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Originally Hiere wero but aoven sizes. Tlie first was called prima, whence the name primer. It is now known as twoline English. Tho second was seounda, now our doublé pica- in Franco, great paragon. Tho third was tertia, at present our great primer. Then there was tho middle size, stil! called in Germán mittel, but it is now our English. After thero carne tho three sizes on the opposito side of the scale - pica, long primer and brevier. ín (ierniany the names secunda, teïtfa and mittel are still retained. Pica, in Franco and Germany, is callod Cicero, becauso tho work of that auïhor were originally printed in it, Eno-üsh printers so styled it from being the ;ypo in which the Ordinal, or Service Book of the Roman Church was originally set. The Ordinal was also at First calied the Piea. Bourgeoise was so named because it was introduced into the country from Franco, where it was uiigmuiij ueciicateu to the "bourgenisi; or citizen printers of that capitaf Brevier obtainetl its name fromhaviugbeen rirst usad for printing the Breviary or Roman Catholic abbreviated Chureh Service Book. Minion is a'lso of French jrigin, and was so termed owing to having rapidly become a special favorite on ts iutroduction in that country. La Mignone, is "the darling." Noñparcil was so named because at the time of its .ntroduction, it liad "no equal," being the smallest and lincst type then pn duced. Pearl is of English origin. The French have a type of the samo yize which they cali "Parisienne. " It is a smaller type than nonpareil, and was thought "the pearl of all type." Diamond is another faney name giyen to what was regardcd at the time of its origin, as the ultima thule of letter fotmdiy achievement.


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