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Going Ahead

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I hear the far off royager'B hom, 1 me the T ankee's trall - Hls foot on eyery moantatn pass, ün rery tream hls il. He'B whltling by Pt. Marra Fall, Upoa hls loaded wals; He' s meuvring o'or the Pictured Rock Wlth enKer eye of galo. I hear the mattook In the mine, 1 he axe-stroke in the dell, The clamor from the Indlan lolïe, The Jesult chapel beU! I see the swathy 'trappers oome From Mlsslssippt's springs; And war-chicf b with thelr palnted tjrows And créete of eagle wlng. Behlnd the scared squaw' btreh o-.iaaa The steamer smoVea and rares; Asd city Iota are staked for alo Above oíd Indian grave. By forest-lako and waterfatl, I see the peddlera' show; The mighty mlnsllng with the mean. The lofty with the low. I beor the tread of pioneera, Of nationa yet to bc; The first lowwaah of witm Where soos 8hall roll a human sea. The rudiment of empire here, Are plastic yet and warm; The chaos of a mighty woria Is rounding into form. Ech rnde and jostling fragmett on Itó fitting place Bhall find- The raw material of a state, lts muscle and ito mlndl And westerlnB stm the star wWch leads The new world to IM train. Has tlpped wiih flre the loy epears Of man y a mountaln chala. Th snowy cones of Orego Are kindled on Itó way; And Callforala's golden sands eiem brlghter in lts ray.


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