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The Electric Light And The Eye

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The Lomion Lancet evidently be.ieves that naked electric are lights :ire njurious to the eye, and suggests that 3cfore sucli lights are eominon some mode of rnitigating their intensity should be devised. The eleotric light, ït says, is too hard ; it needs to be softened. The waves of motion are too Bhort, and the out-stroke - so to say - joins the instroke at too acute an angle. This might doubtless be obviated by employing sviitable material for globes and shades, but perhaps the best plan would be to break vip and scattcr the rays of light by reíiection. If a small convex reflector wero placed immcdiately bclow the light in the protecting globe, and one of larger dimensions above it so as to secure a doublé reflection with ultímate divergeoce downwant and ontward, the effect would be to cause the 'rays' of light tp fall oblitjue on all objects witliin the immediate area of illumination. This wonld, perhaps, obvíate the need of colored glasses, which the promoters of the electric light scem to dislike. CertainJy thcre is a considerable sacrifico oí powor in the use of the opalino globe - so much indeed, that somo of the districts lighted by electricity displayed tbrough this medium do not present uny obvious superiorjty over gas. 'We throvv out the suggestion,' says The Lancet, 'for what it is worth.' Something must be done, for, as it is, the eleetriu light is 'trying to the eyes,' whieh means that it is in danger of injuring, and already, there is rcason to believe, mischicf has been wrought by lts use. For pure comfort thero is nol hing like the light given by the oldfashioncd pure wax candió.' .. ; A London newspaper has an article on "The Emotional Languageftf Bees.'' The language of a bee ia not as emotional as that of a man who i.s bitten by the tail end of the insect. .Nor as emphatic and sulphurous.


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