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New Life ís given by using Brown's Iron Bitters. In the Winter it strengthens and warms the system; in the Spring it enriches the blood and conquere disease; in the Summer it gives tone to the nerves and digestiveorgans; in the Fall it enables the system to stand the shock of suddcn ohanges. In no way can distase be so surely prevented as by keeping the system in perfect condition. Brown's Iron Bitters ensures perfect health through the changing seasons,it disarms the danger from impurc water and miasmatic air, and it prevenís Consump tion, Kidney and Liver Disease, &c. H. S. Betün, Esq., of the well-fcnown firm of H. S. Berlín & Co., Attorneys, Le Droit Building, Washington, B.G, writes, Dec. 5th, 1881: r Gmtltmtn: I talce pleas■ureinstatingthatIhYcuied Brown's Iron Bitten for ma1 iari and nervous troublec, caused by overwork, rñih excellent resulte. Beware of imitations." Ask for Brown's Iron Bitters, and insist on having it. Don't be imposed on with something recommended as "just as good." The genuine is made only by the Brown Chemical Co. Baltimore, Md. B3EEH2ZZEEE I cTHE CREAT CURE . I - R H E ü IÏA T I S M- 1 TlillktelUil patata) di.-., of Mi. E KIDMY,I-IV ANO IOWI1.I. g tht wxn th inmd nflMsc whlah L m)r Tlottm or Xh mmMton a rttüm. 9 - THQUfMNO OF CASIS j f ftf. wow tam oTuita WrrtUo dteeaao - haw hn qnioklr rUTW.. ad la shert Urna J a mraoTLY buno. S ma, i. uquD os bbt, rou t sur mirra, g - BiTMb.MílwmalL 5 wjij.a.BJCfcULDoiraiOo.,a,UartooV',


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