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Mucli of the weight oL our burdens dependa upon where we place them The peddler's pack, the hand-organ, the knapsack, and other heavy weights are f or convenience and ease, carried upon the back, out of sight. So our mental burdens will be far more easily borne if we place them, as much as practicable, out of sight. When we gaze upon them, they increase in size. When in our thoughts we emphasize and dweil upon them, they aometimes grow almost unbearable. Now, it is well enough to face trouble when it comes to us, to measure it and know its weight, that we may summon up cour age and strength suflicient to endure it, but this done, let us place it where it may no longer be in constant sight ; let us carry it manfully and bravely, but not drag it to the light to dweil upon its weight, and to claim sympathy for being obliged to bear it. When the emphasis of Ufe is laid on the cheerful and attractive side, its real burdens will be borne easily and lightly, happiness will abound and be diffused, and the value of life be multiplied tenfold.


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