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Hop Bitter are tbe Purest and Best Bitters Ever Made. They are compounded f rom Hops, Malt, Bucliu, Mandrako aud Dandeliou, -the oldest, best, and most valuabln medicines in the world, and contain all the best and most curativa proporties of all other remedies, being the greatest Blood Purifler, Liver Kegulator, and Life and Health Kestoring Agent on earth. No disease or ill health can possibly long exist where these Bitten are used, bo raried and perfeot are their operations. They give new life and vigor to the aged and infinu. To all whose employmenta cause irregularity of the bowels or urinary organs, or who rehuiré an ppetizer, Tonic and mild Stimnlant, Hop Bitters are invalnable, bemg highly curative, tonic and Btünulating without intoxicating. No matter what your feelinsrs or gymptoms are, what the dinease or aiknent ir, use Hop Bittere. Don't w&it untü you are gick, but if you only feel bad or niweraDie, use nop Uitte at ouoc It may save your life. ïïundreds have been saved by so doing. 500 -wül be paid for a case they will uot oure or help. Do not snffer or let your friends suffer, bnt use and nrge them to uno Hop Bittere. Bemember, Hop Bitter in no vile, drugged, dmnken nostrum, but the Purest and Best Medicino ever made ; the "Invalid's Friend and Hope," and no person or family ehould be without tliem. l'ry the Bitters to-day.


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