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All Ashamed To Pick It Up

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Brery seat m the cabm ot :i I ulton ferryboat was occupied, and miiny persons stood in the narrow passagcwa}-. Fifty persons must havo scen tlie brigíit nevv nickel that lay invitíngly in the middle of the üoor, but nobody picked it up. A young woman vvould have done so, but her companion whjspered to her, and she bluslied and pretended not to have seen it. It could hardly have cscaped the eye of a small boy who whistled all way acrosa the river, but he was bashful or else feared thatit was nailed to thi flesnr. Whn tlie hoat entered the New York slip t he passengers walked over the nickel as they went out. Some had :i yuarning expression of countenance, but did not yield. Two men remaibed in the cabin. Óne stooped, picked up the nickel, and deposited it in his vest pocket. "I told you how it would he," he said to the other. "I knew no one would touch it. Drinks are on yon."


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