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An Idea Concerning Shopping

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Shoppiqg can scarcely be a pleaaure to any on& as it ínust now be carried on ia mos; of our establishment. In the larges; shops it is becoming almost imposaibte to get at what one wanta, to see thf stock, or to be vraited ouu Moreovei, the time consumed in sending the jurchase to and fro, and in making change, is a very serious matter to ttwae to whom hours are valuable and bst days important. The assistants have no special interest in pbasing customers, and doubfrle8S are veary of lif ting down rolla of goods r boxes of trimmingg. The propiietors, who are always anxious to make cales, are behlnd the scènes somewlere. It is quite possible that you wil be told that a certain shade of silk is lot to be had, and see it with I your ovn eyes at the same counter ñve minuto afterwards; and naturally when 70U interrupt two aurora-tinted ■ voune'ladies in the midst of a sion coneeraing the comparative chariiB of the blonde and brunnette floor-valkers, it is easier for them to answer, haughtily, "Nbthing but what you se, madame," than it is to show their itock. Stil, when a busy woman has taken a day f rom important work in order to make purchase, it is hard to end it at last, vearïed, disgusted and unsatisfied, withnothing to show for it. Ofcourse very wealthy people can leave all this matching andselecting to theii dress-makers; little büls are of no imprtanceto them; nor is the lady whois driven about in her carriage grestly fatigued;but there are many ladi:s vrho leave their out of town hoaes, their children and their servan, fon whole day, and take two considtrable journeys, and have very litte time, after all, for their purchas68. Tor the benefit of these earnest, honest shoppers, who would be glad to buy anl go, what a benefit a thorough systen of sample books would be. We shoppers might inaugúrate the nuthod for the good of all concerned, bj constantly asking, "have you sampl3 booka of yoursilks?of your satins? of your clothes f' until at last everytting could be selected in this way, Those who shop for shopping's sake would not like it, but those who wanted to buy would. So would tired shop asáistants. And when goods carne home they would not be creased or wrinkled, or marked by the flnger-touches of the lady who has just had lunch, and has not washed her hands, as sometimos happens now-a-days.


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