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A New Departure In Church Creeds

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ine U rutarían oliurch of this city conclude to put their creed upon the walle of their new edifice which is to be dedicated ou the !lt instant. It j,s poffiiog to be fashionable ncw-a-da vs for religious societies to keeptkeir creed bidden gway out of sight wbere nobody can sec ! it but the minister and deacoDB. We commcnd the praeticf of the Unitarians for settiug fortli wint they stand for where all can read. In the vestibule of the now chureh is plaed tuis utterance of Dr. Cnatining, the reat apostle of Unitarianism of the lait generation, "To free inquiry and love of truth do we dedícate these walln. Lei Heavon's nnobHtnieted light shine lieie." In the librar}' and readinr room in plwed tliin deolaration froin Bev. (haría H. Brifihain n ' [MMtor nl the Am Arbor eluircli: "Unita(iB4 hold tlieir doctiine uoí a a fiirilily or ;i binding erned, but as ready afwnys to reviKR md improve t ;ik tlip sjiirit of God hall ive tlicm more HsLt and krüwledge" Vassioig into tlm mainauditariunj, min fiada mi the wnll nenr t ie entráuoe the couplet f rom Lowell: "TJipy munt npivird sSJI and unward, niio woiild kep ftbiBSBtOf truth." Ovrr three arehes, jeneath wlöeh fplding doors open into tlechnch pnilors ono sefR three inscriptioiB. "All Men Brotrer." "All Trut-h Sacred." ■'iU ï)uty Dhine." 'J'uruinK the pulpit, in hrRC illumiiiflted lettere, spanning tha rch ;ibove, appear the words: "Oh, Worship Ihe fjord." On i large beaufciful tallet at the rear of the pulpit and in fnll vinv of the ooagregation, are insoribed lhe following 1 Scriptiire texts: "To us therp is One God the Father." "By this sliall all men Inow that ye are ruy disciples if ye have love one to another.', "Not every on that saith untóme Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of Heaven, but he that doeth tie wilt oí my Father who is in Heaven." Finally, on a large open ipaee at the right of the pulpit also in flain view of the congregation, are the fo.lowing pasRage of scripture, and lines ffom Samuel Longfellow: "In every nation they thit fear God and work riffhteousneas are iccepted of him." "One Holy Churcliof Ood appoiN ThiougU every age and race. Uiiwasted by the lapse of yeari. Unchanged by ohauging place. Her priests are all God's faithf ui ons To serve the world ï'aised up ; The pure in heart her baptized oies, Ijove hercommunion cup. The tnith is har prophKie tfift, The soul her saored page: And feet on mercy's errand SWift Do make her pUgriinage."


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