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Sugar And Salt Beef

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is gar is very sensibly recorumenue for chüdfen, not ia the forra of "sweeties," but in their food. The universa] eraving of Httle boys and gids for ''lollipops is too often treatea as natural depravity and repressed accordingly. It is au instinct ans wering to a physiological requirement, and manv a halfnourished child is kept i'rom ïllness by the occasional penny worth it is enabled to procure. But, given in food, sugar is muuli more useful. We art: glad to see a strong protest on the other hand, against salt beef. It is unu of those survivals so hard to g-et rid of, since the days when a family killed a cow for their winter consumption and vvere obliged to corn a great part of the meat as the only way of preserving it for use. Now that fresh mcat is to be had in even the poorest vülage, it is a pity to see it robbod of its mitrition and made indigestible from a Mistaken idea of economy. ♦- - ■ At least thrce men on the averace jury feel bound to disagree with tlie rest to show tlial thev've got miada of their own. Solid dark eolors are most i'avoml foï children's hosiery.


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