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Business Locáis. Seventy-five barrels of pure oider vinegar for sale at J. Hoffstetter'a, 34 South Main atreet. Thia vinegar is from aix to eight years oíd and will be sold by the gallon or barrel. T. HorrsrKTTER. Go to G. Schiappacasse ior firat-claas Pea-nuis, Fresh Malaga Grapas, and choice Cigars. Mrs. Miller who keepa the Diehl houae onDetroit arteet would be pleased to have those in want of meals or an oyater stew, to give her a cali. Thoa. Matthews paya cash for chickens dead or alive. His place of business ia on Hurou street, oppositethe newengine house. Kigs to rent cheap at Gill Snow's barn. For Sale- A farm of 60 acres. There is a good house and barns on the premises. The place is a mile and a half from the city. There is no better farm in the county for the number of aerea. J AMBB HuLBKRT. For Sale - Brown horae, young, kind, and sound. Also a two seated sleigh cheap. J. Ferdon, 68 State street. A hack in readiness at all hours at Snow'a livery stable. Chargea reaaonable. Dry goods boxee for sale cheap at No. 9 South Main street. Imus pays cash for live chickens. Important to Travelers. - ■ Special Inducements are offered you by the Burlington Route. It will pay you to read their advertisement found elsewhere in this issue. If you want a ñne horse and carriage go to Gill Snow, who haa purchased Kitredge's livery barn. When a woman wants to get rid of her husband for anfhour she sendB him up stairs to get something out of her dress pocket. Gbigg's GiTcerink Salve.- The best on which can traly be said of Grigg's Glycerine Salve, which is a Bure cure for cuto, braises, scalds, burns, wounds, and all other sores. Will positively oure piles, tetter, and all skin eruptions. Satisfaciion guaranteed or money refunded. Only 25 cents. For sale by Eberbach 4 Son. The newest royal child of Spain is "Ysabel." Y, Isabel. Nothing like being well up in arithmetic. A Vassar college girl has gone into half-mournig- it's for a half-brother. "Old birds are ot caught with chaff." Therefore seek and find the pure golden graius of health in Kidney-Wort. Women, young and old, married or single f out of health, will be greatly benefltted by taking Kidney-Wort. A professor was lecturing on "After man, what ?" A listener remarked that t was generally the sheriff or some woman. Hoods, scarfs, ribbons and any fancy articles oan be made any color wanted with the Diamond Dyes. All the popular colors. One great unpleasantnesa attending a man's getting married is his utter insignificance on the occasion. The bride is ihe object of attention, the star performer of the show, and he is regarded meiely as a necessary property. Urave Kobbbbs,- Ut all classes of people the professional grave robbers are the most despised. He robs us of our dear f rienda !or a few dollars. How different is this new grave robber, Dr. Bigelow's Positive Cure, whioh robs graves of thousands of conaumptives. ?his uneqxialled remedy for coughs, colda and consumption, whooping cough, croup and all throat and lung diseases, ubdues and conquere these troubles peedily and safely and thoroughly. ?rial bottles free, of Eberbach & Son. "Stories of the wore" would be an appropriate heading for the report of a society ball, in more than one sense. A pair of slippers - the orange and th banana skins. What gives a healthy appetite, an ncreased digestión, strength to the muscles, and tone to the nérvea? Brown'g Iron Bittere. When Adolphus placed bis arm around the neck of Angelina he said it was for an neek's press purpose. Get Bioh. - When hops are $1.25 per 1b. as now, an acre will yield $1,000 profit, and yet the best family Medicine on earth, Hop Bitters, contain the same quantity of hops andaré sold at the same )rice fixed years ago, although Hops iow are twenty times higher than then. laise Hops, get rich in pocket; use Hop Jitters and get rich in health. Blotting-paper was first discovered in 465, but it has been mighty hard work ver since to find any when you want it. Fres of Charge.- All persons sufferïng from Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronhitis, Loss of Voice, or any affection of ;he Throat or Lungs, are requested to all at Brown & Co.'s Drug Store and get a trial bottle of Dr. King's New Diaovery for Conaumption, free of charge, i'hieh will convince them of its wonderul merits and show what a regular dolar size bottle will do. Cali early. A gentleman should only offer his left rm to his wife. The only time when a ady is placed on a gentleman's left is uring the marriage service, when the osition indicates subjection. It is genrally only a temporary subjection. HATS. HATS. HATS. HATS. HATS. CAPS. CAPS. CAPS. CAPS. CAPS. And everything in the Gsnt's FiniíliiE Line i E. J. JOHNSI'S NO. 9 NORTH MAIN STREKT, Two Door f rom the Opera Haute. TIES, TIES, TIES, TIES. I Have Replenished My Stock and Would Like to Have Everybody Cali and Examine my Goods and Prices E J. JOHNSON.


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