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Europe. [n Oonneotiont, at the November oleetiou, to prevent counterfeiting, several thousRnd demooratio ballots were printed on white paper from a block, which left the narnes in white and the rest of the impreasion black. Repubhoans thinking they saw a chance to steal the state, have taken the matter into the courts, and at New Haven, Dec. 28, Chief Justico Parker declared the "black" ballots illegal. If this action is backed up by the legislature, a governor and other daruocrat officers will be ousted. The republican ballots had a big black border around them, and yet they will be dtclared legal! Is thero anything a republican wouldn't bteal?- Pontiac Bill Poster. Thb supervisors visited the jail yesterday and made a general iuspection of the premises. Notwitbstanding the building is an old dilapidated concern, everything was neat and clean. The sheriff waa found to be favored with a goodly namber of boa ideis - some thirty odd tramps, healty, able-bodied fellows, were seated or standing near the stove, with their coats off, apparently enjoying themselve at the expense of the county. Of course we do not wish to be understood as cenBuring the sheriff, for he is obliged to reoeive every person brought to the jaü by an officer ; and uniese the present tramp act is repealed, these blood hounda of the law will continue to snatch th poor "unfortunates" who come within their scent. The Dktroit Evbwinq Nkws may be jnstly styled the multum in parvo of the Michigan press. Although but a sevencolumn folio, it contain more new to the square inch thtn any daily paper in the State. Everything is condensad and to the point, and the point is that it containa everything of interest to a sensible reader. It is printed in small but legible type, and reflecta credit upon the employé of the establishment as well as the proprietors. lts reportorial btafif is nnsurpassed, and we consider it one of the brightest, newsiest little daily papers that comes in contact with our editorial optica. Figuratively speaking, the Evning News is a mustang - always wideairake, full of "get up," and it takes very little to keep it in the family - only fwo cents a copy, or $5.00 a year, postage included. Th News has a daily circulation of about 400 in our cty, and we hope to see it olimb up to a thousand. mi TnE tramp law ought to be abolished by the present legislatura, for it is only taken advantage of by a lot of hungry constables and deputy sheriffs, whose Tery eiistence depends on how many poor unfortunate tramps they can run to lonia. The Democbat has had coniderable to say in ihe past on this subject, and it will have more to say in the future. It is a natorious f act that certain officers, not maiy miies from here, kave been doing a land office business, for the past few weeks, in taking advantage of the tramp act. It is said the county is to no expense, that it comea out of the State. Is this true ? Are not the taxpayers of Washtenaw interested ? Does not the sheriff receive a certain amount for mileage and boarding tramps at the jail ? Does not the justice who entenees eaí h one receive his fees, and are they not chargeable to the county ? It is indeed poor logio to say that the State foots the bill. It is a down right falsehood, and the officer who makes the assertion knows it. The matter of pensions is receiving a solid shce of oongressional attention this winter, and as it is of great importance to the soldiers of the late war, their widow3 and orphans thioughout the count y, we give it full space. The number of pensioners on the roll Decemi or 1, 1882, is estimated at 291,656, with an anual value of $30,013,(XX). There ;ire now 1,108 pensioners on the roll who lost one hand and 3,564 who lost one foot; these now get $18.00 per month; also 2,522 who lost one leg and 1,906 who lost one hand and one foot; these now gets $24.00 per month. The bilí provides that all of these shall rec ive $40.00 per month. General Grant bas written, u!gig the increase for maimed soldiers. He says: "I concur in recommending the passage of the bill. No pension can compénsate t'ie men who have lost one or more hmbs and I should have been glad to see that class of pensions well provided for, intead of the indiscriminate pensions, many of whom are phisically a good ai they would have been if the war had never been fought." - Adrián Press.


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