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Centennial Bricks In Demand

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"Gimnit; atmck! lhisquestionwas propounded by a small boy of a burly watchman who stood guara owr i íew piles of briek and stone wlrieh aro all that remain to mark where the main building of the Ccntoiinial Exposition stoc.d. ■Wliatïor?" "Relie," was the laconic answer. The watchman, ufter the roqueat, stated tlial there was :it least lil'ty visitors to t'ne ruine every d:iy to secure a brick. For awhile the owners of these briefes tliou!it nothing of it, but when thoy saw how rapidly the piles were disappearing thoy resolved to put a watchman over them. The bricks have been taken ofï, deeorated and shelved ín párloTS as relies of the Centennial building. The ownev estimates that ho is out just h:;lf :i tbousapd bricks by tho depredaítions oí the relio hunters. Thert; is nothinp new tp signalize in the way of Hngenei hoaiery or gloves. Kid slippers uro cut very low,andwhere the stookings aro ombroidorod (.lie mules or sandals are plain, and vice versa. With evening dress the color of the stockings must invariably match that of tho toilet worn. For house wear. blaqk or fawn-colored stookings embroiderad w!ih cardinal, or tiiose oísolil cardinal, aro thc height of fashion.


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