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Meeting Of The Board Of Regents

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The Board of Regenta met Tuesda eTening, at half-past even o'clock, Re gents Cutoheon and Vau Riper bein absent. Regent Duffield offered the following rí)lution, which wat adoptad : üemlvtd, That the thanka of the Board of Regenta be tendered to James Mo Muilen, for the munificent donation made to the univeraity, of mouey wit which to purchase the famed Shakespea rean hbrary of the Hon. E. H. Thomp son, and to make additions to pay th ame from time to time. After the transaction of aome busines of minor imnnrUnno tl KorH vAn into exeoutive session. At 10 p. m. an adjournment was taken until Wednesday morning. MOBNINO .SEHfllOK. The thanka of the board were ezteud ed to Mr. Mahon, for the donation of a number of valuable books to the univer sity library. The title of W.W. Beam, asaiatant pro feseor of mathematics, was changed to that of aaaooiate professorship. withou (in increasc of salar.r. APPOINTMRIÍTS. W. H. Davis, M. D., was appointed resident turgeon of the honicepathio hos pital, at a Balary of $300 per year. Willis P. Polhemus, M. D., assistant professor of theory and practico and eye nd ear olinic, at a salary of $100 per ainum. Thoa. H. Turner, assisttnt professor of materia medica and clinical medicine. ine a uove appointniems were made on the reoommen Jatioii of the faculty ol the homoepathic college. The thanks of the board were also extended to L. E. Holden, of Cleveland, O., for a gift of $50, to assiat in defraying the expense of the publication of the memorial addrees of Prof. Frieze on th lte President Tappan. The board then went into EXEOÜTIVE SESSION, to consider the memorial to ihe legislatura. The following business was also done bef ore adjourning: Setolved, That the professor of mechanical engineering be authorized to emplay under the direction of the president suoh temporary skilied assistance as may ba neceesary in the mechamcal laboratory ai a weeiuy expense uoi tu eieeea &r. The Bum of $300 was ordered placed at the disposal of the library of the medical department, the said um to include all expenditures already made during the current year. Dr. Hugo Lupinski, acting assistant demonstrator of anatoniy, was appointed assistant demonstrator of iinatomy, vice Dr. Schuyler C. Graves. On motion of Regent Joy, it was agreed that Mr. Mensely should tafee the oíd bell, with its hangings, at full price, in part payment for the peal of bells ordered for the new library building. APPBOPBIATION8. The following ia a list of appropriations as passed by the board. Homeopathio supplemental fund to be renewed $ 2,000 Homeopathie hospital 2,000 University hospital 3,500 Appropriation for new books 7,500 Appropriation per annum for two years, (after that per annum permanently) 3,000 Prof. Cooley'a department 3,000 Prof. Sewell 2,000 Building and boilers for additiunal steam heating apparatus 8,000 New chair of gynecology in college of homeopathy 2,200 AFTEBNOON SESSION. On motion of Begent Grosvemor th following resol utions were adopted: Resolved, That the auditing board be authorized to purohase 18 lathes tor use in the dental laboratory, provided the whole expense shall not exceed $270. Resolved, That the salary of Dr. N. D. Billmeyer, demonstrator of dentistry, be increased from $600 to $800 for the currrtt VAnr By permission Prof. WiLson addressed the board relative to a new cLair of gynecology in the homeopathie college, and that au appropriation of $2,200 was aaked for by the faeulty. He asked that the matter be presented to the legialatu re. The board again went into exeeutive Bession, and accepted the resignation of H. D. Bennett, secretary and steward of the university, the same to take effect when bis suocessor is appointed. Mr. Bennett, in hia oommunication, thanked the board for th noiirtfiav alinttn him during the 13 yeara of his conneotion with the university, and closed by wishïng it continned prosperity and sucoees. The resignation of W. A. Tolchard, treastirer of the university, was also aoeepted. 'Ihe following resolution was then adopted: Resolved, That, in view of the vacancies occurrinjj in the offices of secretary and treasurer of the university, Regente GroBvernor, Joy and Walker be appointed a special committea to recommend to the board suitable persons to fill those omces and to report such recommendations at as early a day as may be. The reents will meet January 23.


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