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The Habit Of Work

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There is scareely anything of greater importance to a young man than that he should acquire early the habit of regular application to some pursuit. Many persons who are uot of an indolent nature live on, from day to day, from month to month, from year to year, without accomplishing anytbing worth while. They wonder that others are successful, and they are not; that others progresa and they remain stationary. The difflculty with them is that although they are not particularly averse to labor, they have nevor learned ho w to work to any advantage. They have never formed the habit of regular, systematic application. Desultory merely impulsive efforts are attended by very insufüciont and unsatisf actory results. The flrst requisito is to know what you want to accomplish. Have some purpose- some plau. Then see to it that the sun does not set on a day in -which soinething has not been dope to carry forward that plan - to promote that purpose. Have, 80 f ar a8 possible, regular hours of work, and let no light interruption ïnterrere wiia mem. 11 juu utc a, day's recreation, be sure on the ïnorrow you promptly resume your work, and give to it the benefit of refreshed strength and renewed vigor. At the end of the week, regularly review your work. Consider just how much you have accomplished. If you are satisñed with what you have done, it will bring you a feeling of repose and content. If you flnd you should do more, then make suie that the coming week shall show an improvement on the past. Finally, let nothing - no matter what - daunt or discourage you. Glory in a resolute and iuvincible will. If all young men now coming on the stage wouW scrupulously observe these instructions, what an increase of suecess and happiness there would be!


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