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Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul R. R.

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We are mdebted to A. V. H Carpenter, general passenger and ticket agent of the Chicago Milwaukec & St. Paul railway, 'or a copy of the magnificent Fourth of July oration delivsred' by Col. P. Dolan of the Fargo, Dakota, Argus. The genieman picturea in glowing colora the fuure of Dakota. Oh, Dakota is a splendid, magnifloent, ïunkidorious domain- a land of majesic dimensions, a land of gold and silver niountains, of fruit-tress and vineyards, of lowing kine and golden grain; under he fest a carpet of flowers bespangled with gold dunt, and the most crystalline of heavens bending above and resting its arch on the wall of the forest. She is h regal niember of the union sisterhood. She has a mighty interest in the destiny of the republic, and in the achievemsnt of that destiny she should bear no ignoble share. In the grand orchestra of the national glorification she should play no econd fiddle or discordaut trombone. In he swift restless march of Ameriniiii nm. gress and development, she should be ound with the "color guards" in the van and not lagging among the shirks and utlers' wagons in the rear. In newworld advancement, in the upbuilding of earth's greatest and grandest nationality ïers ia aud should be a gloriou.s micsicm, a sublime vork. We will (urther add. When yon go to )akota, be sure and takc the Chicago, "tfilwuukee & St. Paul raiíroad. Col Dolan eoncludes aa follows: Only do your duty to yourselves and your majostic empire state of the future, aud the name ot Dakotan will vet beeome throughout the couutry and the world, a synouym for all that is raat ind nol)le andgood. Long live ]akot;i and tffe Dakotana !


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