of October, A. !., 182 Sol ice is liereby given that I shall !-e]l at public aiict.ion or vemiue. on tiaturday the itli Hay of 1 tcoemb jr, A. L. 1SS2, at tm o'e'oek in afteinoon at the etst front dooruf the court house, in tht ilty of Aim Arbur. county of Washtenaw, uk atvteof Michisan. the foHowinfr described rea éstate, beiug the same mentioned and dei-cribet in said decree. to-wit: Being lots one and six in block twonoitli of Huron Street, fifteen east, and lots four and eveiiteen, in block three iiorth of ranjre flfteen east ; also the umlividet half of lots flve, six. seven, eight, thirteen. four teen, fifteen and ixteen, in block three north rf Huron streel, range flf teen east : also the undi vided half of lots ten, twelve, thirteen, fourteei and fifteen. in block two north of Huron street rause fifteen east according to the plat of IngaUs additioa to the city of Anu Albor. Washtenaw county Michigan. Dated Ann Arbor, November lSth, A. . 18S2. PATI ICK McKEXAN, Circuit Cr.urt Commls ioner, Washtenaw County, Michigan. I. F. WA1E, Solicitar for Complaiuant. O. L. MATTHEWSAttorney at Lawand Notary Public lical Eslate, hmiramt onl Luaii Agcucy. Deeds, mortgage and other papers carefullj drawn. Have houses and lots for sale or rent i ir to fxchauge for farm property , also farms for sale. Property looked arter by the year.taxes paid insurance attended to. and renta collectec at reasonable rates. Have city property that fan be bouglit on long time so tnat a small sum added to what you now pay out for rents wil secure you a home of your own. I represent the Northwestern National Inr.urance company, aiu the Mechanica and Traders cf N. Y. Losses wil be promptly adjusted and paid. Money to loan at six (6) per cent. Office over Kiusey Seabolt's store, Ann Arbor, Mich. EBERBAGH&SOÑ, Dealers in Drugs, Medicines And a fine lot of French Hair Brushes - and - Enejish Tooth Brushes. Wocall Hpecial attention to our stock of Chemical Giass-ware, Apparatus, AND Pure Chemicals of our own mportation. A full line of TIEMAN'S SURG'L INSTRUMENTS At list pricos. STUDEISTTS Are cordiallv invited to eramiue our stock as quality and prices. EBERBACH & SON. 3ü R . tí S O 3 2 ■ = i _iü h I ei _a sil se g; cd n i c2 HENRY MATTHEWS, Has" the pleasure to lnform the public that he ii " ready to receiTe them in Uisnewbrick MEAT MARKET! ONE DOOR EAST OF LEONARD HOUSE. Everything in his line wiil be flret-class, and At Reasonable Rates. He returns nis sincere thanks to all his oíd cus. tomers tor their generous patronage, and cordi ally invites them, and all new customors to nis new quartere, where he hopes by fair dealine t ánlaro hls alreadv erowlni business. flitA WEEK. JW a day at home easily i made. Costly outts f ree. AddressTrue ('o., Aiijfiisttt, Mftiue. Sam. B. Revenaugh, Is novt' taking the Best Class of ñem$i [n the City at Prices to Suit the Times Ground Fluor Oallery. GOODRICH BLOCK, East Side of the ivisw coübt iiousk. Get Ycui Property Insured By C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE ACE KT No 4 Suólh Main Bl., Aun Arbor. TheoldestnRenoy in fue cily. Eátabltohed a quaitèr of ft wntury aso. H-presentiug the following ftm-class comtSnies: Home Dl. Co., of N. : Y., I '.n2ö CofltJnental Ins. Co , of X. Y. 4,207.206 ÜTuura l"s. Co., of N. Y.. 786,5B8 GHrard Ins. Co., of PUfc. l.iy2,4SÖ Oiient Ins. Co, of 1 i.u I fo;rl. 1,419,533 Coinmercm] Union of Lomton. 18.00O.Ü00 HknhattBn Ins. Co., of T. Y.. 652,117 y Rates low. Losse liberally adjust" ed and promptly paid. C. H. Muien. -:: RINSEY & SEABOLT, No. 6 & 8 Washington Si., Have on banda complete atcwk uf overy tliing m tho Crocery Line. Touw Cofffefe !i"l Sugars, In lai-jff aiiioun:.-;. ancl ;it Casli Prices And can neJl al I. l'Kiif-. The hu-" invoi.-e ot reis théV Buy and Sc!!, is jfoOd pi-oof that in Quality and Price they Give Bargains. Tliev Roast thcir own O ff.'es every week, and nanebut prims articles hiv useil. fheir Bakery tnrns out exc.-llent Bread, Cakes and CrackiM. Cali aud see tlieui. p p a week in your own town. Terms and $5 Sbbontfltsfree. Addn H. Hallett Ou, Xirtlalid, Main G. E. HOLMES, Piopríetw i f Uit City Drug Store ! HasUieclioicest lotof iT.uia'MF.s and the Laegest Stock of Pure Drugs ! Intbecity. Also everylliuis in the TOIi,kt and FANOY uoods LINK, atprïces Uvwer Iban anywhere clse. Prescriptions Carefully Compounded. No. 12 Cook Hotel Block, A nu Arlx.r, MichigHii. $500 REWM3D. We will pay the above reward forni.y ..f Liver Cumplaint, Li.vspepsia. sk:k Headacbe. lii: digestión, Oonstipaüüii or Costiveness we cannol oure with West 's Vegetable Liver Pilis, wheo the directioiisarestiietly coniplied with. They are nurely vegetable, and never fail to give Fati&racion Sugarcoaiéd. LarKeboxes.oiitui.Hiip' l'ills SSceote. Forsaleby all Drugg'rts. i:' w.-ire of counterfeits and imita! i"iis. The genuine inanufaetured oniy by .)w. c , est i Lo., ■■The Pili Makers," 181 andlM . Madison PI . ChiuaKO. FreetrlatpaolageeBtbj mail i rpaid on r?ceipt of a :) êéni Btatnp. HEALTH ÍS WEALTH! Dr E C Wesfs Nerve and Brain Tnatment, for Hystera. Dizziuess, Coimilwoiw. Nervous ffeadáche, Mental Depression Isa öl i Memory 8ner_natorrl:tta, Impoteney, Invi i tarv Emtesion. l'reinaiure OM Afé, ' nusei ! over-exertlbn, üélt-aVnue, at oer indúlgeme, - hiehleadtomisery, deca.V and .m-mI.. Olie boKiriHeure recent cases. Each box .■..mams oiiíiiioiitli-s trcatment. Ooe idoMar a box or sixlioxeslorlivedollai-s;sent by mail postpaid on reeeipt of price. We six boxea to cure anyoase. Wltheaph orderreeeved bv Q forsix boxea uvompar.ied with flve dollar, we will senil Ue purcbaser our ritt.n guárante to retara the moneyif the breatment does nol elTeotaoure. Guarantees issiied by Brow Co.,olBauthoriïedAgti, tor Ann Arbor. foiJn C Wet& Co., solé propíétors. 181 and .-■ W. Madison 8t.. Chicaco. 111. Abstracts of Titles on Real Estáte. I HAVE a complete compilation of the Official Records of Washtenaw Coünty to date. hh-Ih dlne all Tax Tilles, Exe.-utions.any ncumbraiice o , Real Estat, that is of R.-cor, Un the Regfcter,


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