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Rules For Love-making

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h irst caten your lover. Hold him wlien yon havo him. Don't let go of him to catch every new oue who comes along. Try to get pretêy well acqiiainted with him before you take him for life. Unless you intend to support him, flnd out whether he earns enough to support you. Don't make up your mind he is an angel. Don't palm yourself off on him as one either. Don't let him spend hissalaryonyou; that riglit should be reserved till after marriage. If you have conscientious scruples against marrying a man with a niother, say so in time, that he may get rid of her to oblige you, or get rid of you to obligo her as he thinks best. If you object to societies a d tobáceo, it is better to come out w. Ui your objections now, than reserve them for curtain lectures hereafter. If your adorer happens to fancy a certain shade of hair, don't color or bleach to oblige him. Remember your hair belongs to you, and he doesn't. Be very sure it is a man you are in love with, and nut with the clothes he wears. Fortune and fashion are both so lickle it is foolish to take a stylish suit for better or worse. If you intend to keep three servants after marriaire. seltle the matter hand. The man who is making love lo you may expect you to do your own washing. Don't try to hurry up :i proposal by carrying on a llirtation with some other l'ellow, Different men are made of different material, and tha one you want might go oft" in a fit of jealousy and forgei to ooniö back. If you have a lovc-letter to write don't copy it out of a "Letter Writer." H' your young man ever happoned to consult the samo book, hc would know your sentiments were borrowed. Don't marry a man to oblige any third person in existence. It is your riglit to snit your.self in the matter. But remembcr at the same timo love is blind, and a little friendly advtce from one wliose advioe is worth having may insuro you a lifetime of happiness or preveni no oí misery. In love affairs alwaya keep your eyes wide open, so tliat when the ï-ight man comes along you may see him. Wli en you do sce him you will rec:iguizi' him, and the recognition will Be mutual. If you have no faultto lind with him pcrsonally, linancially, concientiously, soeially, morally, politically, religiousy or any other way, he isprobably perfeet enoiigh to suit you, andyou can afford to Believe is him; Hope in him; Love liim; Mrry him.


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