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Geo. W. Pearsons, a freight brakemau ou tlie Chica} o & (rand Trunk railway, feil from hi train at Bancroft, and had his skull fractura and an arm broken. He is a mariied man an his home is at Port Huron. His parents live a Jackson. Alcxanrtet Sinclair, ex-city enginecr, who disappeared from the Commercial hotel in l'ort Hurou, Friday night is still missing. It is now Biipposed he lias been drowued in the rlyer Two boys recently found the dcad body of a man In a plfice oL woods owned by Mr. Dibblc in Howard, Case county. Appearances indicated that Se höabeen deadtwo orthree weeks At latest adviees the body had not been fully identifled, but it was supposed to be that of an insanc tramp. Dennis Root, anold resident of Boston townhip, Ionia eounty, died very suddenly a few days ago. He was a well knoifn and respeeted farmer. Tbe Coldwater Courier sets forth that tliere has been $176,200 worth of ncw building done in that city this year. The fourth anuual exhibitiou of the Marshall poultry and pet stock asBociatiou will be held at Marshall, January 11, 12, 13. The postmastcr general rcports that Michigan i6 sevcnth in rank as to amount of correspondence, 32,938,899 letters having been written and mailed during the past year ; an average of 20.13 for each inhabitant. There were shipped from Manistce this season 221,152,600 feet of lumber, 494,943,000 6hingles, 16.734,000 lath, 132,730 cedar poets, 3,040 telegraph poles, a5,0ÍX) pickets, and 5.ÍKX) railroad ties. Parris M. Thayer feil dead of heart diseasc in he Bryant house at Fünt. He was 33 years of age, the son of the late ArtemuB Thayer, was orn therc and unmarried. A eitizen of Castleton, Barry county, has een arrested on a charge of unlawfully re;aining pension money belongiug to a widow. Mrs. Mary Bingham, widowof the late Goyrnor Kinsley 8. Bingham, diéd at her home in (ireen Oak, Livingston eounty, a lew aays ago. Michigan school examiners met at Lausiug Doe. 27th. Various papers were discussed and resolution adopted which disfavored employraent ol any teacher who uses intoxieatiug rinks or employs profane language. Fletcher, Pack & Co., lumbermen, huviransported a locomotivo from Alpena tq their ogging railway, 30 miles distan t, taking il, across country" on sleighs. The two story briek bloek on the corner of Fort and Butler Btrcets in Port Huron, owned yL. & N. Phcenix, burned rccently. The rigin of the flre is not known. The loss is stimated at $30,000; the block will be re uilt. A movement is on foot at Port Huron to seure legislativo action to prevent small boys rom twisting the tails of the cows they drive, 'hls tale is not twisted- niuch. Herbert Aulls, formerly of St. Clair, has )een appointed assistant city engineer at DenWork on the Poutiac, Oxford & Austin railay has closed in Huron county, and will uot e resumed until next spring. A Germán family at Jaekson is suffering rom trichinois arising irom eattag bologna ausage. The f ausage was home made and j ained meat from hogs rÖfiedby the family. As Simon Langley, of Huron townghlp, uron county, was very carelessly driviag a ! drtridge intó a revolver it exploded and the ïell striking him in the eye kuoeked the optie ut of its socket and threw it down at bis fect. , is feared soine portion of the shell is still in ie wound beyond the reach of the anrgeon's robe. The board of education of Detroit"invite6 the átional educational association to hold its neeting next summer in Detroit. A famous child musician, agsd 7 years, oungest son of Ralph Connable, died recently, : diphtheria at the Arlington hotel, Peíoskey. The U. S. authorities are prosecutiug, or ;etting ready to prosecute, the trespassers ou j J. S. pine lands in Cheboygan eounty. Most f the cases against Uomesteaifcrs. John Mason, sexton of the village cemetcry, ilbion, was iound dead at the mili pond, where ie had been fishing. Alex.. Sinclair, ex-city engineer, Port Iluron, ho mysteriously disappeared a Week ago, has eturned to that city. He can give no account f himself exeept that he spent one night in the roods near the city and next found himself at jomlon, Out. Dr. Kermott's widow of Detroit, has received $2,000 check from the Royal templars of temperance, through the sccretary of Detroit ouncil. The council was organized four years ;o, and this is its flrst death. This winter J. F. & II. L. Talbot, paving ontraetors of Port Huron will cut 3,000 cords : cedar ncar Cheboygan. Elias W. Smith, a rich farmer and real estáte wner af St. Louis, Gratiot eounty, was found ead in the woods near his home. He had been i bsent from home but a few hours. Fifty-three ministers and ex-ministers signed n appeal to the ladies of Detroit, urging them ot to offer their gentlemen callers wine er trong drink on New Year's day. A woodman employed in a lumber camp ear Menomiuce eut a hole in the ice, took off lis clothe6, plunged into the water and was rowned. The Michigan Central railway officials have orbidden their station agents to give the ewspapers statements of the amount of busiess done in their respective stations. Edward Barret, lately released from Jackson as arrested at Detroit by patrolman Whissen n the act of robbing Martin Hall, a one-leggcd oldier, on East Congress street. Phares Rose, an old resident and early seter of Keene lownship, Ionia eounty, who has ved alone nearly all his life, died at the resience of his brother, George Rose. The "visions" given to the seventh adentistsby