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It Never Pays

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It nover pays to fret or rowl Wben fortune eeams out toe, l'he bettor bred will push ahead A.nd strike tbe braver blow. For luck ia work, Acd thosB who BbirK Shoid notlamenttheirdnoin. But yield the play, Aod clear the war, T,,t iattr men have room. lt never paye to tcetor prlde, AndeqaaWwealtbinsbüw; For frieuds thus won are sure to run la times of want or woe. _ Tlie noble worth Of all th earth Are aeras of hewt and brain- A oonsciunco clear, A houeehold dear, And hauds without a staic It nevar psjs to hate a foo Or catertoa friend; Tofawnand whine, mnch lessrepiue, To borrow or to lend. The fanlts of raen Are fewer wben Kafih rows bis own canoe. _ For íriendB and öoota And pampered pets Unboundcd mischief brew. It uever pays to wreek the h6altU Indrudfinzafiergafn; And he is gold who thlnks that gold 19 oheaply boueht wlth pain. A hnmble lot, A cosy cot, Have tempted even kings. For station high Tbat wealth will buy, Nanght of oontentment brlngs. It never paye! A blunt refrain, Wellworthy of a song; For aee and truth must learn thls trutn- That nothing pays tbat'a wron?. The goocl and pure Alona are sure To biiQg prolonged success! Whilewliatisright InHearea'sBight Is always sure to bless.


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