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Threw In One

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There is a grocer in a certain small own in this state who has alvíi3"s been called the stingiest man in Michigan, uul stones are afloat about his H'eaking crackers in two and tiiking out lincheS of llour to make exact weight. t seems, however, that he had been ïarshly jiulged. A few days ago he had a lot of cranberries displayed at -the loor, and a lady pedestrian halted and asked: 'Oh, yes.' 'How much a quart?' 'Twenty cents, madam.' 'That's ten cents for a pint, five cents or a gilí, two and a half for half a gilí, one and three- ' 'Do you want a quart?' 'Oh,"no. I was reading that corns could be cured by binding on a split cranberry. I have two corns and one érry wonld answer for both. I'll give ron a cent for a single berry.' 'Very well--take ït along. Hold on! _,et's see - let's see - yes, I can do it. I will throw in an extra borry, madam, and do botli up in a parcel. I am bound to picase my customers if I do not make i cent.'


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