Mrs. Ellen G. White, of Battl.s Creek, are claimed to be of divine inspiration, nd she works out her authority from the 12th hapter, 17th verse, and 19th chapter, lOth erse of Revelations. Some of the most active nd inftuential of the Battle Creek community, ïowever, have of late failed to place lmplicit aith iu her "visions." Chas. G. Morris, the Monroe business man who recently left that city under circumstances not very favorable to him, is now in Minnesota and is understood to be anxious to return provlded he will not be prosecuted. A post of the Grand Army of the Republic, i bn known as Wm. Sanborn Post in honor of ,he late Gen. Wm. Sanborn, has been istablish!J at Port Hurón. Commander, George K. ■Jaira. A few weeks ago an oíd man named Hewitt, of Jonesville, who was a cripple and went about iu a little eart, died af ter a few days illness at Ionia. His physieal condition was ach that it was supposed to be impossible fqr ïim to take out a policy of insurance on his ife, and bis family friends, who live at Jonesville, say it is absurd to claim that sucha thing was ever done. However, there now éomes an attorney for an Iowa insurance company looking up proofs of his death, and claiming that partios in Iowa held a polier for (3,000 on the eripple's Ufe. One of the family claims that it is a fraudulent scheine to got moncy. niooroe's Lust Jlasoul. _ Chas. G. Morris, a well-known business man ofMonroe, snddenly left town the other day, and his departure is surroundod by circum stances not very favorable to him. He was last 6een there Christmas afternoon abcmt 4 o'clock. Morris was a foster son of Judge Morris, has been managing that gentleinan's dry goods store for a number of years past, and of late years bas been in the insuranee business. The judge and other business acquaintances have reeeived notitieatiou f rom him of his departure, and also requests that they should look after various busines interests for him. It is impossible to tarhow great bis shortagc is, but the present indications are that it is quite large, though not extensvie enoug-h to embarraes the judge, who is very wealthy. Morris was a leadiug politician and supervisor of the fourth ward of Monroe. He bas a eharmlng wife and two children. There is not mueh excitement about the affair, as his influence and friends were among peoplc who can well alley guefc manifestatious. A Ficndlsli Tramp. Says the Battle Creek Journal : Beware oJ tramps. One alked iuto the house of Levi Elderley in Johnstown, and after ascertaining from the three little children that their párente were absent he assaulted the eldest girl and committed an unmeutionable crime apon lui under a threat of instant death if she resisted The paren ts shortly after returned, heard Uu story of the children, aroused the ueighbors and a hunt was instituted that resultedinturn ing up and capturing the guilty party, win proved to be au Englishman some 30 yeara o age. He was giveu into custody of Constable Scutt, but during the night escaped. As sqon as the fact of his haviuggot away was made known, Henry Budd and Seward Hiuehiuan took af ter Mm and sueceedcd in capturing him some three miles fromJohnetown. lle was suhsequontly taken to Hastings, where be now awaits his examlnatlon. Caltlivell's Killing, The Saginaw Herald gives the particulars of the death of Win. CaldwBll, foreman of John C. Brown's lumber camp on the Rifle: He was superintending the clearing of the banking ground, leading to which were two driveways side by side and running parallel to each other. The logs at the bottom of the bank on one driveway nccded pome attention, and CaldweU asked for a pevy, and, going down, put them in order. White he was so engaged a teamster droTe his load to the other doorway, and hearing the ery, "All right, roll away IV rolled a log over the bank. He had made a terrible mis-' tuke. however, for Caldwell, supposingÜK' k)gs were to follow the others on the first drivew;iy, had moved to a place beneath the other in order to be out of danger. The swift-roll-log eaught him by the legs, knoekiug him down and rolling over him, instautly crushing the life out of him. CaldweU was a uative of Canada, 33 years of age and unmarried. TVell IVamed. Dr. W. Z. Blanchard, of Lyons was S2 years old last week. It may be of intérest, to somc to learn that he was father of five childreu bearmg these remarkable names : Philip-de-Velois John Celsus; Adelia Milissa Abagail Clarissa; Rosetta Rosanda Fideli Amanda; Cynthia Alexina Elura Elriea ; Loarami LoeUen Hiram ?itz Kneelan. Reveille must have been sounded early in the doctor's family in order to give iine to cali the roll and ascertain if all were resent or accounted for before breakfast v:as rdered. - lonia Sentind. DETROIT MARKETS. Wheat- No. 1, white $ 75 @ 98 ■lom 4 65 @ 4 75 Juekwheat 5 75 @ Coru 51 (w 55 Oats 35 @ 40 Clover Seed, bu 635 @ 6 30 Apples, f bbl 2 75 @ 3 00 Dried Applcs, $ M 7%@ 7 Cranbcrrics, f bbl 9 00 (11 00 Buttci$H 26 @ 27 iggS.,.. 26 @ 27 )ressed Cliickens 8 @ 10 )resscd Turkeys 14 ( 15 icose 11 @ ,,.cks 13 @ 14 Cheose 13 (S 15 Potatoes, $ bu . 55 @ 60 loney 19 @ 20 Jeans, picked 2 00 @ 2 10 teams, unpickcd 1 50 @ 1 09 lay 10 00 @13 00 traw 8 50 @10 00 Dressed Hogs, )100 7 00 (Í 7 75 Pork. mes 18 50 @18 75 Pork, iamily 19 00 @19 50 leef, extra mess 12 00 @13 50 Vood, Beech and Maple 7 00 Vood, Maple 8 00 Vw)d. Hickory 8 00 Coal, Egg 6 25 @ CoalStove...., 6 50 'oal, Chestnut 6 75


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